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The BREAD your 
Children should have. 




Te Subsonbers, 

Established 1880. Price, Two Shilling 3. 


Fop 1925-26 


1 w 


1 * 

- 00 

a O 
-■ t< 

4* <fr 






Pills & Ointment. 

Their combined action will easily repulse 
such formidable foes as Rheumatism, Sci- 
atica, Lumbago, Liver Complaints, Bad Legs, 
Bad Breasts, and Old Wounds ; for Irritated 
and Inflamed Skin they are invaluable. 




; >t^T 




Fitted up 

with all the latest 


Best Centre for 

learner Exclusions 

on the Clyde. 

Climate Mild and Equable. Sheltercl from East Winds. 

Excepti nally Fine Re Ir >o ns. Electric Light, Elnvatur, etc. 

Sea Water, Turkish, Russian ana ether Baths. 

18-Hole Golf Course. | Telephone N... 40. 

Prosp3ctus on application to the Manageress. 

DUNBLANE Motel-Hydro 


Situated in one of 
the Healthiest Parts of i^ts.-^-"-- 

500 F. it 
above 8e* vel. 

Pure Air 

Grave. Soil. 


and Billiard Rooms. 


Electric I/i«h f , etc. 

Lawn Tennis 
and Croquet. 

bi^ 118. — ^auheim, Uu. ..-i .ah, l!uVkn>li. rie, Massage Treatment. 

Motor Garage. 3 l Lock-Up*. 

Golf Course. Nearest fl >te'-!ly ir.> to GleTi Eagles Golf-Course. 

Teleph ne 57. 

Frospeetuses mi application to the Manageress. 


Study with the view to Efficiency. 





are Powers which are transform hi 
The World. 



Arabic Numerals 

Staff Notation, 


Code of Signals 

at Sea, 

and Esperanto — 

based on 

solid and -<ure 

foundations, — 

are now usr^d for 

the pleasure 

and profit of the 

human family: 

so distinct that 

wayfaring men 

tho' fools, 

need not err 


Each is highly 

and everyone has 
come to stay 

*§*• Ettablished Wt. ^jL 

4* School of % 


"^V^ AND ^A^ 

<§*■ 22 BpiOg^Street, $ 
Ǥ*. Rothesay, 



By means of 



persons in any 
country can, and 
do, correspond 
with persons in 
other countries, 
without the 

necessity of 

knowing each 
other's language 






^ and Assistants. X 


£^ Prospectuses on Application "*** 

In order that 

old national 

languages may 

be simplified, 

their spellings 

are also desired 

to be made 
purely phonetic. 

That which is easily gained 
is lightly valued. 


Fees for Instruction : 

15s per Quarter for each Subject 
in Classes. 

Private Tuition by spesiai arrangement. 

ftifelitfhirig; dflU, ~T MM6i^asdd., 1 Anting Office, 
Rothesay. \ Rothesay. / Glasgow. 


4d and Is. 

The next issue, printed in 1926, will be in Commemoration of the 

■ 8tn Esperanto Kongreso Internacia to be held in Edinburgh. 

The introductory pages of Bonnie Scotland's Resorts are well-known! 
throughout the world already, as they, translated into Esperanto, had 
the honour oi being the first National Guide-Book in the International 
Language, and has stirred an interest in our country which will continue 

to increase with the spread of good-will; 

These introductory pages were also used as the text of a booklet printed in 

Pitman's Phouetic Longhand — in commemoration of the celebration of the 

Inventor's Centenary, in 1913. 


Hep Most Gracious Majesty QUEEN VICTORIA 
of Happy and Glorious iMemory, 

■when tier Majesty was pleased to accept copies, and commanded her 

thanks to be sent to Mt Higgle. 

His Honor the Late WILLIAM M'KINLEY, when President/ 

U. S. A., similarly received dnd acknowledged the " winsome little 

Volume" as a Christmas Present. 

His Honor THEODORE ROOSEVELT, when President, U.S. A: 

decepted a copy as a Birthday Present; and returned thanks for the 

thoughtful courtesy. 

His Honor Dr WOODROW WILSON, President, U. S« A., accepted 

d copy as a Christmas Present, and returned thanks ftir the courtesy. 

His HONOR WILLIAM TAFT, LL.D.,' ex-'PRE9fDENT, U.S.A., received a 

copy on the occasion of his third visit to Scotland, and the honour 

conferred upon him by the University of Aberdeen, in July, 1922, 

The COLONIAL PREMIERS AND PARTY, who visited this Country 

at the Coronation of EDWARD, The Peacemaker, were presented 

■with specially -inscribed copies, through the Scot* Secretary to the 

Empire League. The booklets were thoroughly appreciated. 

The KILTIE BAND of Famous Musicians from CANADA, were, *n 

their debut in this country, also presented with free copies, 

which they received with "great enthusiasm." 


itihen visiting the Homeland a few years ago highly commended this "very 

convenient d7id compendious guide to the Resorts oj Bonnie Scotland." 
The AUSTRALIAN SCHOOL BOYS, when visiting Scotland on their Tour 
Round the World In 1924, receivyd enchrf packet containing our publications 
arid sprigs of heather. These delighted thenj when " out on tlinocean .sail- 
ing," and when detailng their pleasures in their home circles of friends. 
A Systematic COMPLIMENTARY CIRCULATION ok this Booklet 

is a regular feature. 
In the exercise of fhis custom, we kept all the Red Cross Hospitals iri 
Scotland supplied with copies, and the convalescent heroes thankfully 

en.ioyed the information and entertainment its pages provide. 

a/re occasionally presented with copies oj the "Dainty Literary Dish." 
From all classes in every quarter, at Home and Abroad, com* congratu- 
lations. We appreciatertuch acknowledgments. 

BUTE COtJNTY tilRECTOR^ AiJV,fekl 1 isfex\lENf. 



The Glasgow Warehouse, 



The Royal Corner 

Drapery Warehouse* 



Reliable Goods at Popu lar Prices 

W We hold a Magnificent Stock of Ladies' Keck Wear, Gloves, 
Corsets, Underclothing* Skirts* Belts* Bags and Umbrellas. Ladies 
Showerproof Coats from 21s to 65s. 

Ladies and Girls' Ready-to-Wear Costumes and Coat Frocks ; 
All up-to-Date and the Pick of Value* from 25s. 

The GLASGOW WAREHOUSE ts the House for 
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See our Stock of BOYS', YOUTHS' and MEN'S Ready-to-Wear 
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Our Famous GENT'S TWEED SUITS to Measure* at £4 10s 
and £5s 10s, are unbeatable. 

The Leading House for Boys' and Men's SHOWER- PROOF and 
Oilskin Coats and Fishermen's Oilskin Suits. 


Our NAPERY DEPARTMENT is the Talk of the Town for 
Value in Blankets, Towels, Quilts, Table-Cloths, Sheets, Flannel: 
tettes, Floor-Cloths, Rearth-Rugs and Bedding. 

Your viiit will be esteemed at the above Warehouses, where you will find we are 
Givins the Value. 


The Introductory pages of this publication, translated, became the first 
National Guide Book printed in Esperanto. 

" Dainty Literary " Winsome Little 

Dish." Volume." 


& *& 

£ < 



© V 

J? < . i<7 ^ 



5T O / / 




f ^ J 

Guide on a point of " Really an International 

National Honour/ Pub lication. 

These i),tr,»iu<-t„rv pages also formed the text, printed in Phonetic Longhand, 

of a souvenir commemorating the Contenary of Sir Isaac Pitman. 

O . . — ' 

& ° as 

Published Annually Price, Two Shillings 

Postage, 3d. 

(Non-Subscribers, 3/, post. 3d). 



Fop 1925-2 6. 









M C M X X V . 

is — — o— —* 



Applicable only within the United Kingdom, 

«- 3E MT JE IK J*_ Mj 



Chief Offices - 

General Buildings, Perth, Scotland. 
General Buildings, Aldwych, London, W.C. 

F. Nopie-Millep, J. P., Director and General Manager, 

To whom Notice of Claims under the following conditions must be 

sent within seven days of Accident. 

jb J- U U by the above Corporation to the legal per- 
sonal representatives of any person who is killed by an 
accident causing material damage to the passenger 
train or steamer connecting with the Mainland, or 
tramway car or public omnibus (excluding char-a- 
bancs) in Buteshire, in which the deceased was 
travelling as a ticket bearing or paying passenger, 
or who shall have been fatally injured thereby, 
should death result within one calendar month 
after such accident, Provided that the person 
so killed or injured had upon his or her person (or had 
lelt at home) this coupon, with his or her usual signa- 
ture, written prior to the accident, in the space pro- 
vided below, which, together with the giving of notice 
within 7 days to the above Corporation is the essence 
of this contract. 

This Insurance only applies to persons over 14 and under 65 years 
of age, is subject to the conditions stated above and contained in the 
General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation Act, 1907, does 
not extend to cover death caused by or resulting from war or invasion, 
and holds good from 1st August, 1925 to 31st July, 1926. 

No person can recover under more than one coupon Ticket in respect of the 
same risk. 


This Coupon must not be cut out, but left intact in the 1925-1926 issue of the 

BUTE COUNTY DIRECTORY, as that, being dated, forms the only evidence 

of its currency. 


WE have again diligently collected and carefully 
arranged the useful and up-to-date information 
regarding Buteshire — the Officials for the whole county 
and its individual parishes, and Householders and Busi- 
ness people in the more enterprising districts. 

Notwithstanding the continued very high prices, we 

* have striven to maintain our Directory as full as in pre- 

•k) war times, and that without a subsequent commensurate 

^ advance of rates. With the continued support of former 

j patrons, we, with patient industry, will continue in the 

way of well-doing. 





As our Advertising friends appreciate the continued 
i distribution of their announcements facing the ordinary 
reading matter, we, with prompt receipt of orders, will 
keep permanent this decided benefit. 

This Directory is not only at hand for reference at all 
times throughout the whole county, but it is also ready for 
reference in the public libraries of Scotland, England, Ire- 
land and Wales, and also in numerous business houses and 


2" ' agencies in busy centres ; and we are particularly anxious 
" that nothing of benefit to Buteshire is omitted, but that 

all interests have a good show, and everything brought 

thoroughly up to date. 

[For a number of years we have corresponded, per the 

International Language, with persons in all civilised lands, 

__ and in our spare pages we gave glimpses of our propa- 

<5-> ganda. Esperanto has been seriously studied and adopted 

pjj^ lay scientific, business and educational societies throughout 

J~^ the world. Music and sport were early in the field. It is 

ss§ .'■'' the language of radio, and is being broadcast everywhere 

— making for international peace, good-will and harmony.] 

Those who wish Lists of Householders arranged in 
Streets or Districts can get that in the Official Voters' Roll 
— in whole or in parts. 

Our best thanks are again accorded to those who have 
in any way helped us in this compilation. It takes long 
and careful vigilance to ascertain and give effect to the 
continual changes. 

HIGGIE & CO., Printers and Publishers. 

Rotheasy, July, 1925. 

Part I 


Population, .... 17, 35. 

Valuation, .... 17, 35 

Agricultural Statistics, 18 

Fishery Statistics, . 19 

Benefactions, ... 37 

Part II.— Officials. 

COUNTY OF BUTE . . . .19 

ISLE OF BUTE .... 33 

Parish and Burgh op Rothesay . 35 

Parish of North Bute . . 61 

Parish of Kingarth . . 65 


Parish of Kilbride . . ,71 

Parish of Kilmory . 73 


Burgh of Millport. . . 79' 

Part III.— Householders 


Rothesay . 


North Bute . 

, 121 



Part IV.— Traders. 




North Bute 


Kingarth .... 






Postal nforraation, . 59, S6, 67, 134 



July, | 

1925 I 

Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 

II Wed 

2 Thai 

3 Fri 
5 Sun 

7 Tues 

8 Wed 

9 Thur 


15] Wed 
17 Fri 












1 French Cadet Ship in Rothesay Bay, 1905. 
Steamboat boycott of Millport [three days], 1906. 
Rev Canon Matthews, St Paul's Church, Roth., died, 1909. 
Archibald Campbell Black, writer, Glasgow, died, 1912. 
Silver Wedding of Prov. and Mrs M'Millan, Rothesay,! 91 8. 
King married, 1893. Marquis of Bute married, 1905. 
Ex-President Taft, U.S.A., LL.D., Aberdeen Univ., 1922. 
Lieut Jas Cunningham, Rothesay, killed at the Front. 1916. 
(10) Lord Bute brought his bride to Mountstuart, 1905. 
Alex. Campbell appointed Rothesay Registrar, 1916. 
(10-11-12) King George V visited Rothesay, 1920. 
Ex-Prov. M'Intosh apptd. Clerk, Bute Insurance Co., 1923 
(12) David Arnot apptd. County Cleik of Buteshire, 1923. 
Inauguration of Albert Memorial Fountain, Rothesay, 1864. 
Rev John M'Alpine, Roslin (native of Rothesay, died, 1922. 

(15) Captain Harding appointed Chief Constable, 1898. 

(16) Death of Couueillor William Black, Rothesay, 1921. 
King George V, visited Edinburgh (Butemen honrd.), 1911. 
(20) Saint Bruix Day Fair instituted, 1585. 

R C Garden Fete, Convent Grounds, Rothesay, 1923. 

Rev John R.Scoular, Cupar-Fife, died 1915. 

Rev John Sau nders, Kingarth, inducted, 1879. 

International Advertising Couvention visited the Clyde, 1924 

Dr Andrew J. Hall, Rothesay, died, 1916. 

Rev D. M'Cormick, inducted, Chapelh'l Free Ch., Ry., 1877. 

Pirnmill Ferryboat foundered : the 30 passengers saved, 1923 

(29) Sir James Lamont, Knockdhu, died, J 913. 

29) Freedom of Rothesay to Prof. Sir Wm. Macewen, '22. 

30) Rev J D Ramsay inducted to Rothesay Free Ch., 1918. 
(Rev E Greaves. M A, instituted Rector, S. Paul's, Roth, '22. 

(30) Sheriff Anderson, Dumfries, to Renfrew and Bute, '17. 


Glasgow Corporation Public Libraries. 

Commercial Library, 10th October, 1924. 
Many thanks for the latest issue of your very well compiled Directory of Bute 
County, This, as in previous years, will be very useful here, The Commercial Library 
is proving increasingly useful to the business men of Glasgow, and every Directory we 
have is used, — W Jno Phillips, Librarian in charge. 




1| Sat 
2 Sun 

| Sat 
30 Sun 
31 'Mon 

Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 

House of Lords decided in favour of Remainant Frees, 1904. 

(I) St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Millport, opened, 1848. 
(2)Chas. Thomson, blacksmith, Port-Bannatyne, died, 1911. 
Earl of Dumfries born at Mount Stuart, 1907. 

Rev Hugh Davidson inducted into West U F Church, 1925. 

Charter granted to Lodge Rothesay St John, No. (296) 292. 

A. W. Herbert appointed County Clerk, 1909. 

Scots Coronation Stone taken to England, 1296. 

Late King's Coronation (postponed from 26th June), 1902 

Rev Frank Saunders bd, killed in action, 1918. 

Rev Jas. Graham ordained first dissenter in Rothesay, 1784 

(II) Wm. Spencer, J. P., Southpark. died, 1911 
Sir William Maxwell, Ardbeg, knighted, 1919. 

Rothesay Electric Tramways Inspected by Bd of Trade, 1902 
(14) Sergt. Dune. Ferguson, killed at the Front, 1916. 
Late King's first visit to Rothesay, 1847. 
(16) Rothesay Esplanade Russell Band Stand opened, 1873 
Rothesay Town Council purchased fire engine, 1913. 
Rothesay Electric Tramways opened for traffic, 1902. 
Agricultural Society's Free Gift Sale at Roth. Castle, 1917 
Archd. Brown, banker, Rothesay, died, 1903. 
Presbyterianism established in Scotland, 1567. 
Visit of Foreign Esperantists to Rothesay, 1907. 
Steamer " Comet " launched at Port-Glasgow, 1812. 
(24) George Innes, pawnbroker, Rothesay, died, 1913. 
Sheriff Wilson introduced to Rothesay Sheriff Court, 1912 
(28) Opening of Railwaymen's Conv. Home at Ascog, 1924 
Private Gavin Fleming, H.L. I., killed at the Front, 191,6. 
Memorial Stone of Bridgend New U. F. Church laid, 1908 
Death of Adam D Macbeth, writer, Rothesay, 1917. 
(30) Death of P B. Ferguson, journalist, London, 1905. 

This useful handbook of useful local information is again issued--for season 1924- 
1925. It is quite indispensible for those carrying on business in or with the count J. 
—Buteman, 5/9/24. 

The new edition of the Bute County Directory for 1924-25, published by Messrs 
Higgie & Co., Rothesay, maintains the reputation of the publication as a comprehen- 
sive record of activities and information of interest to the county. The directory 
comprises county and burghal information, lists of public officials and society office- 
bearers, agricultural and fishery statistics, and householders and traders. The calen- 
dar, with anniversaries for each date, is in reality a compact history of the county. — 
Record and Mail, Glasgow, 27/8/24. 



Shorthand, Type- Writing*, 

and Esperanto Classes. 

Session, from October till March. Prospectuses on application. 



Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 

Tues |Princess Louise and Marquis of Lome visited Rothesay, 1874. 

Wed (1) Sanitary Congress at Rothesay, 1922. 

Thur Freedom of Rothsy. to A. B. Stewart and Thos. Russell, 1875 

Fri Sir Jn Reid gave Erskine House for Soldiers' Hospital, 1916. 

Sat Ex-Bailie Aitcliison, Rothesay, died, 1908. 

Sun Sergt. T. Hamilton killed at the Front, 1916. 

Mo n Co-Operative Society formed in Rothesay, 1918. 

Tues Rev Chas Matheson, ma, inducted, Chapehill U.F. Ch., 't2. 

Wed ex-Bailie Muir won Scottish Bakers' Champion Cup, 1909. 

Thur (9) Chapelhill Free Gaelic Church, Rothesay, opened, 1860. 

Fri Sergt. Donald M r Intyre awarded Military Medal, 1916. 

Sat Rothesay public street lighting by Electricity, 1899. 

Sun James Heaton, spirit merchant, Rothesay, died 1924 

Mon Ex-Provost Sharp, j.p,, d.l.. died 1914. 

Tues (14) R W Campbell, St Regulus, died, 1918. 

Wed Rothesay War Memorial unveiled, 1922. 

Thur John Cruickshanks, plumber, died, 1907. 

Fri Rev Dugald M'Cormack, Chapelhill U F Ch., died, 1922. 

Sat Corp. Robert C. Miller, Canada, killed at the Front, 1916. 

Sun Franco-Scottish Society visited Bute, 1911 

Mon 22) First Belgain Refugees arrived in Rothesay, 1914. 

Tues (Ex-Provost Brown, Rothesay, died, 1878. 

Wed Gaelic Mod opened at Rothesay, 1908. 

Thur Wm. Tytler appointed agent, Royal Bank, Roth, 1906. 

Fri Opening of "Lady Margaret " Hospital, Millport, 1900. 

Sat Rev Dr Alex. Robertson, Nagpur, died at Rothesay, 19'20. 

Sun Rev Samuel Crabb, Ardbeg Baptist Church, died 1919. 

Mon Freedom of Rothesay to first barber, 1764. 

Tues Use of Iron Harrow Pins enacted in Bute, 1720. 

Wed Prince Leopold visited Rothesay, 1876. 

1(30) Bailie John Slaven. Rotbesav, died 1924 

As far as we can see, the information about Millport and Cumbrae is quite cor- 
rect and thoroughly reliable, so we may take it for granted that the rest of the matter 
is the same. The book, which runs into 144 pp., should be extremely useful and con- 
venient for the residents of the county of islands, as well as to visitors, especially those 
who have business dealings with the inhabitants.— Largs and Millport News, 4/9/24. 

This useful publication is again to hand. The publishers have been so enter 
prising as regards its compilation that the Directory is now an absolute necessity to 
business people who have dealings with the picturesque County of Bute. It should be 
noted that the Directory also contains a useful almanac. — Ardrossan H*rald, 5/9/24. 



l n i. 

1 Thur 





































20 Tues 




















Fri 1 


Sat 1 

Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 

Present Cum brae Lighthouse first lighted, 1793. 
Colin Wilson, nurseryman, Rothesay, died, 1922. 
Battle of Largs, 1263. Jewish New Year begins. 
Lord Ninian Stuart killed in action in France, 1915. 
John C Harvey, Printer and Journalist, died 1924 
Sudden deatu of Robert Gemmill, Yeddo, Rothesay, 1916. 
Arch Lamont, ,t p 7 Port Bannatyne, died, 1921. 
Win Montgomerie, solicitor, Richmond, Canada, died 1918, 
Rothesay Property Owners' Association formed, 1919. 
Freedom of Roth, to G R. Stephenson of Glen.Caladh, 1869. 
Grain Store, High Street, Rothesay, burned, 1922. 
Roth. Branch An Comunn Gaidhealach formed, 1906. 
James Dobbie. florist, of Dobhie & Co., Rothesay, died 1905, 
Glasgow Water works opened, 1859. 

No life can be dreary when work is delight.— Havergal 
(17) John Gibson, hutcher, died, 1909. 
Bute Primrose League gained championship banner, 1913. 
Wm Dickie, j p, Farmer, Bannatyne Mains, died, 1921. 
Sudden death of Councillor D. I. Morris, Rothesay, 1911. 
Q. M. Sergt. Neil Leitch died through War shock, 1919. 
Telephone connection with Kilchattan Bay opened, 1908. 
(21) Andrew Dodds, joiner, Rothesay died, 1903. 
Ordination and Induction of Rev Wm. Galbraith, Roth., 1 888. 
(23) County Committees formed under Pensions Act, 1916, 
James VI styled King of James I Great Britain, 1664. 
J C Lamb inducted U F Church, Lamlash, 1922. 
'28) Home Squadron arrived in Rothesay Bay, 1903. 
(29) J L Masterton apptd. ag^nt, Bank of Scotland, 1901 
Freedom of Rothesay to Marquis of Lome, 1874. 
Opening of Rothesay New Gas Works, 1896. 
Prince George visited Rothesay, 1922. 


-Ox-lcig-© Street- 
Established as the Rothesay School of Shorthand in 1872. 

Classes re-Open at the Beginning of this Month for Two Quarters' Instruction in 


Prospectuses on Application. Groegk Higgie, Principal. 



Christmas Cards. 



Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 

Sun cievO T Beale, ba, inducted rector, St Paul's, Rothesay ,'09 
Mon James Lyon, farmer, Drumachloy. died, 1913. 
Tues Empire Theatre, Rothesay, burned, 1922. 
Wed Institution of Anct. Order of Forresters, Court Bute, 1871. 
Thur Whale caught in the Kyles, 1880 
Fori Ex-Bailie Squair, J.P., Rothesay, died 1911 
Sat Dr Scougal, Inspector of Schools, died, 1916. 
Sun Rev J. C. Rendall inducted into Both. Baptist Ch., 1920. 
9 Mon John M. Lamont appointed Clerk to Lieutenancy, 1915* 

10 Tues Alex. Lister, florist, Rothesay, died, 1917. 

11 Wed The Great War ended: Armistice signed 1918. 

12 Thur Donald Grant, solicitor, Rothesay, died, 1920. 

13 Fri Roth. Harb. Trust agreed to impose Id toll on pier. 1916, 

14 Sat (13) Deacon Thomson, Ardbeg, aged 94, died 1917. 

15 Sun (14) Fishery Conference at Rothesay, 1905. 

16 Mon (17) W. A. Wilson, Proprietor of " Buteman," died, 1908. 

17 Tues "Duchesis of Rothesay" Chapter 15, O.F.S., instd., 1905. 

18 Wed A. M. M liar, grocer, Eothesay, died, 1917. 

19 Thur Semi-Jubilee of Rbt. A. Mason, supert, Prudential, 1915. 

20 Fri Ex-Provost Orkney, Rothesay, died, 1909. 

21 Sat (2 2)Cmndr. Evans, lectured in Rothesav on, South Pole, 1913 

22 Sun (K°th. celebr. union of Free and U.P. Churs. [_31stOct.] 1900. 

23 Mon 24) John Knox died, 1572 

24Tues(Capt. Claud Gray Buchanan, killed in .action, 1914 

25 Wed jFirst newspaper printed in Bute, 1839 

26 Thur Extraordinary take of Herrings in Kyles (200 boats), 1902. 

27 Fri Rothesay Town Council took over Gas Works, 1843. 

28 Sat Opening of Bute Sivings Bank Premises, Castle St. ,1905. 

29 Sun (30) Bute Burns Club instituted, 1887. 

30 Mon 'Presentation to Alex M'Nab, Church worker. Rothesay, '21. 

'Foundation of Chapelhill Free'Chnrch laid, 1859. 




A Selection of Cards from our stock will be sent, post free, to any address on receipt 
of Is, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and upwards. 
These Cards are sold at from Id to Is each. 

To be had from HIGGIE & CO., BRIDGE ST., ROTHESAY- 




1-1 Fri 











Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 

Tues Queen Alexandra born, 1844. 

Wed (3) Old Mountstuart House destroyed by fire, 1877. 

Thur New Rothesay Masonic Temple opened, 1909. 

Fri (5) A. M. Mackay, farmer, Bruchag died, 1913 

Sat Amalgamation of Buteshire Liberal Associations, 1917. 

Sun George Shiells, J.P., Rothesay, died suddenly, 1915. 

Mon (8) J. Windsor Stuart, Factor on Bute Estate died, 1905. 

Tues Public Halls, built by ex-Prov. Chas Duncan, opened, 1879. 

Wed First Lighthouse in Clyde (Cumbrae), opened 1757. 

Thur Hugh M'Lean, farmer, Ascog, died, 1920. 

New Street behind Glenrosa PL sanctioned by Tn.CncL, 1911 
Death of Councillor Robert Miller, Rothesay, 1917. 

Buteman" Jubilee Celebration and Presentation, 1904. 
David Lawson, Baker, Rothesay, died, 1919. 

(16) Rothesay Advertising Association instituted, 1903. 

(17) New Zealand Flag unfurled, Rothesay Academy, 1910. 
Resuscitation of Prov Grnd Ldge of Argyll and Isles, 1875. 
Rothesay public records lost when being returned, 1660. 
George Higgie, Rothesay, app'td Pitman Fellowship, 1921. 
Captain John Mackirdy, Beechwood, died, 1913. 
Old Bute Militia Colours left in Roth. Parish Ch., 1920. 
Kyles of Bute Hydropathic burned, 1909 — re-opened, 1911. 
Ex-Bailie Brown, Rothesay, pres. Liberal Assocn., died, 1912 
Lady Margaret MacRae born, 1876. 
Christmas Day. Imperial penny postage, 1898. 
David Macnair, store-keeper, murdered in Canada, 1922. 
Alex. M'Farlane, farmer, Meikle Kilchattan,died 1920. 
First Tay Bridge blown dowh.1879. 

Absence of occupation is not rest.— Cowper. 
Not one false man but does unaccountable mischief.— Carlyle 
Hogmanay. _____ 










Bonnib Scotland's Resorts and Patriotic Heather Cards 
Shoiithcr tae shouther ^_ (■ (^* away they go ! 


Paper, 2d; Cloth, 6d; Leather, Is. 3d, 6d, and Is each. 
These Publications can be had separately. 

Cannot fall to be appreciated wherever sent. 

"One of the most gratifying messages of good will that has reached 
ns this season comes from Rothesay, Scotland, in the form of a Heather 
Christmas Card' issued by Messrs Higgie & Co., of that favourite resort. 
. The two inside pages are surrounded with mottoes, every 
one of which breathes a true Scottish sentiment of good will to absent 
relatives or acquaintances. Along with this card Messrs Higgle & Co., 
send us a copy of their guide to ' Bonnie Scotland's Resorts, a wonder- 
ful little compendium of descriptive and historical information. -»'"' 
Zealand Times, Wellington. 

" They're faur, faur awa', but their hearts are kind and true — 
The auld house at hams 1« ever in their view : 
The Bonnie Heilan heather and the liilltaps clad w i' snaw— 
Their hearts are aye In Scotland though they're faur, faur awa. 

































Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 

M'Kirdy & M'Millan, Lmtd.. Rothesay, formed, 1898. 

(3) Dr Watkin Penney, Ardbeg, died, 1905. 

Colonel M'Leod Robertson awarded D.S.O., 1918. 

Tragic death of Major GH Kenton Newall, 1916. 

James Heron, Rothesay merchant and Volunteer, died 1903, 

(7) Peter Leith, chemist, Rothesay, died at Glasgow, 1918. 

Capt. Archd. Reid, Rothesay, awarded M.C., 1918. 

Rev J. King Hewison inducted to Rothesay parish, 1884 

David Robertson, baker, Rothesay, died, 1910. 

(9) Dr John Maddever, Walsall, died 1911 

To work with a will gives strength and skill. 
Rothesay erected into a Royal Burgh, 1400. 
Memorial Stone of Millport Hospital laid, 1901. 
Major J. R. Yeates, County Procurator-Fiscal, died 1920. 
(14)Jubilee of George Higgie as Roth. Ch office-bearer, 1923, 
Arch. M Burnie, Florist and Seedsman, d. at Edin , '1924 
Bishop Smith, of Argyll and the Isles, died 1918. 
Hugh Thompson, Foreman Postman, Rothesay, died 1924 
James Keith, restaurateur Rothesay, died, 1920 
James Duncan, J p, oldest Farmer in Bute, died, 1922. 
British Legion formed at Rothesay, 1925. 
Lord Bannatyne, of Kames, admitted advocate, 1765 
William Roy appointed Postmaster of Rothesay, 1 922. 
(25) Colonel Maclsaac, V.D.. Rothesay, died 1915. 
Rev R Clephane Macanna, ind. Craigmore U F Ch, 1923. 
Robert Duncan, Hotel-Keeper, Auchenlochan, died, 1922. 
(24) Freedom of Rothesay to first local Shipbuilder, 176i. 
Hugh Duncan, ma, Writer, Glasgow, died, 1921. 
Marquis of Bute enlisted as Private Soldier, 1916. 
James Thompson, bootmaker, Rothesay, died 1915. 
A. G. Murray appointed President. Court of Session, 1905. 

Rothesay Business College, 



Second Quarter of the Winter Session commences this Month. 


GEORGE HIGGIE, the Shorthand Expert, 

A Personal Friend of the Inventor of Phonography, 

and one of the first Members of the Pitman Fellowship. 

Examiner and Coach, Instructs Students Privately. 

Advanced Pupils a Speciality. Terms on Application. 































Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 

City of Glasgw Bank Directors sentenced, 1879. 

R D Macmillan appointed Procurator-Fiscal of Ayr, 1916. 

(2) Provost Munn, Rothesay, died, 1858. 

Jubilee Presentation to Bridgend U F Ch Office-Bearer, '24 

Rev John Rutherford, late of Craigmore U.F. Ch., died '17. 

Duncan Maclea, writer (" Delta"), died at Glasgow, 1915. 

W Roy, Huntly, appointed Postmaster at Rothesay, 1922. 

Inauguration of Equifex Disinfector at Rothesay, 1906. 

Robert Orkney, Rothesay, died at Sea, 1916. 

"' R. Yeates, County Proc. Fiscal, pres. Commission, 1916. 

Hugh Lauder, Jeweller, Rothesay, died, 1917. 

Semi-Jubilee of Rev Joseph Traill, bd, U F Par Ch, 1923. 

Councillor Neil M'Callum died, 1911. 

Captain James Williamson, Caledonian steamers, died 1919. 

Health Lecture and Pictures in Palace, Rothesay, 1923. 

(17) Death of Andrew Holmes, grocer, Rothesay, 1916. 

Presentation of Weights and Measures by Marquess, 1816. 

(17) Marquis of Bute invested with Order of Thistle, 1923. 

Rothesay's Privileges confirmed by James VI, 1584. 

Rev J M R Gladstone, Rothesay, trans, to Aberdeen, 1922. 

First Hydropathic in Scotland (Glenbum, Rothesay), 1843. 

Bryce Ferguson, late Bookseller, Rothesay, died 1918. 

County Volunteer Regiment formed at Rothesay, 1917. 

(23) Wireless Telegraphy installed at 22 Bridge St, 1923. 

(24) Lieutenant Hugh Montgomerie, died 1919 
Rev. Dr Somerville, late of Rothesay, died 1903. 
Capt. M'Kay, Chief Constable, Rolhesav, died 1921. 

Rev J. F. Padkin inducted to Rothesay W. U. F. Ch., 1911. 
^28) Order of St Patrick instituted, 

It requires COUrage — Not to bend the knee to popular prejudice. 
To say " No" squarely when those around you say " Yes." 
To be what you are, and not pretend to be what you are not. 
To remain in honest poverty while others grow rich by questionable methods. 
To speak the truth when, by a Utile prevarication, you might get some good advantage 
To live honestly within your means and not dishonestly upon the means of others. 
To stand firmly erect while others are bowing and fawning for praise and power. 
To refuse to do a thing wli«n you think it is wrong, because it is done in trade. 
To do your duty in silence," obscurity and poverty, while others prosper through 

neglecting or violating sacred obligations. 
To face slander and lies, and carry yourself with cheerfulness, grace and dignity 

for years before the lie can be corrected. 


In Preparation — for the Next Issue. 

Published Annually, Price k££J 3 s - ( P °3d ,e ') 

Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 




















Sat j 

Sun ; 











St David's Day. 

(2) Independent Labour Party founded in Bute, 1923. 
Norman Lamont first elected M.P. for Buteshire, 1905. 
Bute Bee- Keepers' Association formed, 1916. 
John J L Gardner apptd Rothesay Chamberlain, 1923. 
Alex Stephen apptd Rothesay Master of Works, 1923. 
John Gemmill, Chemist, Rothesay, died, 1923. 
Late Lord Bute's Wedding Dowry intimated, 1897 
(10) Resuscitation of Bute Primrose League, 1903. 
George Halliday, Sawmiller, Rothesay, died 1915. 
Bute Agricultural Society established, 1806. 
Wm H Squair, Flesher, Rothesay, died, 1916. 

(12) Ex-Provost MTntosh, Rothesay, died, 1923. 

(13) Fatal Accident to John Mackirdy, writer, Glasgow, '17, 
Introduction of Sheriff Kennedy to Bute Court, 1907. 

Rev John Forsyth inducted to Whiting Bay U F Ch„ 1917. 
Welcome to Tramway Officials at Rothesay, 1924. 
( 17) Presentation of Red Cross Medals by Lady MacRae,'22. 
Peter Monie, rector, Irvine Academy, d. at Rothesay, 1921. 
Rector Burgess, Rothesay Academy, caped D.Sc, 1924 
Major Thomas W Alexander killed at the Front, 1918 
Ex-Provost Donald M'Millan, Rothesay, died, 1921. 
(22) Sir Wm Maccwen, Eminent Surgeon, died 1924. 
Consecration of St Blaue's Royal Arch Chapter, 163, 1876. 

(26) Week's Missionary Campaign in Bute began, 1923. 

(27) Lieut Fullarton Boag killed at the Front, 1916. 
Lieut. James B Lawson killed at the Front, 1918 
Thomas Gilmour, Kilchattan Tile Works died, 1916. 

Rev Wm Galbraith, Bridgend U F Church, Rothesay, d, '22 
Capt. M'Nicol, Bute Goods Steamer, died, 1919. 
(30) Robt. Brown, Town Crier, Rothesay, died, 1916. 

The Oban Times . . " This able annual has, in its latest number, all the fea- 
tures which have made it of use and importance to those connected in any way with 
the County of Bute." 

This Directory is the reference book to which all — whether straugers or resident- 
ers — turn for information concerning the resources available in town and county for 
business or pleasure. It is not only found throughout the whole county of Bute, but 
also in the public libraries throughout the British Isles. It is the only publication of 
the kind printed and published in Buteshire.— Greenock Herald, 6/9/24. 






Calendar -Anniversaries, ete. 

Robert III died in Rothesay Castle, 1406. 
Opening of Turnstiles on Rothesay Pier, 1917. 
Sudden death of James Kay, Forester on Bute Estate, 1917 
Ninian Duncan, Grain Merchant, Rothesay, died 1919. 
(6) John Macfie, retired Farmer, died at Ardbeg. 1923. 
) Rev VV T Smellie inducted to Rothesay Parish, 1925 

Wed Rev Jas Girvan, M.A., inducted to Nth. Bute U.F. Ch., 1914, 
Thur Lord Bute offered Skeoch Wood to Burgh of Rothesay, 1912 
Fri Presentations to Jas Sinclair & Jn Morrison, on retiral, '23 
Sat James Hunter, Rothesay's oldest shopkeeper, died, 1911. 
Sun Capt. Robt. M'Fie, late harbourmaster, Rothesay, died, 1913 
Mon |Ex-Bailie Wm Lyle sworn as Hon Sheriff Substitute, 1917. 
Tues jlnspr. Wm David apptd. Chief Constable of Rothesay, 1921 
Wed iA. D. Macbeth, gave £1500 to maintain free Pier, 1917. 
Thur ;Golden Wedding of James and Mrs Smith, liothesay, 1912, 
Fri Lieut «"'" A Miller, Port-Bannatyne, killed at the Front, '17, 
Sat Roth. Boy Scouts New Hall opened by Sir Jn. Reid, 1915. 
Suli John Smith, Fishmonger, Rothesay, died 1923. 
Mon Sudden death of George Stuart, florist, Rothesay, 1912. 
Tues Rev J Townsley, inducted, Kilchattan Bay U FCh., 1922. 
Wed (22) Rev. Alex Stirling, Rothesay Free Church, died, 1907. 
Thu (23) St George's Day. 

Fri George M Allison, Pier Turnstiles, died 1922. 
Sat John Patience, bootmaker, Rothesay, died 1916. 
Sun (26) Rothesay Charity Organisation Society formed, 1909. 
Mon Rev Malcolm Smith, ma, instituted in St Paul's, Roth., '25 
TueSjDuke of Rothesay visited Arran, 1914 
Wed 1(27) Captain John Williamson died at Nice, 1922. 
ThurXieut John Wilson Alexander torpd. in Mediterranean, '18. 
Fri Rev Neil M'Dougall, Rothesay Gaelic Church, died, 1906. 


The Opinions of the Press and the Acknowledgments of Libraries 

art as complimentary as ever. The " Glasgow Evening News" makes the following 
appreciation of " Local Colour. — The compilers of the Bute County Directory 
have an ingenious method of making up the local colour and stimulating local pride. 
Instead of filling up the Calendar with the stock anniversaries, they have put against 
each date a local happening." Thus — [Two events mentioned]. " It is certainly an 
idea that makes for ' atmosphere. ' " 

Don't Delay to Send along your Orders for the New Issue. 




Calendar— Anniversaries, etc. 

llSat Sir Thomas Lipton's steam yacht '■ Erne, ' mined, 1916 

2 Sun Accidental death of John M'Fie, farmer, Ballycaul, 1916. 

3 Mon .Consecration of Cumbrae Cathedra], 1876. 

4 Tues Garden Party for Red Cross at Mountstuart, 1916. 

5 Wed JF. W. F. Clark installed P. G. M. M. at Rothesay, 1916. 

6 Thur H R Keay appointed County Aseessor, 1924 

7 Fri H J G Ross appointed headmaster of Eoth. Pub. Sch., 1906. 

8 Sat (7) Lieut. John Wilson Alexander died in Great War, 1918 

9 Sun Alfred W Herbert, County Clerk of Buteshire, died, 1923 

10 Mon Win Pollock, Bute Co-Operative Society, died 1923. 

11 Tues Foundation Stone of Rothesay Academy laid, 1868. 

12 Wed |Ascog Water Supply for Rothesay adopted, 1856. 

13 Thur (12) Provost Walker, presented to the King, Edward. 190 3. 
14Fri 1(15) Our Manager's Journalistic Jubilee in Rothesay, 1920, 

15 Sat i(16) Scot. Tram. Officials Annual Congress at Rothesay, '24 

16 Sun lAmalgamation of Buteshire and Rothesay Burgh Police, 1923. 

17 Mon iOrdinationfof Rev James Esselmont, in Bridgend, 1923. 

18 Tues (17) 2nd Anl. Mtg. of Scot. Tramway Assn., Rothesay, 1924. 

19 Wed 1 1 18) Rev John Dickie, b.d., inducted to New Rothesay, 1911. 

20 Thur (19) Lieut. John M 'Donald Smith, killed at the Front, 1916. 

21 Fri |(20) Swing Bridge, Rothesay Mid Pier opened, 1908. 

22 Sat. | Thomas Reid, retired schoolmaster, Arran, died, 1910 

23 Sun (24) John G. Heron, baker, Rothesay, died, 1920. 

24 Mon jQueen Victoria born, 1819. Empire Day. 

25 Tues New Post Office, Millport, opened, 1902. 

26 Wed John M'Cord, builder, Rothesay, died 1915 

27 Thur| Daniel Duncan, Woodend, died 1915. 

28 Fri (27) A. B. Stewart, Convener of the Countv, died 1880. 
29jSat I Rev Alistair Mackenzie. Ind. to E U F Ch, Millport, 1924. 
30 Sun j(31) N. H Constable appointed factor on Bute Estate, 1920. 
3l|Mnn Rothesay Entertainment Pavilion, Esplanade, opened 1924. 


It is the Language of the Cosmopolitan Red Cross Society, 

is More Scientific, Easily Learned, Up-to-Date, and Useful than 

any National Language : it is an Auxiliary to each and all. 

It is adopted by Scientific, Business and Educational Societies. 

Music and Sport early saw its potentialities, and ; by it, songs, 

addreses, etc., are broadcast by wireless everywhere. 


The forty fourth edition of this useful hand-book has just been published, and 
is brimful of information regarding the County of Bute. The public officials, lists of 
householders and business people in this popular health resort will be most serviceable 
and, notwithstanding the greatly increased cost of production, the pre-war price of 
two shilliags has been maintained. * — Helensburgh and Gareloch Times, 3/9/23. 

J Yg'fi' Calendar— Anniversaries, ete. 

Tues Captain James M'Crone, died at Rothesay, aged 90, 1923. 
Wed (3) Sir John Reid, Ardencraig, knighted, 1918. 
Thur King George V, born, 1865. 
Fri [Arthur Swanston, grocer, Rothesay, died 1917. 
Sat j(4) Albert Pier, Rothesay, opened, 1909. 
Sun (5) 20a Skota Esperanto Kongreso, opened at Largs, '25 
Mod ! 

Tues (9) Our Manager's Jubilee as a Printer and Publisher, 1912 
Wed |Rev Wm G Taylor, m.a, indctd. West U F Ch, Roth.. 1920 
Thur Marquis of Graham apptd. Lord- Lieut, of Buteshire, 1920 
Fri Marchioness of Bute appointed D C, O B E, 1918. 
Sat (I) Rev J B Scott inducted to Kildonan U F Church, '25 
Sun Presbyterial Presentation to Miss Marianne Mackinlay, '23 
Mon Lady Mary Hamilton and Marquis of Graham mar., 1906. 
Tues" (12) Inauguration of Bridgend U. F. Church organ, 1910 
Wed Amalgamation of Bute and Rothesav Police Forces, 1923. 
Thur (18) Battle of Waterloo, 1815. 

Fri j(19) Opening of Bridgend New U. F. Church, 1909. 
Sat (20) Sir Charles Dalrymple, late M.P. for Bute, died 1916. 
Sun Marquis of Bute born, 1881. 

Mon Golden Wedding of Wm and Mrs Hunter, Rothesay, 1916. 
Tues King George V crowned, 1911 

Wed Duke of Rothesay born, 1894 (24) Bannockburn Day, 1314 
Thur Rev Joseph Traill inducted to U. F. Parish Ch., Roth.. 1902. 
Fri Rev Adam Hunter inducted to Rothesay Free Ch., 1913 
Sat Rev. J. J. Dawson, St Andrew's K C Ch, Roth., died 1903. 
San Welcome Home of Marquis and Marchioness of Graham, 1906 
Mon (27) Telephonic Communication with Arran opened, 1923, 
Tues (28) Rev William Winter, Ascog U F Church, died 1924, 
Wed (28) Australian Pubiic School boys visited Rothesay, 1924. 
(30) Rothesay Aquarium opened, 1875. 

*We heartily thank our Helensburgh friend*. They themsehes also publish a use- 
ful directory for their town and environs, and they know what they are speaking about 
Recently they said our publication was " a marvel of cheapness." Well, our pre-war 
price was only Is. Our secret is, because our pre-war vigour remains : long may it 
have cause to continue ! The directory is the only one provided with a loop for hang- 
ing in an open convenient place for reference, and not hid away in a desk or drawer — 
sometimes even in a safe (!) Our advertising friends will be. pleased to learn that our 
free list is increasing. " Sweet are the uses of advertisement!" [If we raised the 
price of our directory to 4s or 5s it would still sell, but the circulation would be very 
much curtailed. Our advertising patrons are well worth encouraging : without their 
aisistance the cost would be nearer £4 or £5 a copy. The greatest cost is in produc- 
ing the first copy: after that, the more the better. The size of the Directory is now 
double that of war time]. Advertising spaces now being let, and orders booked. 


Revised total. 








rpHE COUNTY OF BUTE comprises the seven islands in the Firth of Clyde, viz. 
X — Bute, the most populous; Arran, the largest ; the Great and Little 
Cumbraes, off the Ayrsmre Coast; Holy Isle and Pladda, off Arran; and Inch- 
marnook, off Bute. 

The total Area of the County (land and water, exclusive of tidal water) is 
139,658 acres, of which 53,510 are mountain and heath lands used for grazing. 3,806 
acres are under plantations, and 794 are covered with water There are 25,981 acres 
under all kinds of crops, bare fallow and grass, which is a gradual inroad on the 
mountain heath and hitherto uncultivated land. 

The principal Industries are agriculture, horticulture, and fishing The islands 
possess great and varied natural attractions, and are in the forefront as holiday resorts. 

The Population of the County (including its Burghs of Rothksay and 
Millport) in 1801 was 11,791 ; 1831, 14.151 ; 1861, 16,331; 1881, 17,657. In 
1891 it was 18,248 (8,057 males and 10,197 females) ; and in 1901, 18,786 (8,412 
males and 10,374 females) — being an increase of 255 in the ten years — 2'1 per cent 
There were 4,270 inhabited houses in the islands. 
For 1911, the figures were as follows :--- 

Males. Females. 
Arran - - - 2,169 2,402 

Bute (including Rothesay) 5,081 6,781 

Cumbrae - - - 704 992 

•The increased total issued in the Quarterly Return of the Registrar- 
General compared with the returns lodged with the Sheriff-Clerk, 
may be accounted for by the enumeration of the shipping. 
the decreases since 1901 are as follows : Arran, 209; Bute, 330 ; Cumbrae, 62—601. 
The population at the postponed 1921 census [taken in June instead of April] for the 
county, was 33,711 (13,880 males and 19,831 females)— being an increase of 15,525 

over 1911. 
VALUATION. — The Rental, as ascertained at the Valuation Courts, is as follows ; 
1922-23. 1923-24, 1924-25. 

Isle of Bute -North Bute j £80 64g 2 4 £30 882 13 8 £30,797 9 3 

Kingarth \ 
The Cumbraes Cumbrae — 27,988 18 8 28,102 14 28,370 11 5 
Isle, of Arran Kilbride, 1 3Q 249 1Q Q slQn u g 32 22g n 1() 

Kilmory, I 

County of Bute, 
Burgh of Rothesay . 
Tramways, Rothesay . 
,, North Bute . 

£198,193 5 3 £202,837 £205,198 10 7 

The Fiars Prices, by which the parish ministers' stipends are regulated, were struck 
in the Sheriff Court, Rothesay, for crop of the previous year, as follows : — 


£88,886 11 

£90,007 1 10 £91,394 12 


£106,549 14 


£108,091 12 9 111,694 18 



369 687 


2,185 14 7 2,422 





Wheat per 


£3 19 10J 




£2 2 

£2 11 



l" - 8 3£ 

17 3 

1 8 1 

1 10 






1 "2 6| 

13 5 
B 17 

1 4" 0i 

1 5 

Agricultural Statistics and Assessments -County of Bute. 

AGRICULTURAL RETURNS issued by the Scottish Board. 
Total Area (excluding water) . 

Total Acreage under Crops and Grass in Buteshire, 
Arable Land, .... 

Permanent Grass .... 

Corn Crops — Wheat 

Barley , 

Mixed Corn . . , 

Rye , . . 

Green Crops — Potatoes 

Turnips and Swedes , 

Rape , . . . 

Vetches or Tares . , 

Small Fruit 
Rye-Grass and other Rotation Grasses and Clover , 

Other Crops . , . . . 

Bare Fallow ..... 

Acreage Occupied by Tenants, , 

Occupied by Owners 

Holdings above 1 and not exceeding 5 acres ,, 
5 „ 50 „ 

„ 50 „ 300 „ 

,,300 . 

Total holdings ,, „ 
Horses (including Horses used for Agricultural Purposes) 
Cattle ,,,... 
Sheep ,,,... 





139,658 139,658 










































No., 1911 

No 1924 



















FISHERY — The members of the Fishery Board for Scotland are as follows: — 
David T Jones, cue, chairman ; W Lyon Mackenzie, k c, Sheriff of Ayrshire, 
legal member and deputy chairman ; Professor D'Arcy Wentwortli Thomson, cb, 
scientific member; sir John Irvine, Aberdeen; sir Malcolm Smith, ex-Provost 
of Leith ; William Miller, j p, Wick ; and George Hall, Aberdeen. 
George Hogarth, Assistant Secretary. 
Alex E Mackenzie, Chief Inspector of Sea Fisheries. 
Head Office, 101 George Street, Edinburgh 

Local Office, 2 Oswald street, Glasgow. Local Officer, Alex Stephen 
Quantity and value of herrings credited to the district in 1924, 14,372 crans, £14,646 
Do. do. all kinds of white fish ... 2,392 cwts. 3,074 

Value of shellfish taken, ... ... ... 926 

At the end of 1924 there were In the Rothesay district 80 registered fishing boats, 
manned by 138 resident fishermen and boys. 





Lieutenancy. — Lord Lieutenant and High Sheriff, Marquis of Graham, cb,cto, 
DeputyLieutenants — Major C N MacRae, Richard Carnaby-Foster, Lieut-Colonel 
M'Leod Robertson, dso, Millport ; George Laidler, Brodick ; and the Provost of 
Clerk. John M Lamont, M B e, Rothesay. 

Member of Parliament. — For Parliamentary purposes Buteshire is joined with 
North Ayrshire. At the General E'ection, December, 1923, the candidates were — 
Lieut General Sir Aylmer Hunter-Weston, kcb, dso. Hunterston, Ayrshire, 
(Coalition Unionist), who polled 12,320; and P Stephen (Labour), who polled 
Constituency — The Roll of Parliamentary Voters is printed twice annually : the 
recently-issued list shows the number in Buteshire to be — Cumbrae, 2,000 ; 
North Bute, 1,014; Rothesay, 6,788 ; Kingarth, 501; Kilbride, 1,371; Kil- 
mory, 1,120: total, 12,794. (Last roll, 12,461). 

Auxiliary Forces. — Territorial Army — Buteshire Association — President 
The Most Hon. Marquis of Graham, cb, cvx>. Military members— Major Geo 
Hicks, M c, T d, r g A, (t ); Major A H Hill, m c, r g a, (t) ; Lieut.-colonel A 
C Gnnter, dso, ra ; Major Andrew Morrell M r Kinlay, td, rga, vice-chairman; 
(t) ; Colonel Colin M'Leod Robertson, dso, td, rga. (t), (chairman). Repre- 
sentative member (County Council), Major Colin N MacRae, c b e, d l, j p, bl 
Res of Officers, Yoe of Gd. Co-opted members— R B Fife, Alexander M r Intyre 
and ex-Provost E R Macmillan. 

Secretary, Lieut James Alexander, t f res, 78 St Vincent st, Glasgow. 

Artillery — 50th (Bute) Pack Battery r a 

National Service Scheme — County of Bute— Ex-Provost M'Millan and ex-Bailie 
Lyle, Rothesay; George Laidler, Brodick; John M Lamont, Port-Bannatyne; 
James PMalcom, Edinbeg, North Bute; George K Baillie, Kingarth; ex-Provost 
Cockburn, Millport; and James Crawford, Cumbrae 

Assessments. — The following local rates are imposed by the County Council, viz : — 

County Consolidated Assessment — General, Valuation of Own- Occu- 

Lands, Registration of Voters, Lunacy, Police, Diseases ers. piers, 

of Animals, and General Purposes - - 7 - 95d 3 - 31d 

Own. Occ Own. Occ. 
On the Bute District— Roads, 1/0 1/0 
Public Health 

Port-Bannatyne Drainage, 
Kilchattan Bay Drainage, 
Kilchattan Bay Water Supply, 
Ascog Lighting, 











On the Arran District — 

Roads, - - - 2s Od 2s Od 

Health, - - - Id Id 

Brodick Scavenging, - 3d 3d 

On the Cumbrae District — 

Roads, &c, - - 3d 3d 

Health - - 3d 3d 





Per Annum— 

For Gentlemen, ... ... ... 25s Od 

„ Ladies, Boys and Girls, ... ... 12s 6d 

Winter Tickets, from 1st Oct. to 15th May, 12s 6d 

„ „ Ladies, Boys and Girls, 6s 3d 

(Boys and Girls reckoned up to 18 years of age). 

Charge per Round ... ... • • • Is 6d 

per Day (except July and August), 2s Od 

„ during July and August, 2s 6d 

Week, ... ... ... 8s 6d 

Do., for Ladies, Boys and Girls, 7s Od 
Fortnight... ... ... 12s 6d 

Do., Ladies, Boys and Girls 10s Od 

Month, 18s Od 

Boys' and Girls' Monthly Tickets,.. . . 12s 6d 

Lockers for any period up to a year, 2s 6d. 

PUBLIC OFFICIALS— County of Bute. 

Sheriff Court. — Bute is joined with Renfrew. The Court meets at Rothesay on 
Thursday forenoons at 11 o'clock. Circuit Small Debts Courts meet quarterly at 
Brodick., Arran, on the third Wednesdays in March, June and November, and 
about the end of September; and at Millport, Cumbrae, in March and Sep- 
tember. Sheriff Principal, Jas Mercer Irvine, ice. Sheriff-Substitute, Thomas J 
Martin, m a, advocate. Hon Sheriff-Substitutes, Wm Lyle and George Hicks, 
Rothesay; Colonel M Gray Buchanan, Port-Bannatyne; William Patrick, Craig- 
enross, Millport ; and James J Morton, Brodick 

Clerk, Thomas W Alexander. Clerks-Depute— Rothesay, Jas M Matheson ; Lamlash 
J A MaeRae; Millport, James Stewart. Procurator-Fiscal, William Grant. 
Depute, James Mackinnon. Nautical Assessors, captains A Wood, 6 Morgan ter, 
Maryfield, Dundee; D Macdonald, 39 Kelly st, Greenock ; Alex Coull, Braeriaek 
Quadrant road, Newlands, Glasgow: Michael Benson, 6 Bank st, Greenock: 
Robert G Tait, 28 Ardgowan st (West), Greenock: Captain Archibald M Jack- 
son, 4 Castle Gardens, Gourock ; and Captain Robert Bryce, 29 Maxwell Drive, 
Pollokshields, Glasgow. Medical Referees appointed under the Workmen's Com- 
pensation Acts : — Buteshire — John Marshall, md, Rothesay ; Island of Arran, 
A Freeland Fergus, Glasgow ; and David Birrell Campbell, mbcm, 34 Anderson 
road, Saltcoats. Specialist for Industrial Disease — Dr John Glaister, 3 Newton 
place, west, Glasgow : and Dr Alexander Scott, 4 Newton terrace, Glasgow. 
For Ophthalmic cases — Dr A Maitland Ramsay, 15 Woodside place, Glasgow. 
Divisional Inspector of Mines — Scotland District — J Masterton, M b e, 59 
Cockburn st, Edinburgh. Sheriff-Officers, Alexander Campbell Watergate, and 
Walter M'Kendrick, Watergate, Rothesay ; James Boyd, Dairy ; John Brown, 
Ayr; John Albert Carson, 8 Duke st, Kilmarnock; Joseph M'Culloch, Ardros- 
san ; Henry Devlin and Jas Richmond, 13 Hamilton st, Greenock; Patrick F 
Skelton, 28 King st, Port-Glasgow; Jas Crossley, 116 St Vincent st, and Jas 
Paton, Glasgow: John Stuart. Gourock ; Wm C Gibson, Greenock ; and T Morri- 
son M'Arthur, Glasgow 

Auditor, T W Alexander. Keeper of Court-House and Bar Officer, Mat. C Stewart 
The Circuit Court for Buteshire meets six times a year in Glasgow 

Justices of the Peace. — Quarter Sessions are held at Rothesay on first Tuesdays of 
March, May and August, and last Tuesday of October ; and Courts of Petty 
Sessions are held as required 

Isle of Bute — Ex- Provosts Robert C. Miller and Jas Fisher, Rothesay; James 
A Walker, Glasgow; and Robert Burness, Prestwick; ex-Bailies M 'Bride, 
Buchanan, Muir, Lyle and Cunningham; Wm Hunter, builder ; sir John Reid, 
Ardencraig; Thos Barr, Eskechraggan ; James C Sinclair; and captain Geo 
M iller, Rothesay ; colonel Michael R Gray Buchanan, Ettrickdale ; John Fergu- 
son, Pointhouse ; and Arch Malcom, Port-Bannatyne; and A. R. C. Pitman, ws 
Edinburgh Appointed in 1920. 

Thomas W Alexander, Sheriff Clerk ; George K. Baillie, Langalbuirtoch, Kingarth 
Andrew Clark, Glebelands; John Cunningham. Moredun, Craigmore ; Mrs Mary 
Fisher, Orlington ; Thomas Gilmour, Tile Works. Kingarth ; Andrew Hamilton, 
grocer, Rothesay ; James Howatt, Ardmory road ; John M Lamont, Clerk to 
Lieutenancy; Dr Jas B Lawson. Rothesay ; Provost E R Macmillan, Rothesay; 
Major Colin MaeRae and the Lady Margaret MaeRae ; Feorline, Argyllshire ; 
Alex MTntyre, farmer, Dunalunt ; Andrew M M'Kinlay, architect, ex-provost 
Jas McMillan, o b e, Rothesay Jas P Malcom, Edinbeg ; Arch Montgomerie, 
auctioneer; and Jas Wilson, sen, Port-Bannatyne 




hum Itnnh IWrfs 




Yearly, 25s 20s 15s 

Monthly, 15/6 12/6 12s 

Fortnightly, 10/6 8/6 7/6 

Weekly, ' 7/6 5/6 5s 

Per Game : Singles, 6d ; Doubles, 4d. 

Juniors to be reckoned up to 16 years. 

Single Players can occupy the Courts for 

only twenty-five minutes. 

Foursomes for thirty minutes. 


Putting %ree 



4d per Game dnring July and August. 
3d per Game during the rest of the Season. 

OFFICIALS— County of Bute. 

Island of Arran — John Spiers, Bennecarrigan; Robert Hamilton, ex-piermaster, 
Brodick; James M'Gregor, Kirkmuirliill, Lanarkshire ; John B Sweet, Millburn, 
and Jas Hodge, piermaster, Lamlash ; James M'Kinnon, farmer; and Thomas 
Miller, piermaster, Whiting Bay; Robert Kerr, jun, piermaster, Lochranza; 
George Laidler, Brodick; Jas John Morton, Machrie; John Brown, Corriecravie ; 
Alex Spiers, Clachaig ; and Alex N M'Neil, Kildonan 

Appointed in 1920. 

Robert Anderson, blacksmith, Pirnmill; Peter Baird, farmer, Tormore, Machrie: Win 
Brown, farmer, Shedog; Marquis and Marchioness of Graham, ob E.Brodick 
Castle; Wm Hamilton, St Quivox, Whiting Bay; Enoch B Hastings, Corrie ; 
Dr Jamieson, Brodick; Donald Mackenzie, jun., farmer, King's Cross; Peter 
Mackenzie, farmer, Cotacol ; John M'Bride, farmer, Shannochie; Neil Robert- 
son, farmer, Shiskine; and Dr Thomas Rutherford, Shedog. 

CoMBRAE — Ex-Provosts Rowatt and Clark, and Jas C Sharpe 
Appointed in 1920. 

Ex-Provost Cockburn, Millport; John M^Naughton, ship captain, Millport ; Lieut- 
Colonel M'Leod Robertson, Millport; and provost Robert Robertson 

Ex-Officiis — The Sheriff and Sheriff-Substitute; the Provost, Bailies, and Dean 
of Guild of Rothesay ; the Baron Bailie of Mountstuart ; the Chief Magistrate 
of Millport ; and the Chairmen of District Committees and Parish Councils 

Clerk, Thomas W Alexander. Depute, James M Matheson ; Procurator-Fiscal, 
William Grant. Water Bailiff, Charles Wright Morris, 24 Charlotte sq, Edin 

County Licensing Court.— George K Baillie, Kingarth: James P Malcom.North 
Bute; Provost R Robertson, Millport; ex-Bailie James M f Bride, Rothesay; 
George Laidler, Brodick ; John M Lamont, Port-Bannatyne ; Major Norman H 
Constable, Rothesay ; and John Crawford, Portyre. 

County Licensing Appeal Court. — Appointed by the Justices of the Peace- Ex- 
Bailies James Cunningham. James Howitt, and Willm Lyle, and Willm Hunter, 
Rothesay ; Alex M'Intyre, Dunalunt ; Thos Gilmour, Kingarth ; and Andrew VI 
M'Kinlav, Rothesay. Appointed by the County Council — Donald M'Kenzie jun, 
King's Cross; Wm Brown, Shedog; Donald M c Kelvie, Lamlash : Peter Nicol, 
Dippen; James Wilson, Port-Bannatyne; Colin M'Leod Robertson, and John 
Rowatt, Millport 

County Council. — Convener, George Laidler, Brodick. Vice-Convener, John M'N 

Lamont, Port-Bannatyne. 
Members representing Electoral Divisions: — 
Arran — Corrie--Enoch Buchanan Hastings. Brodick— George Laidler, Strabane 

Lamlash— Donald Mackelyie. Whiting Bay— Don Mackenzie, jun. Lochranza — 

Peter Mackenzie, Dougarie — James John Morton, Machrie. Shedog— Wm Brown 

South End— Peter Nicol, Dippen 
Bute — Port-Bannatyne (East) — John M Lamont, Fernbank. Port-Bannatyne 

(West), James Wilson, Victoria place. North End--Major Colin MacRae, Feor- 

liiie. Mountstuart— Norman H Constable. Kilchattan Bay- George K Baillie 
Cumbrae— John Crawford, Portyre. Millport (East)— C. M'Leod Robertson, 

Millport (West)-John Rowatt, 
Appointed by Rothesay Town Council — provost Geo Hicks, Bailie Maclachlan, 

Treasurer Arch and councillor John Cunningham 



(2000 Volumes). 

21 Victoria Street, 

(Formerly Rothesay Post Office.) 

T k Sftitwmt Kmpiitt 









OFFICIALS— County of Bute. 

Officiyls. — County Clerk and Treasurer — David Arnot. Rothesay. District 
Collectors, : Kilbride and Kilmory, John B* Sweet, Lamlash. North Bute--Arch 
Brown, Port- Bannatyne. Kingarth— W T Ksplin ; Cumbrae--Jas Stewart, Mill- 
port; Rothesay (Burgh) John L Gardner. County Auditor — - William Sharp, 
c A, 243 West George Street, Glasgow. Chief Constable — Captain Charles 
Harding, County Buildings, Rothesay. Valuation and Registration Assessor, 
H R Keay, Castle Street, Rothesay. County Medical Officer- — professor R C 
Carrie, Gaasgow. Sanitary Inspector aad Road Surveyor — Wm Dunlop Brown, 
County Buildings, Rothesay. Inspector of Weights and Measures — Wm Clark, 
County Buildings, Love St. Paisley; assistant, Robt Adams. Veterinary Inspectors 
— Wm Moodie & Son, mrcvs., Rothesay. County Analysts, John W and Wm, 
LBiggart, Greenock. 

Committees of the County Council — Road Board — George Laidler 
(chairman), Major MacRae, James John Morton, James Wilson, Dnld M'Kelvie, 
John M Lamont, C M'Leod Robertson, Wm Brown, Dnld M'Kenzie, jnn, John 
Crawford, Peter Nicol, G K Baillie, E B Hastings, N H Constable and John 

Valuation — George Laidler (chairman), John M Lamont, James John Morton 
Wm Brown, Donald M'Kelvie, C M'Leod Robertson, John Rowatt, Don M'Ken- 
zie, jun, Peter M 'Nicol, Peter M'Kenzie, Enoch B Hastings, Major MacRae, 
James Wilson, Geo K Baillie, and John Crawford 
Appeal Courts held in September at Brodick, Millport and Rothesay 

Finance— John M Lamont (chairman) ; Major Colin MacRae, Donald Mackelvie. 
George Laidler, Don Mackenzie, jun, James J Morton, Peter Nicol, James 
Wilson, George K Baillie, John Rowatt, Peter M'Kenzie, Wm Brown, Enoch B 
Hastings, N H Constable and John Crawford. Sub-Committee- -Major MacRae, 
James Wilson, John M Lamont, G K Baillie and N H Constable 

Exkcutivb Committee under Diseases of Animals Act-- Wm Brown (chairman) 
Donald MTvenzie, jun, Major Colin MacRae, Jas J Morton, Peter M'Kenzie 
Donald M'Kelvie, Bailie Maclachlan, councillor Cunningham, James Wilson, G 
K Baillie, N H Constable, John Rowatt, John Crawford, George Laidler and 
John M Lamont 
The Convener and Vice-Convener, ex offiriis, members of the foregoing committees 

Standing Joint — Sheriff Martin (chairman). Appointed by Commissioneis of 
Supply— George Laidler, John Ferguson, John M Lamont, N H Constable, and 
the provost of Millport. Appointed by the County Council — Donald Mackelvie, 
James John Morton, James Wilson, C M'Leod Robertson and John Rowatt 
Licensing — Members appointed by the Counuy Council to the Bute Licensing 
Court — George Laidler, N H Constable. John M Lamont and John Crawford 

Appointed to Court of Appeal— Wm Brown, Donald, Mackelvie, Donald Mackenzie 

Peter Nicol, James Wilson, John Rowatt, and C M'Leod Robertson 
Board of Control - Members appointed by the County Council — Peter Nicol, 

James Wilson, G K Baillie, and John Rowatt 
Prison— Appointed for visiting the Prison at Greenock — ex-Provost Rowatt and 

John M Lamont 
District Committees: Arras— Geo 1 Laidler (chairman); H B Hastings, Donald 

Mackelvie, Donald Mackenzie, jun. James J Morton, Win Brown, Peter Nicol 

and Peter Mackenzie 


no" Charles Muir, 

Family Bread, Biscuit and Pastry Baker, 

17 Arg*yle street and 17 High street. 

Maker of Montgomerie's Patent Bermaline Bread as used in the Royal Household. 

Hot Pies Daily. Marriage and Birthday Cakes made to Order. Confections. 

Try Muir's Famed Oat Cakes and Self-Raising Floup. 

Gold Medalist, London ExHbition, September, 190S. 

Winner of the " British Baker" Silver Challenge Shield, June, 1909, and June, 1910. 

Winner of Diamond Jubilee Cup, London Exhibition, September, 1909. 

11 Meaals and Diplomas in 1911. 




Bflarimig Establishment anb Pribate TTfltil 


Views of the Firt 


Yacht Racii g Course . 

and Varied Menus. 


Proprietors & Managers, 
Messrs Johnston 
& Plumi'ton. 


Mi:-S J. W. JoHNTON. 

OFFICIALS- County of Bute . 

Appointed by the Parish Councils— Kilbride: James Bone, Glenhill, Lamlash. 
Kilmory : Angus M f Alister, farmer, Torbeg, Shiskine 

Clerk and Treasurer, Geo Robertson, Strabane, Brodick. Medical Officer, Dr 
Rutherford, Skiskine. Road Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector, Andw Crockett 
BuxE-John M Lamont, (chairman); Major MacRae, N H Constable, Jas Wilson 
and G K Baillie. Appointed by Parish Councils— Ths Gilmour, Kingarth ; and 
Hugh K Orr, N Bute 

Clerk and Treasurer, David Arnot, Rothesay. Medical Officer, Dr Berwick 
Ardbeg. Sanitary Inspector and Road Surveyor, W D Brown, County Buildings 
Cumbrae — Colin M'Leod Robertson, John Rowatt and John Crawford, Portyre, 
Clerk, Treasurer and Road Surveyor, Jas Stewart, Millport, Medical Officer 
G W Thomson ; Sanitary Inspector, W D Brown, Rothesay 

Commissioners of Supply — John M Lamont, (convener) ; John Ferguson, George 
Laidler, N H Constable, and ths Provost of Millport 
Clerk, David Arnot, Rothesay 

District Board of Control — provost Hicks, ex-provosts James M'Millan and E R 
Macmillan and ex-Bailie Buchanan, Rothesay ; James Wilson, Port-Bannatyne ; 
Peter M'Nicol. Arran ; John Rowatt, Millport ; and George K Baillie, Kingarth 
Clerk, John M Lamont, Rothesay 

County Police. — The County and Burgh Police Forces were amalgamated on 16th 
May, 1923. Head-Quarters, County Buildings, Rothesay. Chief- Conatable, 
Captain Charles Harding. Superintendent and Deputy Chief, William David. 

Island of Bute Division — Sergeants Alex Gray and Alex Gunn. Stations — Kil- 
chattan Bay, Port-Bannatyne and Burgh of Rothesay 

Island of Arran Division — Inspector, John Angus MacRae, Lamlash Stations — 
Brodick, Lamlash. Lochranza. Skiskine and Whiting Bay 

Island of Cumbrae Division — Sergeant John Cassels, Millport. Station — Millport 
The annual report for 1924 for the County Section states that there was an absence 
of serious crime in the county. There were 7 eases of sudden death, 2 deaths 
(suicides) by drowning, 1 fatal accident, 8 non-fatal accidents, 1 explosion and 5 
tires during the year. 13 pedlars' certificates were granted 
The annual report for the Burgh of Rothesay for 1924 states that no crime of a serious 
nature was committed within the burgh. There are 35 premises licensed for the 
sale of exciseable liquors, viz , 19 public houses, C hotels and 10 licensed grocers. 
14 special permissions were issued during the year. There were also licensed 47 
cab and taxi-drivers, 20 omnibus drivers, 6 brokers, 12 quay porters, 3 chim.ney 
sweeps, 36 hackney carriages and taxi-cabs, 16 omnibuses, 5 halls, 2 bill'ard 
rooms, 2 premises for cinematograph exhibitions, and 25 pedlars' certificates 
were issued. (727 houses were closed during the winter months (894, 886, 851, 
844, 800 and 825 respectively during the previous winters). There were 14 
sudden deaths, 2 fatal accidents, 1 suicide, 10 fires aud 11 minor accidents 
during the year. The ambulance wagon was used 76 times during the year 

Buteshire Educational Authority. — Rev John M Dickie (chairman), Right Rev 
Hugh Cameron, ur James Stewart Hall, George Hicks, John Maclachlan and 
James M x Millan. Rothesay; Norman Huntly Constable, James P Malcom, Rev 


Presents from Rothesay. 

r fgfT«fifl & fiSSS&KHTg 

will be certain to find what they want at 


21 Victoria street, 

25, 27 & 29 Montague street, 

and Gallowgate Post Office, 




to have your Photo Taken. 

Bring your films to me to be developed. 

I can give you Good Results. 

Taken To-Day : Delivered To-Morrow. 

OFFICIALS— County of Bute 

Archibald Grierson and Rev Rrovost Taylor for Kingarth, North Bute and Cum- 
brae; George Laidler, Brodick; John M M'Leod, Pirnmill ; James Bone and 
Charles M'Alister, Lamlash, for Arran 

Adviser, Harry J G Ross, m a ; Clerk and Treasurer, Wm Grant; Auditor, James 
Mackinnon, all of Rothesay. 

Finance Committee — Provost Hicks (convener), Rev A Grierson, Messrs G Laidler 
N H Constable, J Maclachlan, and J M'Millan, 

Bursary Committee — Revs A Grierson (convener), W Macleod and H Cameron, 
Dr Hall, and Messrs G Laidler J P Malcom and J M M'Leod 

Religious Knowledge — Bailie Jn Maclachlan (convener) and Rev provost Taylor, Dr 
Hall, and Messrs J P Malcom and C McAllister 

School Management Committee — Bute — The seven local members of the*Authority 
(two as parents' representatives and one representating transferred schools), one 
from Rothesay Town Council, one from North Bute Parish Council, one from 
Kingarth Parish Council, and two teachers' representatives. 

Arran — The four local members of the Authority, two parents' representatives, two 
representatives from each Parish Council, and two teachers' representatives. 

Cumbrae — The two local members of the Authority, one representative from Mill- 
port Town Council, one member from Cumbrae Parish Council, one parents 
representative, and one teachers' representative. 

Property and Income Tax Commissioners — Sir John Reid, Ardencraig ; ex-pro- 
vost E R Macmillan, and ex-Bailie Lyle, Rothesay ; John Ferguson, Pointhouse; 
John M Lamont Port-Bannatyne ; George Laidler, Brodick; J B Sweet, Lam- 
lash; and Sheriff Irvine, or in his absence, Sheriff Martin, ex-officio 
Clerk, Thomas W Alexander, Rothesay. Inspector, R M'Curdie, Greenock. Col- 
lector, Peter Ferguson, Dunoon 

National Health Insurance. — The granting of exemptions are dealt with by the 
Customs and Excise Department 

Buteshire Committee. — Chairman, ex-Bailie Donald Buchanan; vice-chair- 
man, Provost Hicks. The members include 28 ladies and gentlemen 
Secretary— David Arnot, County Clerk, Rothesay 

British Red Cross Society — Buteshire Branch— President, Marchioness of Bute, 
dbb; Vice-Presidents, the Lady Margaret MacRae of Feorlinnn, o be, jp, 
and Mrs Philips, Tourville, Millport ; County Director *nd Controller, the Lady 
Margaret MacRae of Feorlinn, o b e, j p ; assistant County Director, Mrs 
Myles, Wester Kames, Bute ; County Secretary — Major Colin MacRae of Feor- 
linn, cbe: County Hon Treasurer, Lady Margaret MacRae, obe.j p; Hon 
Secretary for Cumbrae, Rev A Grierson ; Hon Treasurer for Cumbrae. T W 
M'Ewan, Union Bank of Scotland; General Committee, Mrs James McMillan, 
Mrs Duncan Dewar, Mrs E R Micmillan, Mrs Myles, Mrs Muir, Miss Reisberg, 
Mrs Fisher jp.Miss M'Carthy, Mrs Marshall, Miss Gray-Buchanan, Mrs Dickie, 
Mrs Hicks, Mrs M'William, Miss Greaves, Miss Galbraith and co-opted member, 
Mrs Cochran 
T A A members co-opted— colonel Colin M'Leod Robertson,, dso.dt, dl,. and 
Maior A M M'Kinlay, td 




with which is incorporated 

The Bute Insurance Company. 

Fire Accident, Plate Glass, Fidelity Guarantee, Burglary 

and Life (in connection with the British Equitable Assurance Co., Ltd.) 

Insurance Transacted. 

Prospectuses and Forms of Proposal may be obtained from any of the Agents of the 
Company, or at the Rothesay Branch Office. 28 Castle Street, 

MACBETH & MACLAGAN, District Secretaries 
Chief Office for Scotland, 180 West George Street, Glasgow, 

ARTHUR MOPFATT. District Manager 

Alliance Assurance Company, l 

Established 1824. 

ASSETS EXCEED .£25,000,000. 

The COMPANY Grants 


Comprehensive Policies for Buildings or Contents 
of Dwelling Houses. 

For Prospectuses, &c, apply to 

A. THORBURN, Agent, Royal Bank of Scotland, Rothesay. 

North British and Mercantile 


See Cover of Directory. 

Agent in Rothesay — 
J. L. MASTERTON, Bank of Scotland. 

OFFICIALS— County of Bute. 

War Pensions — RENFREW and BUTE AREA— The following have been formed 
a Committee for Buteshire : J T M'Kay, Millport, ex-Bailie Buchanan and John 
M Lamont, m b e, Rothesay 
Head-Office, Public Library Buildings, Greenock: Chief Officer, Duncan C Kerr. 
Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association; Arran--Mrs Sweet; Miss Allan, Shis- 
kine ; and George Laidler, Brodick 
Bute--Lady Margaret MacRae, obe; Mrs Dickie, New Rothesay manse ; and 

Colonel M R Gray Buchanan, o b b 
Cumbrae--Miss Goldie, Millport 
Soldiers' aud Sailors' Help Society-J R Campbell, Clydesdale Bank 
Rothesay Representative to Joint-Disablement Committee--John M Lamont, MB K 
Do. Do. Scot. Assoc. LWP C — captain J Maclachlan 

Soldiers' Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association — President, Lady Dowager 
Marchioness of Bute. Vice-President, Marchioness of Graham. Hon Secy, J 
L Masterton, Bank of Seotland, Rothesay 

Air League of the British Empire — Representative for Buteshire, J L Masterton, 
Bank of Scotland, Rothesay 

Old Age Pensions. — All the County Councillors are members, and their powers 
have been delegated to the Arran. Bute and Cumbrae sub-Committees, as follows: 
Arran— George Laidler. J ■) Morton, Wm Brown, Donald M T Kelvie, Donald M'Ken- 
zie, jun, E B Hastings, Peter Nicol and Peter M'Kenzie 
Clerk, Robert Hamilton. Kincardine, Brodick 
Bute (outside Rothesay) and Cumbkab — John M Lamont, (chairmam), N H Con- 
stable Colin M c Leod Robertson, Geo K Baillie, John Rowatt, Colin McaRae, 
James Wilson and John Crawford 
Rothesay Burgh— All the Town Councillors, 

Clerk, R D Whyte 
There are about 150 old age Pensioners in Arran. and 70 in Cumbrae and Bute 
(outside Rothesay). The number in Rothesay is about 260 

Inland Revenue. — Collectorand Distributor of Stamps, P Ferguson, Dunoon. Sub- 
Distributor of Stamps and Suh-Collector of Legacy and Succession Duties, Post 
Office. Surveyor of Taxes, R M'Curdie, Greenock 

Customs and Excise. — Collector, Ed Hall, Custom House, Greenock. Surveyor, 
G W Knott. Officer of Customs and Excise and Pension Officer, W A M'Auslan. 
20 Castlehill street, Rothesay. 
The dates of the Pension Committee meetings are— Burgh of Rothesay, 2nd Tues- 
day in month. Millport, first Tuesday in month County of Bute, Bute and 
Cumbrae sub-Committee, first Tuesday in month. 

Inspector of Factories— C L Crampton, 250 St Vincent st, Glasgow. 

Bute Assurance Company, Limited (merged in the State Fire Insurance (Limited) — 
Local Secretaries, Macbeth & Maclagan 

Political Associations — Buteshire Liberal, amalgamated with North Ayrshire — 
President, ex-provost AVm Brown, Largs. Local Secretaries, Miss Margt M'Nab 
and Harry R M'Nab. Treasurer, Donald M*Callum 


OFFICIALS- -County of Bute. 

Bute and North Ayrshire Unionist Association, with District Associations for 
Bute, Arran and Cumbrae, and Bute Voters in Glasgow — Hon President, Mar- 
quis of Bute; President, Sir John Reid, Ardencraig ; vice-President, Charles 
M'Kay; Secretary, Harry Wrlson. jun Rothesay ; Treasurer VVm C King. Lady 
representative to Central Scottish Unionist Association, Mrs M'Millan — to act 
along with the President. 

Boyal Northern Yacht Club — Club-House, Argyle Street.- Commodore, Andrew 
Bain. Secretary and treasurer, A Herbert Aspin, 105 West George st, Glasgow. 
Clubmaster, Neil M'K Boyle Fixtures : Opening Cruise, May ; Handicap 
Regatta, June 27 ; Open Regatta, Rothesay, July 4 ; Closing Cruise, Sept 5 ; 

Miscellaneous Associations — Buteshire Wine, Spirit and Beer Trade-President, 
John Watson ; Secretary, John Campbell, jun ; Treasurer, Chas Freebairn 

Buteshire Natural History Society— Museum, Old Mansion House, Rothesay 
Patron, the Marquis of Bute. President, Alex G Bn.igess. Hon Secretary and 
Treasurer, R D Whyte. Librarian, A F Forrest Meteorologist, J Davidson. 

Bute, Cumbrae and Kyles Musical Festival Association — Instituted 1924. — 
Committee — ex-provost E R Macmillan, chairman ; Messrs H R Keay, secretary ; 
Duncan Brown, treasurer; A S Christie, Sydney Darling, Jas M Arthur; D C 
M'Callum, " M r Kee (Millport) J M'Nab, and Misses Mlntyre (Glendaruel) 
and M'Kinlay 

Rat Campaign in Renfrew and Bute : —Representative for Arran — Donald M r Kel- 
vie, Lamlash ; for Bute, John M Lawrie, Rothesay 

Boy Scouts — County Chairman, Marquis of Bute. County Commissioner, Sir 
John Reid, Ardencraig, Rothesay. For local companies, see Districts 

Girl Guides — Divisional Commissioner, Countess of Eglinton ; District Commis, 
sioner, Miss Dorotha Marshall ; County Secretary, Miss Gray-Buchanan, Et- 
trickdale, North Bute. 

Glasgow Bute Benevolent Society, instituted 1867, for the aid of indigen. 
persons belonging to Bute, particularly such as are of advanced age and respecta- 
bility of character. Subscription for life membership : gentleman, £2 2s ; lady 
£1 Is. President, James N Kirsop. Secretary and Treasurer, James A M'Leish 
199 St Vincent street, Glasgow. The funds in hand amount to £4,887 18/2 
The membership is 189. The donation roll contains the names of 52 per- 
deserving persons Lastyearthe sum distributed was £181 Ids 

Glasgow Buteshire Association.— President, G D Paterson, Rothesay. Hon 
Secy and Treas, Miss J Martin, 5 Cadogan ter, Sandyford, Glasgow. 

Bute and Renfrew Milk Records Association — President, Sir Hugh Shaw 
Stewart. Secretary, S Hunter, writer, Paisley. Bute representative, Robert 
M'Alister, Mid-Ascog 

Sports — For List of Trophies see Rothesay Section, 

(For District Officials see District Lists. 

The Isle of Bute 

IS 16 miles long, with an average breadth of 4 miles. It is rocky in the north and 
south, but fertile in the intervening districts. The climate is milder and more 
equable than on the mainland ; and the place is, in consequence, a favourite health and 
pleasure resort 

Lord of the Manor —John Crichton Stuart, fourth Marquis of Bute, kt, Mountstuart 
House. Estate Office, 43 High Street, Rothesay. Factor, Norman Huntly 
Constable, Foley House 

Societies, Clubs, &e. — Bute Agricultural Society (Established 1806). — 
Hon President, the Marquis of Bute. President, Robert M'Kay, Ballochmar- 
tin, Millport; Secietary and Treasurer, Dugald M'Alister, Mid-Ascog 

Bute Branch, National Farmers' Union, including the Islands of Bute and 
Cumbrae, for dealing with matters relating to the interests of Farmers concern- 
ing food control, prices, etc. — President, Alex M'Intyre ; Secretary and Trea- 
surer, James Mackinnon, Rothesay 

Bute Farmers' Trading Society (Limited) — President, \Vm Hunter, Upper 
Ettrick. Secretary, Alex Lyon, Barefield 

Bute Live Stock Improvement Society — Chairman, Alex M'Intyre, Dunallan, 
Bute. Secretary, — 

Bute Farmers' Limited, for the establishment of a Smithy in Stuart . st. Presi- 
dent, Wm Hunter, Ettrick ; secretary, 

Bute Fanciers' Society, estab. 1902, for the improvement of the various breeds 
of poultry, pigeons cage-birds and cats.— President, Neil M'Nicol. Secretary, 
R B Fisher, Thornhill. Treasurer, John M 'Crone 

Bute Unionist Association, established 1880. — President, Sir John Reid, 
Ardencraig. Vice-President, Charles M 'Kay, Victoria street. Secretary, Harry 
Wilson jun, Bishop st Treasurer, Wm C King 

Bute Auxiliary of the National Bible Society of Scotland — President 
Rev Joseph Traill. Secretary, . Treasurer, David E Ritchie 

Royal Bank. £60 was sent to the Parent Society last year 

Bute Sabbath School Union— Meets monthly in one of the Church Halls- 
President, . Interim Secretary and Treasurer, Angus Thomp- 

Bute Women's Temperance Prayer Union. — Meets in the Good Templar Hall 
every Thursday afternoon at 3.30. President, Mrs John Watson, 1 Baroue rd. 
Secretary, Mrs Maitiand. Treasurer, Mrs Andrews 

Comunn Gaidhealach Bhoid — To promote the cultivation of the Gaelic lan- 
guage, literature, music, art and industries — President, the Marchioness of Bute 
Convener of Committees, captain James Kennedy. Treasurer, Archd Campbell, 
Secretary, J W Campbell, jun, Black Bull Inn 

Bute Camanachd Club. — President, ex-provost Jas McMillan; Secretary, John 

C 33 

OFFICIAL^- Isle of Bute. 

Food Production— Bute District Executive Agricultural Commtttee — Chairman. 
Alex M'Mntyre, Dunallan 

Red Cross Society, see County lists, page 31. 

Ministry of Lab-our — Branch Employment Office. — Branch Manager, William 
Campbell, 45 Watergate 

Bute and Cowal Colportage Mission.— Bute Chairman, Bute ministers in 
rotation. Secretary, Rev Jas Esselmont. 'Treasurer, J L Masterton. Colporteur, 
Geo Malloch 

Royal Samaritan Hospital, Glasgow (for treatment of respectable poor women 
afflicted with diseases peculiar to their sex) — Rothesay superintendent, Mrs 
Turnbull, Dunmore, Craigmore ; Collectors, Mrss Turnbull, J Duncan, Stewart 
and Tut pie; and Miss M,Dougall Port-Bannatyne superintendent and Collector, 
Macdonald, Bay View 

Glasgow and West of Scotland Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 
established 1856, to prevent cruelty to animals, and to encourage humanity and 
gentleness towards animals. President, the Hon the Lord Provost of Glasgow 
Chairman, Col K H M Connal. Secretaries and Treasurers, Lowndes, Renwick 
& Stewart, writers, 28 Bath street, Glasgow Local head-quarters, 3£ Victoria 
street --Inspector, VV D Tassie. Superintendent. James Leslie, 28 Bath st 

Bute Bee-Keepers' Association — President, Archd. Montgomerie. Secretary, 

Lloyd's Agent. — 

Coast Guard. — Head- quarters, 

Printing, Publishing, 



m 1 

Parish and Burgh of Rothesay. 

ROTHESAY, the capital of Buteshire, was originally a village in connection with 
the Castle, and was created a Royal Burgh by Robert III in 1400. It became 
place of considerable importance in fishing, coopering, cotton spinning and weaving, 
and now it is noted as the most popular Summer resort in Scotland. 

Twenty-nine years ago the landward portion of the Parish of Rothesay being 
amalgamated with North Bute, henceforth, for secular purposes, the boundary of 
the parish is the same as that of the burgh. 

Duke of Rothesay — The Heir Apparent to the Throne, H R H Prince Edward 
of Wales. Keeper of the Great Seal, Andrew Graham Murray, Baron Dunedin 

(For Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, and 
County Boards, see County Lists. ) 

Heritors' Committee— Provost Hicks (convener), ex-Bailies Buchanan and M'Bride 
Messrs R D Whyte, N H Constable, James Cunningham and John Cunning- 
ham Clerk — William Grant, Watergate 

Births, Marriages, and Deaths. — A birth must be registered within 21 days ; a mar- 
riage within three days, and a death within eight days. Registrar, Alexander 
Campbell. Hours— 10 till 1, and 2 till 4. Saturdays, 10 — 1 

Births, 164 ; Deaths, 138 ; marriages, 52 in 1924 
„ 164; ,, 157; ,, 52 1923 

Last year, 22 deaths were of non-residents, and the largest number were over 70 
Session Clerk — Andrew Clark, Glendela, Glebe lands 

Constituencies. — The Roll showsjthe Parliamentary voters to number 5963, and the 
Municipal, 6103 

Valuation of Burgh 1923 1924 1925 

Ward No. I, £15,275 13 2 £15,410 8 £15,873 15 6 

II, 13,775 2 3 13,895 4 3 14,289 17 1 

III, 16,986 8 10 17,232 4 6 17,571 12 

IV, 23,115 5 23,262 11 2 24,032 11 4 
V 17,443 1 5 18,265 13 5 18,775 9 8 

VI, 19,953 14 3 20,025 18 9 21,169 12 6 

£106,549 4 11 £108,091 12 9 £111,694 18 1 
Tramways, 567 369 687 

£107,116 4 11 £108,891 12 9 £112,381 18 1 

Population — In 1871, 7,760 ; 1881, 8,291; 1891,9034; 1901,9323; 1911,9299; 
1821 (taken in June instead of April), 16,123 

Ward No. 1, 815 males; 1486 females; 2310, total 

2, 982 1441 2423 

3, 1145 1545 2899 

4, 1284 1677 2961 

5, 1149 1469 2630 

6, 793 1411 2304 



Heaton's, 7 Victoria Street, 

Fop Aged and Matured 


and the Finest Ulto Douro 


If you want Whiskies or Wines for Invalids 
Get the Best, and the Best is Heatans. 


Phone, 99. 7 Victoria Street, Rothesay 

Open te the Public— Non-Membeps, 2d per Visit. 

Norman Stewart Institute, 

Montague Street, Rothesay. 

Reading Rooms, Recreation Rooms, 

For Billiards, Draughts, &c, &c. Open fr:m 9-30 am to 10pm. 

Consulting' and Lending 1 Library 

Containing over 9500 Volumes. 

Open Monday to Friday 10 to 1 o'clock and 3 to 8 o'clock. 

Saturdays, 10 to 1 o'clock 3 to 5 o'clock, and 6 to 9 o'clock- 

Members' Weekly Tickets (admitting to all privileges, including the use of Lending 

Library, 9d: Monthly, Is 6d ; Quarterly, 2s 6d ; Half-Yearly 4s; Yearly, 7s 6d. 

Ladies' Half-Yearly Tickets, 3s; Yearly, 5s 6d. Non-Members, 2d per visit. 

Family Tickets, 10s 6d, 13s 6d and 15s. Apprentices Yearly Tickets, 2s 6d. 

Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly Tickets are issued as from 1st January, 1st April, 

1st July and 1st October. Monthly Tickets from any date. 


Cup of Tea or Coffee, 3d ; Breakfasts, Dinners and Teas at equally Moderate Priees. 

Assessments, Benefactions, &c, Parish and Burgh, Rothesay. 

Assessments — Parochial — The following have been imposed by the Parish Council : 
Poor Rates, 10-£d per £1 ; Education Rate, Is 8d ; Burial, l|d — (less 10 per cent) 

BrjitGHAL — The Town Council have imposed 4s 5d per £1 for Burgh General and 
other Assessments — equally divided between landlord and tenant. 

Land Tax and Registration of Births, &c, Od ; County Voters Registration, Od — 
— payable by proprietors only. Water, 9d per £1. Gas, 3/4 per 1000 cubic 
feet (less 10°/ o in a month), prepayment meters, 4/2^-d, with discount of 5d 
per 1000 cubic feet 

Benefactions. — Mrs Ann Taylor or Jackson's Bequest. — The annual interest 
of £100 is expended by the Provost and Magistrates in providing coals for per- 
sons of the name of Taylor, and natives of Skipness or Rothesay. 

Miss Janet Gibson's Bequest. — The interest of £200 is invested with the Min- 
ister of the parish, and the Provost and Magistrates of the burgh, for the benefit of 
old and infirm poor, and applied annually at Candlemas — each recipient receiving 
a sum of about 5s. 

The James Duncan Charity — £2000, reduced to £1600, bequeathed by the late 
Jas Duncan of Valparaiso and Rothesay, for the annual benefit of 10 old women 

Bute Wedding Dowry. — £1000 bequeathed in commemoration of the silver wed- 
ding of John Patrick Crichton- Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute, to be given by the 
Provost and Magistrates annually to enable some girl or girls of the poorer classes 
to be married. 
Educational Grant. — In terms of a grant made by the Town Council, and 
arrangement with the School Board, six children are entitled to free education in 
the Academy for three years 

Duncan Thomson Bequest. — £2000 bequeathed to the Provost, Magistrates and 
Town Council of the burgh, and the Parochial Board of the parish, for the erec- 
tion of a statutory poor house. The Parish Coluncil six years ago bought a field 
at Townhead for £1066 Iris 8d, which is now being builton. With interest, the 
snm now stands at £12,610 3s Od 

Paterson Bequest. — The interest of £300, bequeathed by the late Miss Janet 
Paterson, Whinny Brae, is divided annually at Candlemas, through the Provost 
and Senior Bailie, among aged and infirm persons. 

Mrs Mary Miller Bequest.-— The interest of £60 is, also through the Provost 
and Magistrates, applied for coals to the poor. 

Archibald Brown Bequest. — The interest of £100 bequeathed by the late 
Archibald Brown, banker, is annually divided by the Provost and Magistrates at 
Candlemas amongst the poor and infirm of the town. 

Bethia Weir Bequest. — Interest on £51 Is, to be applied annually by the 
Magistrates and Town Council for supplying coal to the poor. 

The Provost's Fund, instituted by James M'Millan, o be, in commemoration of 
the King's first visit to Rothesay in July, 1920 — subscribed for the benefit of 
soldiers' widows. Sums collected amount to about £1100 : sum aimed at,£1000 

War Memorial Fund. — Collected £2581 ; sum aimed at, £2500. 

TOWN COUNCIL. — Meets at noon on second Monday of each month. Provost — 
George Hicks ; Bailies-John Maclachlan, John Morton Lawrie and William Wat- 
son ; Dean of Guild, Duncan Brown ; Treasurer, Archibald Brown ; Councillors- 
Donald Buchanan, John Cunningham, George Halliday, George Grayson Hill, 
M b e, James Howitt, John Jones, William Meldrum, Charles Muir, James 
M'Millan, obi, James S M'Millan, Neil M'Nicol and William Robertson 


Phone No. 145. 

Queen's Hotel 


On the West Bay. 


HIS First-Class HOTEL has been re-Decorated and re 
Furnished. Excellent Cuisine. New Smoking Room 

Large Gardens. Moderate Tariff. 

A Few Minutes from Golf Course. 


Hotel Victoria 


Opposite the Gardens and Band Stand. 


Telphone, No. 53. 

JOHN BLAIR, Proprietor. 

OFFICIALS— Rothesay Parish and Burgh. 

The Magistral es and Town. Council are also Police Commissioners Six members 
(one representing each ward) retire annually on the first Tuesday of November 
in normal times — when new elections take place. 

Officials — Town Clerk and Legal Assessor, Robert Duncan Whyte. Depute, 
James Rose, ll b, w s. Collector of Rates and Valuation Assessor, John E L 
Gardner. Burgh Prosecutor, William Grant. Police [Burgh amalgamated with 
County, see page 27] Master of Works and Engineer, Alex Stephen. Gas 
Manager, Wm Whyte. Medical Officer. James Stewart Hall, m b . Analysts, 
J W & W L Biggart, Greenock. Inspector of Weights and Measures, Win 
Clark, Paisley. Court- House Keeper and Inspector of Explosives, and Inspector 
under the Shops Act, &c, Matthew C Stewart. Inspector of Slaughter-House, 
James M c Lean. Auditor, David Guthrie, ca, Glasgow. Veterinary Surgeons, 
Wm Moodie & Son, Rothesay. Golf Clubmaster, Duncan Barr. 

PARISH COUNCIL - — -Meets on the first Tuesday of each month. Bailie Donald 
Buchanan (chairman), Messrs James Cunningham, Gavin Fleming, John Jones, 
Henry R Leitch, John Lamont, Arch Meikle, Arch Montgomerie, Frank Mont- 
gomerie, Chas Muir, Jas McMillan, John S Slaven, and Angus Speirs. The 
members are elected every three years 

Officials — Inspector of Poor, Clerk, and Collector — A Ross Thomson Medical 
Officer, James Burnett Lawson, md. Auditor, C A Cadell 
Wards — The Burgh was, in 188b', divided into six wards for municipal purposes. 

No. I — Ardbeg road, Ardmory road, Argyle place, Argyle terrace, Landward, Marine 
place, Mackinlay street, Macnab's brae, Westwood, Wyndham road. Representa- 
tives: Town Council — Bailie Maclaehlan and Messrs Howitt and Muir. Parish 
Council — Messrs Muir and Speirs 

No. 2 — Alma terrace (part of), Bridgend street (west side), Argyle street, Ballochgoy 
terrace, Bridge street, Chapelhill road, Gallowgate (west side), Havelock terrace, 
Hillhouse road (west side), Inkerman terrace, Landward, Lilyoak terrace, Staffa 
place, York terrace, Westland road. Representatives: Town Council — Treasurer 
Brown, and Messrs Buchanan and Halliday. Parish Council — Messrs Cunning- 
ham and Leitch 

No. 3 — Alma terrace (part of), Barone road (west side), Bridgend street (east side), 
Columshill place, Columshill street, Gallowgate (east side). Glenhend place, 
Gowanfield place, Hillhouse road (east side), John street, King street, Ladeside 
street, Landward, Macalister's court, Mill street (west side), Montague street 
(from Gallowgate to Tower street), Tower street (west side), Victoria street 
(from Gallowgate to Tower street), West Castle street. Representatives : Town 
Council — Bailie Lawrie and Messrs Hill, and Meldrum. Parish Council — Messrs 
Buchanan, Fleming and Slaven 

No. 4 — Castlehill street, part of Castle street, Guildford square, High .street, (from 
Guildford square to Castle street), High street (west side). Landward, Meadows 
cap, Montague street (from Tower street to Watergate), Mill street, (east side), 
Russell street, Stuart street, Tower street (east side), Union street, Victoria stieet- 
(from Tower street to Guildford square), Watergate (west side), AscogLoch road, 
(south side). Representatives : Town Council — ex-Provost JasM'Millan, and 
Messrs John Jones and Wm Robertson. Parish Council — Messrs Jones and F 

No. 5 — Albert place, Bishop street, Bishop terrace. Bishop terrace brae (west side) 
Castle street, Croft lane, East Princes street (to number 21), High street east 
side, from Castle street to Minister's brae), Landward, Minister's brae (north 



James M'Nicol, 

Family Bread, Biseuit,&Pastry Bakers 
87 Montague street. 

Soiree and Pic-Nic Parties provided for. 
Hot Pies every Saturday Night. 

Telephone 161. 

E^.sT^n^Lisrs Ltd,, 

Family and Shipping Butchers, 

57 Montague Street, 

Always on hand a Choice Selection of Beef, Mutton and Lamb. 

Mince and Sausages a Speciality. 

Hotels and Boarding Houses catered for. 


IWurserymen and Heedimen, 

Craigmore Nupsery, Cpiehton Road. 

Formerly Public Park Nursery, 110 High Street. 

Seeds Plants, Bulbs, Cut Flowers, Tomatoes and White Heather in Season. 
Phone, 7 5 


Upholsterers. Blind and 

Bedding Manufaeturers, 

Motor Haulage. 


21 Bridg?e-End Street. 

COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHER- Floorcloth, Carpet, Bedding, &c. 

Picture Framing. Pianos on Hire. Removals Conducted. Furniture Stored. 

Carpets Beaten by Steam Powep on the Premises. 

OFFICIALS— Burgh and Parish of Kothesay. 

side), Store lane, Watergate (east side), West Princes street, Mountpleasant road, 
Serpentine road. Representatives-Town Council--Messrs Cunningham, M'Nicol 
and James S M'Millan. Parish Council— Messrs Arch Meike and McMillan 
No. 6 — Albany road. Ardencraig road, Battery place, Bishop terrace brae (east side). 
Craigmore road, Crichton road, East Burgh Lands, East Princes street (from No. 
22), Eastands road, Landward, Mountstuart road. Representatives : -- Town 
Council— provost Hicks, Bailie Watson and Dean of Guild Brown. Parish Council 
— Messrs M ontgomerie and Lament 

Town Council Committees — Burgh Lands and Golf CouRSE-Councillors Neil 
M'Nicol (convener), Meldrum (sub-convener), Dean of Guild Brown, Treasurer 
Brown and councillors Muir and Robertson 

Gas —Bailie Maclachlan (convener), councillor Cunningham (sub-convener), Bailie 
Watson, councillors Buchanan, Meldrum and James M'Millan, 

Water — Bailie Lawrie (convener), councillor M'Nicol (sub-convener), Dean of 
Guild Brown, councillors Howitt, Halliday and Robertson 

Finance — Treasurer Brown (convener), Bailie Maclachlan (sub-convener), provost 
Hicks, Bailie Lawrie and councillors James M'Millan and M'Nicol 

Polick (including Electricity) — Provost Hicks (convener), Bailie Maclachlan (sub- 
convener), councillors Buchanan, Hill, Jones and James S M'Millan 

Roads — Bailie Watson (convener), councillor Halliday (sub-convener), Bailie Lawrie, 
councillors Howitt, Jones and Jas S M'Millan 

Public Health — councillors Jas M'Millan (convener), provost Hicks (sub-con- 
vener), Treasurer A Brown, councillors Muir, Meldrum and Cunningham 

Parks — Dean of Guild D Brown (convener), councillors Howitt (sub-convener), 
Halliday, Hill, Jones and Jas S M'Millan 

Dean of Guild Court — Dean of Guild Brown, councillors Muir, Meldrum, N 
M'Nicol and Jas S M'Millan 

Stewart Institute, Members of Board of Management —Frowst Hicks, Bailies 
Maclachlan, Lawrie and Watson 

Prison— Member of Greenock Prison Visiting Committee, councillor Cunningham, 

Old Age PENSIONS-Provost Hicks (chairman). Bailies Maclachlan and Lawrie, Dean 
of Guild Brown, Treasurer Brown, councillors Muir, Buchanan, Meldrum, Cun- 
ningham, McMillan, M'Nicol and Robertson 
There are about 260 pensioners in the Burgh). 

Cojnty Council, Burgh Representatives — provost Hicks, Bailie Maclachlan, 
Treasurer Brown and councillor Cunningham . 

Lunacy — Representatives to the District Board of Control — provost Hicks, coun- 
cillors Muir, Buchanan and James M'Millan 

Valuation — provost Hicks, Dean of Guild Brown, Treasurer Brown, councillors 
Muir, Meldrum, James M'Millan and Cunningham 

Royal Burghs, Representatives to the Convention. — Commissioner, provost 

Hicks, Assessor, R D White, Town Clerk 
Representative Elder to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland — 

Mr George Halliday 
Civil Distress, Prince of Wales' Committee for relief— ex-Provost Fisher,chairman 


'Phone, 140. 

Charles J. Pullen, 



Theatre ID e Luxe, 

West Princes Street. 

Proprietor, - - - F. R, Burnettk. 

Continuous Programmes. 

All the Best Pictures. Good Music. 

Acknowledged to be the only Real Picture House in Rothesay. 

Cleanliness and Civility my Mottoes. 

Popular Prices. 

Phone, 87. 

John Cruiekshanks, 

Plumber, Gasnttor & Zinc Worker, 

49 High street, Rothesay, 

Wash-Hand Basins, Plunge, Spray and Shower Baths fitted up for Hot or Cold Water 
Drain, Soil or Waste Pipes Tested 

Francis Dewa p,i£S S** 

Carpenter, Boat Builder and Boat Hirer, 

Old Mission Church, High St., and Esplanade (Opposite Band Stand. 

Motor Launches: 
"LA D Y B U T E " and "LADY MA R Y," 

Carries 50 Passengers (under Board of Trade Regulations) Carries 12 Passengers. 

Long and Short Cruises l>y Day and Evening. 

Repairs Promptly Attended to. Rowing Boatg and Fishing Tackle supplied. 

OFFICIALS— Rothesay Parish and Burgh. 

licensing Appeal Court — Appointed by Justices — ex-provost Jas M'Millan 
and Messrs Donald Buchanan, Rothesay, and John Ferguson, Port-Bannatyne, 
Appointed by Rothesay Magistrates — provost Hicks and Bailies Macla^hlan and 

Harbour Trust — The Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council, along with the fol- 
lowing shipowners' representatives : Messrs Lachlan H Gilchrist, John D Rodger, 
John Halliday and Charles A Bremner 
Harbour Committee — Councillor Buchanan (convener), councillors Hill (sub" 
convener), Bailie Watson, councillors Cunningham, Muir and Robertson, and 
Messrs Bremner, Gilchrist, Halliday and Rodger 

Officials— Clerk, R D Whyte. Depute, James Rose. Harbour-Master, Robert 
Houston, Master of Works, Alex Stephen, Bridge Attendant, D M'Lellan. 
Overseer of Turnstiles, the Harbourmaster 

Parish Council Committees — Law — Messrs Buchanan (convener), Jones, Arch 

Montgomerie and M'Millan 
Finance— Messrs Buchanan (convener), Cunningham, Meikle, F Montgomerie, 

Muir and Spiers 
Cemetery — Messrs Speirs (convener), Cunningham, Lamont, Leitcb, Meikle 

M'Millan and Slaven 
Visiting — The Whole Council 
Parish House— Messrs Buchanan (convener), Cunningham, A Montgomf rie, Lamont 

Meikle, Muir, M'Millan and Speirs 
Casual Sick-House — Messrs Muir (convener), Cunningham, Fleming, Jones, 

Lamont, F Montgomerie, M'Millan and Slaven 
Matron, Miss Elizabeth Hamilton 

CHURCHES. — The Established Presbytery meets at Dunoon on last Wednesday in 
April and September and first Wednesday in July ; at Rothesay on last Wednes- 
day of March and November. Clerk, Rev John Saunders, b d, Kingarth. 
Synod of Argyll — next meeting April, 1926. 

The United Free Presbytery usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 
Rothesay and Dunoon alternately. Clerk, Rev J M"K Campbell, Lochgoilhead 
Next meeting of Synod, April. 1926— Clerk, Rev J M'K Campbell 
The Free Presbytery meets in Hope. Street Church Buildings, Glasgow, on the 1st 
Tuesday of eacli month 

Parish Church. High street (Hours of worship, 1115 am and 6 30 p m. 
Ministers, the Rev James King Hewison, d d, (emeritus), and the Rev W T 
Smellie, o b e, m a, assistant and successor). Session Clerk, Andrew Clark, 
Glenbuie. Leader of Praise, David Rodger. Church Officer, John Maitland, 
9 Mill st 

New Parish, Argyle street (hours of worship, 11 a.m and 6.30 pm) —Rev John 
M Dickie, bd. Session Clerk, Dugald Weir. Clerk and Treasurer, Wm Grant. 
Seat-Letters, J A Urquhart and William David. Organist, Arthur S Christie. 
Superintendent of Sabbath School, Frank Montgomerie. Church Officer, Donald 
M'Fie, 36 Bishop st 




'Phone, No. 210. 

James Smith, 

Joiner, Cabinetmaker, 

and Funeral Undertaker, 

15 Bishop' ^street, Rothesay. 

Established over Half a-Century. 

John MacLachlan, 

Successor to SAMUEL THOMPSON), 

Hatter, Hosier, Clothier & General Outfitter, 
67 Montague street. 




:r.A_iDjm.c?JE mma_MjMjS 


Concerts, Socials and Dances. 

J. S. GILLESPIE, Manager. 


Can always be had at the Shops of the 


made at the Weil-Known Bakery of the 

United Co -Operative Baking Society, Limited, 



OFFICI A L?— Rothesay. 

Cbaigmore Parish (St Brendan's), (hours of worship 11 a.m and 6.30 p.m) — 
J Morrell M'William ba. Session-Clerk, M Mackenzie. Clerk to Managers 
and Treasurer, Organist, John Cummiug. Church Officer, — 

Duncan, Logte pi 

United Free Paiush, Castle street (hours of worship, 11 a mand 6.30 pm)— Rev 
Joseph Traill, b d. Session-Clerk, J L Masterton. Clerk to Deacons' Court 
Chas Paterson Treasurer, A Campbell. Seat-Letter, Peter JPArthur. Super- 
intendents of Sabbath Schools, John G Dodds and James Duncan. Organist, 
Robert Campbell, arcv Officer, Robert Young, Castle st 

United West Free, Argyle street (hours of worship, 11am and 6 30 p m) — 
Session Clerk, David Stewart. Clerk to Dea- 
cons' Court, Thos W Doggart. Treasurer, James Smith. Seat-Letter, Andrew 
Hamilton. Superintendent of Sabbath School, Wm Livingston Organist and 
choirmaster, Jas Robertson, jn. Officer, James Hunter, 24 Argyle st 

Chapelhill United Free Gaelic, High street — (hours of worship: English, 11 
a m, and 6-30 p m ; Gaelic (once a month) at 12 30 p m) Rev Charles Mathe- 
son, m a. Session Clerk, Alex M'Nab. Clerk to Deacons' Court, Robert 
M'Farlane. Superintendent of Sabbath School, Alex M M'Nab. Choirmaster, 
Daniel Lamont, jun. Church Officer, J Hay, 18 Bridge st 

Bridgend United Free, Bridgend street (hours of worship, 11 am and 6 - 30 p m 
Rev James Esselmont. Session-Clerk, Alex M'Nab. Preses, A M M'Kinlay.. 
Clerk, George Higgie. Treasurer, Wm Meldrum. Seat-letter, Angus Sutherland 
Superintendent of Sabbath School, Alex M c Nab, Organist, Andrew Love. 
Church Officer, James Pinkerton, Church buildings 

Cbaigmore United Fkee, Crichton road (hours of worship, 11 am and 6.30 p m 
Rev R Clephane Macanna, m a. Session-Clerk, Robert Clunie. Preses, Arch. 
Ewing. Clerk, Alex Ross Thomson. Treasurer, Robert Clunie. Organist, A R 
Thomson. Church Officer. Geo Masey, Glendermot cottage 

Free, Chapelhill, (hours of worship, 11 am and 6 30 p m.) — Rev J|D Ramsay, 
Session-Clerk, Congregational Clerk and Treasurer, 

Church officer, John, 11 Argyle pi 

Baptist, Ardbeg road (hours of worship, 11 am and 6 30 pm) — Rev T S Metrustry 
Superintendent of Sabbath School, George Maitland. Harmoniumist, Mrs Read. 
Church Officer, John M'Lean, 60 High st 

Prayer meetings in connection with some of the Churches on Wednesday evenings 

St Paul's Episcopal, Victoria street. — Established 1838 : Church built in 1854 
and consecrated in 1862.— Hours of service, Sundays, 9, 10, 11 am and 6.30 pm. 
Eucharast, 8 am daily. Evensong, 7 30 pm daily, except Saturdays, 6 pm 
Rector, Rev Malcolm Smith, si A, d,tn. Secretary, B N Detheir. Treasurer 
Miss M Pratt 

St Andrew's Roman Catholic, Columshill street (hours of worship, 8, 9 H 

[during July and August, also at 12] and 7 pm) — Rt Rev Mgr Hugh Cameron. 

Assistant, Rev Duncan M'Lean. Organist, Miss Alice McCarthy. Mass on Holy 

days at 8 and 9 am ; on week days at 8 am 

There is a Chapel at Mountstuart served from Rothesay. Mass on Sundays at 

9 30am: on Holy days at 9 a m 
Ladeside Mission, in connection with the West United Free. Convener, James 
Brown. Sabbath School at 5 pm. Superintendent, Thos M'Dougall. Savings 
Bank, Friday evening at 7.Gospel Temperance Association, Saturdays at 8 pm. 
Evangelistic Services on Sabbath evenings at 6 30. 



John Lamont, 

Family ISread, liiscuit 

- • . and Pastry Baker, 

23 Gallowg'ate, Rothesay, 

Goods Delivered to Port-Bannatyne Daily 


Timber Merchants 
and Saw millers, 

~SJni©n Street, JHEotliesay. 

Goal Department, 

7 Stuart Street^ S&othesay. 

Telegrams, " Halliday, Eothesay." 
Telephones — Sawmills, No. 9. Coal Dept, No. 15. 

Hugh Lauder, 

Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician, 

8 Albert Place (Opposite the Harbour). 

Souvenirs of Bute. Scotch Pebble Jewellery. 

Engagement Rings. Wedding Presents. 

Spectacles and Eye Glasses. 
Jewellery Repaired. 

OFFICIALS— Kothesay Parish and Burgh. 

The Faith Mission, instituted in 1886 for evangelization in small towns and 
country districts. Head-quarters and publishing-office, Edinburgh. Founder, J G 
Govali ; hon. acting director, H E Govan 

The Faith Mission Prayer Union Local Branch, established 1889, for Christian 
fellowship and evangelistic effort, meets in the Good Templar Hall, Tower st 

Salvation Army Citadel, Albert Hall, High st 

Christian Brethren meet in the Gospel Hall, 1 Bridge st, on the Lord's Day 
at 11 a.m and 6 30 pm Also, at the Meeting House, 14 Bridge st 

Advertising and Town Purposes Asssociation — The following are the members 
of the Association for Advertising the Town for 1925 viz. — Chairman, Provost 
Hicks: vice-chairman, ex provosts James M'MUian ; committee, ex-Provost 
Fisher, Bailies Maclachlan and Watson, Dean of Guild D Brown, Treasurer A 
Brown, councillors Meldrum and Jas S M'Millisn, and Messrs A M Boyd, T 
M Clay, Neilson Fyfe, W B Kenneth, Donald Stewart, Donald Sutherland, 
Charles Sweet, A B Terris, Tom Terris and A R Thompson 
Secretary and Treasurer, George M'Lintock, 5 High st 

HOSPITALS — Robertson Stewart, Townhead- Medical Officer, di- Hall. Visiting 
hours, 1 till 3 daily Matron, Annie M'Kenzie, Caretaker, John Weir 

Victoria, High street. — Established and maintained for medical and surgical 
treatment of persons suffering from injuries or non-infectious diseases. — Hon 
President, The Marquis of Bute. Chairman of Committee of Management. 
Sheriff Martin. Hon Secretary-Treasurer, Thomas Maclagan. Matron, Nurse 
Mary M^Callum. During 1924, there were 138 admissions and 200 out-patients 
attended to. The total income for year was £1795; and the expenditure, £1611. 
For particulars for 1924 see annual report. 

The visiting days are : Tuesdays and Thursdays from seven till eight o'clock, and 
Wednesdays and Sundays from three till four o'clock 

Glasgow Western Infirmary — Local Treasurer, J JR Campbell, Clydesdale Bank 

PHYSICIANS.— George Berwick, m d, Ardbeg. Thomas C Christie, M B, ch B, 1 
Battery place. James S Hall, mb, cIib, 10 Battery place. James B Lawson, 
m d, Battery place. John N Marshall, m d, 7 Battery place. David J Penney, 
mb, c m, 25 Battery place 
Veterinary Surgeons, Win Moodie & Son, ircys, Watergate 
Nursing Association — Hon President, Dowager Marchioness of Bute. Presi- 
dent, Marchioness of Bute. Vice-Presidents, Lady Reid, Ardencraig, and Miss 
Helen R Wilson. Chapelhill. Hon Secretary, Mrs J N Marshall. Hon Treasurer, 
Miss Weir, Rullecheddan Nurses, Misses Muir, M'Lean and M'Conechy. The re- 
port for the year ending 31st March, 1925, showed that 368 general and mater- 
nity cases had been nursed, assistauce given at 6 operations and 6467 visits paid 
by the Queen's nurses. 'Under the child welfare scheme, 1567 visits have been 
made. The ordinary income amounted to £527 9s Ogd, and an excess over ex- 
penditure of £47 15s 5d was transferred to general account. 
Casual Sick House, Bishop street. Visiting hours — Sundays, Mondays, Wed- 
nesdays and Saturdays, 3 till 4 pm ; Mondays and Thursdays. 7 till 8. Miss 
E Hamilton, matron. 



Ladies' and Gent/s Tailor, 

Opposite General Post Office. 

Walter Mathers, 

Cabinetmaker and Upholsterer, 

3 Gallowgate and 3 Bridge street. 

House, 2 Bridge Street. 

Carpets Cleaned and Repaired. All Kinds of Suites re-Covered. 
General Jobbing a Speciality, 

Telephone No.— 61, Rothesay. 


(Successor to Peter Leith), 

Dispensing* and 

Photographic Chemist, 

43 Victoria Street, 

and PortBannatyne. 

Alex. Campbell, 

Accountant, House Factor, Insurance Agent, 

Auctioneer and Valuator, 

29 Watergate. 

Auction Sales Conducted in Town and Country. Furniture stored. 
V \luations Effected and Insurance Claims Adjusted on Every Description of Property 
—Heritable and Moveable — on Reasonable Terms. 
Furniture Bought and Sold. 

OFFICIALS— Rothesay. 

WRITERS. — David Arnot, 35 High st. Win Grant, Castle st. J Scrimgeour 
Hepburn, Eaglesham, Mountpleasant rd. Macbeth & Maclagan, Castle st James 
Rose, llb, ws, Castle st Robert D Whyte, Castle st. Wilson & Alexander, np, 
Castle st. 

BANES — Bank of Scotland, Guildford square : J L Masterton, agent 
Bute Savings, Castle street : John M c Callum, actuary 
Clydksdale, Guildford square: John R Campbell, agent 
Royal, Victoria street: Andrew Thorburn, agent 
British Linen, 64 Montague street — William Grant, agent. 

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. — Rothesay Academy and Thomson Institute' 
Rector, Alexander G Burgess, ma, fei s., d sc. 

Higher Grade School — Annie M Douglas; Ann H Larg, ma (hons); William 
M'Birse m a; (hons); T N Macllvarey M A (hons); (science), George Bruce : 
E S Matthew, m a (hons) ; Julia M Edgar, M a ; George T Scott , A k c a ; J 
W Chapman, ma (hons); Mary Smith, ma; Mary Gordon, ma and AR M'Phail 

Primary School : Infant Division — Annie M Douglas and Annie D B M'Crone 
Mrs Green, Misses Duff and Anderson 
Junior Division — Eliz M Montgomerie 
Senior Division—John R Cattanach,MA 

Music — Arthur S Christie. Cookery and Sewing— Denise Milligan. Singing, Jas 
MArthur, Ac. Gymnastics — Elsie Squair. Janitor, Norman Lamont. 

Public Infant and Elementary School — Headmaster, Ths W Doggart, Wm 
Livingston, Wma S Tulloch, Kate SI Whyte, Mrs Campbell and Misses Wright, 
M'Farlane, Mackinnon, May, Smith, Stewart, Davidson, Funnell, Calder and 

Supplmentary — Headmaster, Harry J G Ross, ma, John M'Donald, Misses Lyle, 
J N Guthrie, Anderson and Cadger Woodwork and Drawing, J L Strachan 

Cookery and Domestic Science, Grace I Menzies 

Pianoforte, George Dryden. Singing, James MArthur 

Janitors, John Allan and Geo Brown Attendance officer, J Duncan 

St Andrew's R C School — H S Hnglies (head master), Mrs Starrs, and Misses 
Courtney, Gough, Rooney and Morris. Singing, James MArthur 

Norman Stewart Institute, Montague street, erected by former townsmen (who re- 
membered their native place while prospering abroad) at a cost of about £10,000, 
for the benefit of working men and women. Chairman of Directors, Provost 
E R Macmillan. Committee of Management— Sherifl Martin (chairman), Pro- 
vost Macmillan, Revs Joseph Traill, J D Ramsay, Messrs M R Gray Buchanan- 
Jas Smith and Geo Hicks. Librarian, Margt M'Crone 
Secretary and Treasurer, Wm Grant. Janitor, James Brooks 

Rothesay Horticultural Society. — President, Provost M'Millan. Secretary and 
Treasurer, George C MTvinnon, 24a Columshill st 

Joint Stock Companies Tramway Co (Limited) — Chairman, P N Gray, 

Secretary, J S Rowe. General manager, Archibald Robertson. Assistant mana- 
ger and engineer, Frank R Stinson 

D 49 


Bute Arms Hotel 




THIS FIRST-CLASS HOTEL is the Largest and Best- 
Appointed, and occupies the Most Central Position in 
Rothesay. It is Well-Known for its Comfort, Excellent Cuisine, 
and Moderate Tariff. 
Nearest Hotel to the Golf Course. 

Sanitary Arrangements Perfect. 

Telephone No. 14. 

WILLIAM WATSON, Proprietor. 

C. M'Connell & Co., 

iffilliners and ladies' Outfitters, 

21 Montague street. 

The Newest and Most Fashionable Goods, 

Comprising Ladies' and Children's Underclothing, Hosiery, Gloves, Wool, Furnishings 


M'Connell & M'Carthy, 

(Branch from 21 Montague Street), 

Ladies' and Children's Outfitters, 

59 Montague street. 

Specialists in Ladies' Corsets and Hosiery. 

OFFrOIA.L^ — Joint Stock Companies, Publications, Fire Brigade. 

Carriage Hiking and 'Bus Co — M'Kirdy & M'Millan, Ltd — Chairman, 
Arch Robertson. Secretary, W C King. Manager, James M'Millan 

Craigmore Pier Co — Chairman, Matthew Duncan. Secretary, James Mac- 
kinnon. Piermaster, captain Peter M'Kellar 

Clyde Entertainments Coy, Ltd, 1924.— Secretary, James Carswell, Rothesay 
Manager, New Empire Bail-Room, J H Shaw 

George Halliday, Limited — Chairman and Managing Director, George Halliday, 
Secretary, Malcolm Halliday. Solicitors, Russell & Duncan 

Glenburn Hydropathic Co Ltd — Visiting Physician, Dr Marshall. Secretary) 
J. Eckford Wallace, c A, 18 Alva street, Edinburgh 

J & A Martin, Limited, Carriage Hirers. — Chairman, Duncan Brown. Secre- 
tary, Miss Kennedy. Manager, Alex Martin 

Theatre de Luxe— Fred R Burnette, proprietor. 

The Buteman, Limited — Chairman, Sir John Reid, Ardencraig. Secretary and 
Manager, Charles M Stevenson, Buteman office 

The Palace Cinema Ltd. — Managing Director, Jas S Gillespie. Secretary, G 
M' Lintock 

Scottish Mica Co.. Ladeside, Rothesay. — Wm H Findlay, mica merchant, 98 High 
st. A G Bain, c A, 55 West Regent st, Glasgow 

PUBLICATIONS — The Buteman and West Coast Chronicle (Unionist), l£d weekly, 

published every Friday evening by Buteman, Ltd., Castle street — Chas M Steven- 
son, manager 
Rothesay Express, Id weekly, published every Tuesday evening by M Mackenzie, 

Montague street 
Bute County Directory, 3s (2s to subscribers), postage 3d, published annually 

in July by Higgie & Co, Bridge street 
Bonnie Scotland's Resorts, 4d, 6d and Is, published by Higgie & Co, Bridge st 
The Coast Guide, Memorandum Book and Register, 2d, published by Higgie & 

Co, Bridge street 
Belega Skotlando, an adaptation of the above into Esperanto (the first guidebook 

printed in the International Language). 2d. Higgie & Co. 
Boni Skotland, in Pitman's Phonetic Longhand, adopted from the foregoing, and is 
published in commemoration of Sir Isaac Pitman's Centenary. 2d.' Higgie & Co 
Is Esperanto Worth Learning ? By Bernard Long, b a. 4d and 10 cents. — 

Higgie and Co. A 

SKOTLANDA PEJZAGO [Scottish Scenery] Typical Views from Photographs, 
. with Descriptions in English and Esperanto. Is. Higgie & Co. 
• La ENAMigo de la Nacioj (the Courtship of the Nations), (brochurets containing 

articles written, in Esperanto (the international language) by persons in all the 

civilised countries of the world. Id. Higgie & Co. 
Official Guide, Published by the Advertising Committee. Price, 6d. Supplied 

free to non-residents on receipt of three penny stamps for postage, from George 

M'M'Lintock, architect, Rothesay 
Guide to Rothesay and the Island of Bute, 2d annually, Buteman Ltd 

Fire Brigade. — Firemaster, Alex Stephen, Master of Works; captain, T Noble, 
lid High st ; J Hislop, 40 Mountplrasant rd : A M x Fie, 66 Montague st ; D 
M f Fie, 177 High st ; J Gillies, 20 Ladeside; Rankiu Harper, 3 King st; John 
Paterson, 31 Columshill st; Dan Hyndman, 17 Bishop st; M Buchanan, Bell- 
field, Barone rd ; D Campbell, 20 Russell st ; A Brown, 3 Bishop teirace brae: 
and J Gillies, 28 Montague st, driver 




Boys', Youths' and Gent's, Clothier, 
Outfitter, Hosier and Hatter, 
25 Victoria street, Rothesay. 


23 East Princes Street. 

^Erated Waters and High-Class Ices 

Confections from Best Makers. High Teas. 
Special Fish Suppers on Saturday Evenings. 

Large Saloon at Back. 

William M. Heaton, Jun. 

Established 1857. Telephone No. 66. 

D. C, MURRAY & CO., 

decorators, gRIafters, anU picture Jframe Jfflafeers, 
86 Montague street. 

Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Paperhangings. 
Glass, Polished and Rough Plate, Embossed and Ornamental, ^Silvered Mirrors, 
Sheet Glass, Lend Lattice Work, Picture Mouldings, Memorial Wreaths, 
Shades and Stands. 

Glasgow and West of Scotland Society 


Prevention of Cruelty 


THE SOCIETY has, during the Season, an'Officer intRothesay for the purpose of in- 
quiring and investigating into all ACTS of CRUELTY to ANIMALS throughout 
the Counties of Argyll and Bute. Complaints left at the Police Office will receive 
immediate attention 


OFFICIALS — Rothesay Company and Society Office-Bearers. 

Friendly & Benefit Societies — Free and Accepted Masons. — Prov. G. Lodge of 
Argyll and the Isles— P G M, Fred Waller Fell Clark, Glen Caladh. P G M D, 
Colonel J D Maclachlan, cmg, dso. S P G M, very Rev Charles Presley Smith, 
Dean of Argyll and the Isles, Oban. Chaplains, Rev Henry Guy Sclater and Rev 
P Borrowman. P G Secretary, W Dunlop Brown, County Buildings, Eothesay; 
assistant. Archd M'Nicol, Bay View, William st, Dunoon. Treasurer, Thomas 
M Clay, Rothesay 

Lodge "Rothesay St John," No.292, Established 1821 — Meets in Masonic Templa 1 ' 
Chapelhill road, on 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month from September till April 
— RWM, George M M'Lintock. Secretary, John Holmes, Montague st, Trea- 
surer, D Brown Tyler, John M'Ewan 

Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Argyll and the Isles. — Grand Superin- 
tendent, Archibald Lang, Glasgow; P G Scribe E, Wm MTnnes, Duuoon ; P G 
Treasurer, A G Macdonald 

4 'St Blane's" Royal Arch Chapter, No. 163 — Meets in Masonic Temple, Chapelhill 
road, on second Monday of each month from September till March.— 1st Principal, Z, 
John M'Lachlan ; 2nd Principal, H, Aroh Dewar ; 3rd Principal, J, John Wat- 
son. Scribe E, Harry Graham, 33 High st Scribe N, Frank Dewar, Treasurer, 
Arch Campbell. Janitor, David Donaldson 

Cryptic Council.— T I M, John Maclachlan. D M, . P C W, Alex 

Mackinnon. Recorder, Reginald Bryan Treasurer, Colin Kerr 

Order of Eastern Star. — '' Duchess of Rothesay" Chapter No. 15. — Instituted 
November, 1905. — Meets in the Masonic Temple, on the fourth Monday of each 
month from September till May. Matron, Miss Helen R Meikle Patron, Robert 
Finlay. Secretary, Miss Annie Yates, Ardbeg rd Treasurer, Miss Bessie Ken- 
nedy. Sentinel, David Donaldson 

Ancient Order of Foresters — Greenock, Bute, and Argyll District — Meets 
half-yearly for business on last Fridays in April and October. Secretary, J W 
Graham, Library buildings, Greenock 

Court "Bote" No 5630 — Meets in the Foresters' Hall every alternate Wednesday, — 
C R, William David. Treasurer, Thomas Napier. Secretary, Geo MTintock. 
Medical Officer, Dr Penney The balance at the credit of the sick and funeral 
and smaller funds is over £2200 

Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds (Ashton Unity)— "Lord Bute" Lodge 
No 2091 — Meets every alternate Wednesday in the Lesser Good Templar Hall — 
Secretary. John Paterson, 31 Columshill st. Treasurer, G S Oliphant, 

Sons of Temperance — "Rothesay's Effort" Division, No 467 — Amalga- 
mated with Grand Lodge, Glasgow 

Independent Order of Good Templars— District Lodge of Bute and Cowal, 

No 13— D C T, M L M f Nab, Rothesay. D S, Hugh Peacock, Kirn. T) T, Alx 

M'Nab, Rothesay 
"George Stephenson" Lodge, No 122 — Meets in Good Templar Hall, Tower 

street, on Tuesdays at 8 pm — Chief Templar, Mrs M'Couuell. L D, A M'Nab. 

Secretary, M L M'Nab. Treasurer, A M'Nabsen 
"Rothesay's Freedom" Lodge, No 228 — Meets in the Good Templar Hall, 

Tower street, on Thursdays at 8 pm — Chief Templar, Mrs Cook. Secy, Js Symes 
li Hope of Bute" Juvenile Lodge, No 252 — Meets in the Good Templar Hall, 

Tower street, on Tuesdays at 7 p m — Superintendent, Mrs Sinclair 


Established over 50 Years. 

I. "WE IB, 


71 Montague street. 

Extra Large Stock of Ready-Mades. 

Head-Quarters of All Kinds of Coast Shoes. 

Arthur gwanston & Son, 

Family Grocers, ------ 

- - - Wine & Spirit Merchants, 


and 2 Bishop Street. 

Next General Post Office. 

Established 18i5. 

Margaret M'L. Higgle, 

(Mrs R. Nicholson, Successor to Miss M'Lea), 

Dressmaker, and Costumier, 

20 Bridge street. 

Trimmings, Linings and Furnishings Kept in Stock, 
'phone, Glasgow, Central, 242S. 


(Successor to the late James Henry), 

Glasgow and Rothesay Carrier, 



Head \ ^ Mitchell Street, 

) 62 Argyle street, 1 103 Montague street, 

quarters j 31 Hdtcheson Street & One Stair ud 

\ 65 Osborne Street. I c l 

Prompt Delivery and Despatch of all Goods under Personal Supervision. 

OFFICIALS— Rothesay Society Office-Bearers. 

Independent Ordkr of Rechabites — " Hope of Bute" Tent, No. 2325, — 
Meets in St Paul's hall, Dean Hood place on alternate Mondays of each month 
Chief Ruler, . Secretary, Robt Ferrier, 8 Wyndham park, Ardbeg 

Treasurer, James Hyndman 
Juvenile Tent, '' Duke of Rothesay," No 1273. — Superintendent, 

Rothesay Charity Organisation Society and Civic Guild — Instituted 2919. 
to ameliorate the condition of the poor, repress mendacity, and expose impos- 
ture. — President, ex-Provost Macmillan, hon Secretary, Rev J M Dickie, New 
Parish manse. Hon Treasurer, Andrew Thorburn, Royal bank. 

Rothesay Citizens' Union — President, . Secretary, Rev R C 

Macan»a. Literature Secy, George Maitland 

Women's Freedom League, meets in the Stewart Institute on the last Wednesday of 
each month — President, Miss Mry Park. Secretary, MissGilmour, 5 Victoria st 
British Womkn's Temperance Association. — President, Mrs Watson, Secretary, 
Mrs Ma ; tland. Treasurer, Mrs Andrews 

TRADE Societies — Building Trades' Federation — Convener, James M x Bride 

Amalgamated Carpenters' and Joiners' Society — President, Alex M'Gaw 
Secretary, Alex M'Neill. Treasurer, Wm M f Fie 

Boarding House Keepers' Association.— Chairman, ex- provost M'Millan. Sec- 
retary, Geo M'Lintock 

Carters' and Motormens' Society -Secretary, Councillor Lang, Glasgow 

Co-Opertativr Sooiety. — Chairman, Robert H Wood. Secretary and Manaager, 
John Brand 

Independent Labour Party— President, W L Mann. Secretary, John Smith, 
86 Montague st. Treasurer, Mrs Mann 

Master Bakers' Society' — President, Charles Muir. Secretary, A Brown 

Merchants' Association — President, John Gillies. Secretary and Treasurer, 
Wm Meldrum 

Newsagents' Association. — President, Thos M Clay. Secretary, Andrew Buch- 
anan. Treasurer, 

Operatic Society— President, John Cattenach. Secretary and Treasurer, Ken- 
neth M'Kay Conductor, Arthur S Christie 

Operative Painters' Society — President, Charles Marsh : Secretary, Frank Bell, 
Logie pi 

Property Owners' Association —Chairman, John M Lamont. Secretary, Duncan 
Dewar, Castle st 

Scottish Typographical Association — Rothesay Branch — President, Wm 
M r Kay. Secretary and Treasurer, James Whitelaw 

Mutual Improvement. — New Rothesay Literary Association, established 1906.— 
Meets in the Masonic Temple on Thursday evenings from October till March, 
Hon President, Rev Jhn M Dickie, bd. President, H R Keay, Secretary, Hope 
Bruce. Treasurer, Miss Bessie Watson 
Young Men's and Women's Literary Society, meets in West U F Church Hall — 
Hon President, Rev W G Taylor. President, K M'Kay. Secretary, Arch Morri- 
son. Treasurer, Leila Camphell 



High Grade Ladies' 
and Gent's. Tailor. 

ald Sutherland' 

Men's Wear 
10 GALLOWGATE. Specialist. 

81 Victoria Street. 
Expert Service given in the Daintily-Appointed Rooms. 

BEAUTY CULTURE.— Face Massage, Electrolysis. Manicure, Bobbing, 

Shingljng, Marcel and Water Waving, Shampooing and Hairdressing 



Telephone, 9S. 

House — 17 Argyle Terrace. 'Phone, No. 192. 

Slaters and Plumbers, 


No Table should be without our Dainty Tea Bread and Cakes. 

Baker and Confectioner, 


Wedding Cakes Made to Order on the Shortest Notice. 

Marriiige, Christening and Birthday Cakes Tastefully Ornamented. 

Rothesay — Kothesay Society Office-Bearers 

Young Men's Christian Association and Fellowship Union — Meets in Tower st 
hall, every Sabbath morning at 10 o'clock. President, Thomas M'Dougall; Secre- 
tary Wm M'Kay, Mount-pleasant; Treasurer, Wm M'Kechnie 

Young Womens' Christian Association — Institute, Battery place— Senior Branch 
meets every Tuesday : Junior Branch, every Monday. Girls' Club, Wednes- 
days, Thursdays and Fridays from October to March. President, Mrs Traill, 
Secretary, Mrs John Watson. Warder and Club Leader, Miss Drummond 

Boys' and Girls' Religious Society— Meets in Tower Street Hall, every Sabbath 
at 11 a m. Supported by voluntary contributions— President, Jn Watson. Secre- 
tary, Helen Stewart. Treasurer, 

Comrades of the Great War — Rothesay Branch Ltd.— Club Eooms, 17 
Montague st -- President, Major Andrew M M'Kinlay td, Secretary, Jas R 

British Lkgion Branch — Chairman, A C M'Lean, Secretary D Small ; Trea- 
surer, Wm Burgoyne 

Boys' Brigade — 1st Rothesay Company meets in the Drill Hall, on Friday even- 
ings for drill only. Captain, Alex G Dobbie. Sunday Bible class at 3 30 

Boys' Scouts — Local Committee - Chairman, Major M'Kinlay. Secretary, Major 
Peacock No. 1 Troup, head quarters, New Drill hall, Broadcroft lane — Scout- 
master, Wm Gillies Treasurer, Major Peacock Secretary, Rbt M'Nab 

Girl Guides — See County List, page 32. 

SPORTS and Pastimes — Golf Courses: Municipal, East Burgh Lands, opened 
May, 1908, Green-keeper, Duncan Barr 
Golf Club — Captain, J R Cattanagh. Secretary and Treasurer, Chs MTellan 
Bowling Clubs. — Rothesay — Green, Ballochgoy. Chairman of Directors, ex-Bailie 
Buchanan. President, Provost Hicks. Secretary and Treasurer, And Clark. 
Green Secretary, Wm Sprowl Green-keeper, Robt M'Kellar 
Ardbeg and Port-Bannatyne — Green, Wyndham park — Chairman of Directors' 
A K Lauder; President, James Love ; Secretary, Geo M'Lintock; Greenkeepen 
Andrew Davidson 
Curling Club — President, capt Geo Miller. Secretary, W Dunlop Brown Treas, 
Alex Walker 
Lawn Tennis — Corporation Courts, the Meadows— ^Overseer, John Haig 

Ardbeg Courts — Secretary, Edward Mathew, Wyndham rd Treasurer, Jk Somers 

Craigmore Courts— Caretaker, Captain M'Kellar, Pier 

Bute Junior Foolball Association — President, J J Boyle Secretary, A B 

Football Clubs. — Athletic. Comrades. Royal Victoria St Blane's. &c. 
There are several trophies and prizes competed for annually among the members of 
the various clubs. The principal of these are the following : — 
Prize. Presented by — 

Bowling — Buteshire County Cup, Mr Malcolm Weir, Rulliecheddan 

., Do. County Cup & Badges ex-provost James M'Millan 

, , Rothesay Club Champion Cup 

,, Ardbeg Championship Cup, 

„ Freemasonic Trophy Brother Fred Walter Fell Clark, P GM 
Football — Knockdhu Charity Cup, sir Norman Lamont, Knockdhu. 
,, Salvesen Shield, Lord Sal vesen, k c 
,, Buteshire Juvenile Cup ex -Bailie John Lyle, Lome Hotel 
, Lawrie Rose Bowl, Bailie J M Lawrie, Rothesay 
, Buteshire Junior Cup, 


Phone, No. 101Y1, 


IliATER and 


31 Bridge Street. 


Bookseller, Stationer, and 

Fancy Goods Merchant, 

49 Montague Street. 

Souvenirs of Rothesay a Speciality. 
Phone, 28. 


(A. Munro, Licensed), 

Wholesale and Family Wine IYIepenant, 

and Dealer in Old Seoten WhisKies 

2-6 Tower Street. 

This is the only Business in Rothesay which is exclusively that of Family Wine 
Merchants and Spirit Dealers, Wholesale and Retail. 

Established 1878. Telephone No, 110. 





81 Montague Street, 

Where you will get a Choice Variety of Fresli Goods at City Prices. 
The Famed Warehouse for Genuine Value, First-Class Quality and Keenest Prices. 
A Trial Order Solicited. Orders Called for and Delivered Daily. 

Fairs, Holidays, Communications and Postal Arrangements. 

Prize Donor. 

Golf— Sheriff Martin Trophy, Sheriff Martin, Rothesay, 

, Firth of Clyde Trcphy, 

Putting Green — Macmillan Cup, provost E R Macmillan Rothesay 

Shinty — "Buteman" Cup, The late Joseph D Wilson, Rothesay. 

,, Macrae Cup, - Lady Colin MacRae, Colintraive. 

,, Ballimore Cup, Lieut-colonel MacRae-Gilstrap, Ballimore 

,, Juvinile Cup, - Lady Margaret MacRae, Colintraive 

,, Duncan Trophy, Ninian Duncan, Little Kilmory 

,, Lawrie Cup, - J M Lawrie, Rothesay 

,, Campbell Cup, - Arch Campbell, Rothesay. 

,, Camanachd Cup, - Daniel Shaw, Rothesay. 

Fairs — Thursday before 28th May (hiring), third Wednesday and Thursday in July 
Brux Day (horse), Thursday before 28th November (hiring), and Thursday before 
Kilbarchan December Fair (horse). [The first Wednesday in May and last Wed- 
nesday in October used to be the dates of fairs, and are still published in some re- 
ference books, but they are obsolete] 

Holidays — New Year's Day, Victoria Day, Brux Day Fair (15th and 16th July) 
and Thursday, 14th Sept. First Wednesdays in November, December, February 
and March are merchants' holidays. From October till June, Wednesday aftei- 
noons are shopkeepers' holidays 

Fast Days — Thursdays before first Sabbath in May, and fourth Sabbath in October 

Communications — Steamers ply several times daily to the mainland via Wemyss Bay, 
Gourock, Greenock, and Craigendoran, in communicating with Glasgow and all 
parts; also daily to the Kyles to Ardrishaig. In Summer, steamers ply regu- 
larly to Arran, Campbeltown and Inveraray, and irregularly to all the surround- 
ing ports. Electric cars run to Port-Banna'yne and Ettrick Bay, and Bnses to 
Mountstuart and Kilchattan Bay several times a day 

Postal Arrangements. — Post Office, Bishop street. Postmaster, W Roy 
Despatches at 7 30, 10 (west), and 10 15 a m, 2 and 4 pm. Extra during Season, 

6 15 arid 7pm Sats 
Deliveries — 8 and 10 30 am and 5 pm. (From October till May the 5pm delivery 

is suspended, but letters can be called for at the head office between 5 and 6) 
Money Orders issued and paid from 8am till 7 pm. 
Savings Bank — Deposits received do. do. 

Postal Orders issued and paid do. do. 

Telephone Call Office open from Sam till 7pm On Sundays from 9 till 10 am 

When Public Office is closed, calls may be made from Night Call Office (side door 

entrance in Bishop st.) 
Telegraph Office open on week days from 8am till 7 p m. Sundays, 9 till 10 a m, 
Ardbeg road (Telegraph, 8 a m till 7 pm). Despatches to suit Rothesay. Postal, 

Money Order, and Savings Bank business from 9 am till 7 pm No Sunday service. 
Craigmore Pier (T S O ) — Despatches to suit Rothesay arrangements. Telegraph, 

9 am till 7pm Postal, Money Order, and Savings Bank business. No Sunday 

Sub-Post Offices at Columshill street and Gallowgate for the sale of stamps and sale, 

and payment of postal orders 
Additional Letter Poxes at Argyle place, Ballochgoy, Columshill street, Cragie- 

lea, Crichton road, Fergusson place, Guildford square, High street. Mill street, 

Mountpleasant, Mountstuart road, Orcadia, the Pier. Serpentine road Golf, 

Course, and Rosemount, Barone road 


'Phone, 71, Rothesay. 



On Admiralty List. 


Yaeht, Motor-Launch, 
and Boat Builder, 

Joiner, Painter, 

& Chandler, 


High Class Work - - 

at Moderate Prices. 

Yachts and Launches hauled up for 
- - - - Wintering and Repairs 
or Moored Afloat in the Bay. 

First-Class Storage for Spars, Sails, 
Boats and Gear. 
Petrol and Lubricating Oils. 

Motors Installed and Repaired by Skilled Mechanics. 

'Phone, No 224 Rothesay. 



O^P <&***$$ «fcS* c>^» 




Parish of North Bute. 

THIS is the northern portion of the island of Bute. Port-Bannatyne, its principal 
village, is two and a-half miles from Rothesay, with which it is connected by tram- 
way. Kames Castle, in the vicinity, is said to be the oldest inhabited castle in the 
country, and was the ancient seat of the Bannatynes. The village was named after 
that family— two brothers of whom (John and Gilbert) — received a charter from King- 
Robert the Bruce, for services rendered at Bannockburn. 

At the 1921 census,-(taken in June instead of April) the parish contained 120i 
males and 1529 females — total, 2730. 

For Number of voters on the roll, see Connty information. 

(For Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, and County 
Boards, see County Lists). 

Assessments for 1923-24 — Proprietors: Poor rate, 3d 12-16ths; registration, 2-16th 
burial, 2-16ths; school rate, 8d 10-16ths ; special parish, 3-16ths 

Tenants; Poor rate, 3d 12-16ths ; registration, 2-16ths; burial, 9-16ths ; school, 
8d 10-16ths; special, 3-16ths 

Registrar, Archd Brown ) In 1923 there were 20 births. 4 marriages and 17 deaths 
Asst, Miss Jenny T Brown J ,,1922 „ 21 „ 5 „ 16 „ 

CHURCHES. — North Bute Parish (hours of worship: Crockanrae, 1 30 pm; St 
Ninian's 11 a m and 6 30 p m) — Minister, Rev Peter Dewar, m a. Session Clerk, 
Jas P Malcom. Superintendent of Sabbath School, Chas S Speirs. Precentor 
(Crock-an rae), George Welsh. Harmoniumist (St Ninian's), George Dryden, sen 
Church Officer, Win Jardine, Castle st 

North Bute United Free Church, Port-Bannatyne (hours of worship,ll a m 
and 6 30 pm) — Minister, Rev Jas W Girvan. Session Clerk, Archd Brown 
Clerk of Deacons' Court, John Black Treasurer, Peter Finlay. Central Fund 
Treasurer, Miss Brown. Superintendent of Sabbath School, Rev Jas W Girvan 
Organist, Sydney Darling, arco. Church Officer, Wm Stewart, Buckingham ter 
Convener of Seat Letting, Miss Currie Post office. 

PARISH Council — James P Malcom (chairman), John Alexander, John Currie, 
Wm Dallas, Ninian Duncan, Colin M'Callum, and Hugh K Orr. Inspector 
and Collector, Archd Brown 

Schools — Port-Bannatyne Public — Mistresses, Misses Hendry and Shearer 
Ballianlay, Miss Hogarth, mistress 
Kildavannan, Miss Blaikie, mistress 
For Educational Authority, see County Section. 






TION are conducted during the two Winter Quarters — 
October till December and January till March. 


SllOPthand continues to be taught with a view to its subsequent useful- 
ness in Business and Professionally. 

In Typewriting" special attention is devoted to Punctuation and Capital- 
isation — a thorough knowledge of which is absolutely necessary in Practical Printing 
and cannot longer be neglected by those aspiring to be First-Class Typists. ' 

EspeP&n.tO. — This wonderful International Language is already used for 
Business and Pleasure in all parts of the world. Mr Higgie is in touch with import- 
ant regions all over the world, and regularly corresponds with persons everywhere 
1 — notwithstanding their different national languages. 

This auxiliary language anticipates the happy time when there will be ' ' Peace 
on earth and good will to men," which is coming yet in spite of the present times of 
t great tribulation" — caused by covetousness, selfishness, greed, and wanton hindrance 
io peaceful re-construction. The efficacy of the International language in tracing miss- 
no friends and making new ones has been and is being repeatedly evidenced. 

Anticipating the boom in International Trading after the World War, experi- 
ments by means of inter-correspondence in Esperanto are being made by business firms 
throughout the world with eminently satisfactory results. It is not the tyrants but the 
"meek who shall inherit the earth." The blatant, self-righteous and arrogant despots 
were beaten, but Righteousness is yet to be exalted, and fri^htfulness loathed. The 
longed-for League of Nations is evolving, when harmony and good- will shall yet reign 
in spite of all present discord and opposition — but not without many sacrifies, much 
tervice and suffering. Prosperity will not come through desiring something for no- 
thing, but through universal patient industry for the public good. 

Book-Keeping 1 . — Instruction given in Book-Keeping and other Up-to- 
Date Business Methods. Advertisement Writing is a Present Day Enviable Pro- 
fession, and the ground-work and minutis have long been familiar to Mr Higgie, a 
practical Printer. 

are known, read and appreciated throughout the whole civilised world. Many of the 
contributions are written by up-to-date foreigners. 

22 Bridge Street, Rothesay. 

OFFICIALS -North Bute. 

Public Companies, Societies, etc. — Kamesburgh Gas Light Company — Chairman 
David Baird. Secretary, John M Lamont. Collector James Wilson! 
Kyles of Bute Hydropathic Establishment -Chairman, A E Brown, tp 
Secretaries, D Hill Jack & Son, 141 West George st, Glasgow. Manageress 
Miss Valentine 

Port-Bannatyne Pier Coy, Ltd.; Office, Rothesay Pier. Chairman, 

. Secretary, Arch Meikle. Piermaster, Gilbert M'Kellar 
North Bute Golf Cub— President, Wm Brownie. Secretary, John Currie. Treasurer 

Arch Brown Green-keeper, Wm Seivewright 
North Bute Shinty Club — President, Thomas Lochhead 
I.O.G.T. — Lodge " North Bute" No 649 — In abeyance 
North Bute Literary Society — In abeyance 
North Bute Liberal, Club, West End House — President, A Hogarth. Secretary, 

and Treasurer, D McMillan, j'-n 
North Bute Unionist Association — President, Wm Dallas. Treasurer, Jms 

Wilson Secretary, Lachlan Cook 
War Savings' Association — Chairman, John M Lamont. Secretary and Treas., 

L Cook, Iona pi 
1st Port Bannatyne Camp Boys' Brigade, meets in the United Free Church 

hall on Fridays. 
Girl Guides, meets in St Ninian's Hall on Monday evenings — Captain, 

M'Fie; Lieut, Lala Campbell 
Govan Combination Convalescent Home, Stewarthall — Nurse Thomson, matron 

Fast Days — Thursdays before first Sabbath in May, and fourth in October 

Postal Arrangements — Sub-Postmistress, Miss J. Currie, Port-Bannatyne 

— Despatches to all parts, via Rothesay, at 5 30, 9 15 a m, 12 55, 3 25, 5 30 

and 6 15 p m. (Summer only). 
Deliveries from all parts via Rothesay, about 10 15 a m, and 2 and 5 30pm 

Telegrams received and despatched from 9 am till 7 pm. 

Postal, Money Order and Savings Bank. No attendance on Sundays 


57 Marine Road, Port-Bannatyne. 

All Our Goods Sold at Keenest City Prices. 
A Visit will he esteemed. 


TIME. Under the appropriate heading, 

"A Wasted Year," 

there appeared, on 3rd May, 1924, a Special Article in the 
Evening Citizen, Glasgow, showing that this is the time lost 
in the life of every child in Britain while acquiring the ir- 
regular and inconsistent spelling of our language. 

The Simplified Speling Society is promoting a 
petition to present to the Prime Minister, calling for the 
appointment of a Royal Commission — including Scholars, 
Teachers, Men of Letters and Men of Business — to consider 
the whole question, and report. 

Experiments already made by enthusiasts have proved 
eminently satisfactory, and shows how much valuable time 
will be saved for other studies by the removal of the speling 

The Speling Reformers include all classes of the people, 
and the question is not a party one. 

The Simplified Speling Society of Great Britain, and 
the Speling Reform Association of U. S. A., have issued 
the first number of a joint quarterly journal, " Speling." 

Shorthand could not be written without a Reformed and Phonetic Alphabet. 

Parish of Kingarth. 

THIS parish is rich in ecclesiastical history. The Irish Bishop, St Cattan, landed 
here in the year 439. He was uncle of the famous St Blane. The parish includes 
the popular village of Kilchattan Bay, which is about seven miles from Rothesay, and 
hiss regular connection by steamer and 'bus. The population in 1891 was 1062 ; in 
1901, 1056; in 1911, 967 ; and in 1921, 644 males ; 836 females; total, 1480 

(For Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, and County Boards, 
see County Lists). 

Assessments, 1924-25 — Poor rate, education, and registration, 1/2 per £1 on owners, 
and Is 2d on tenants 

Registrar, W T Esplin, (During 1923 there were 11 births, 6 marriages and 10 deaths 
Schoolhouse. | 1924 „ 9 „ 1 „ 10 „ 

CHURCHES — Parish (Hour of Worship, 12 o'clock noon) — Minister, Rev John 
Saunders, bd Session-Clerk and Superintendent of Sabbath Schools, Rev John 
Saunders. Precentor, James Logan. Church Officer, W Stewart 

United Free, Ascog (Hours of Worship, 1115 am and 6 30 p m) Minister and 
Superintendent of Sabbath Schools, Rev A R Cowie. Organist, 
Church Officer, A S Dobbie, Rothesay 

United Free, Kilchattan Bay (Hours of Worship, 12 noon and 6 30 p m.) Mini- 
ster, Rev J Townsley, m a. Session-Clerk, Thos Gilmour. Organist, Miss J 
Morrison Church Officer, Wm Fisher 

PARISH COUNCIL — Mountstuart District —George K Baillie, Robert M'Alister 
and Alex Lyon. Kilchattan Bay District — Wm B Crawford, farmer; Thomas 
M r Chire ; Thos Gilmour ; and Wm Crawford, hotelkeeper (chairman) ; Repre- 
sentative to County Council, Ths Gilmour. Inspector and Collector, W T Esplin 

SCHOOLS — Kingarth Public — W T Esplin, master Miss Massie, mistress 
Kerrycroy Public — 

For Educational Authority, see County Section. 

Kilchattan Bay Pier Company (Limited) — Chairman, George Baillie. Secretary 
and Treasurer, W T Esplin. Piermaster, Malcolm Kelso 

Total Abstinence Society meets on Fridays at 8 p.m. in the U F Church Hall. 

Coates Free Library', Public School, Kingarth — Secretary and Librarian, Wm T 

Tub Lie Library', Kerrycroy — 

"Agnes Patrick" and " Stevenson" Home, Ascog, in connection with Glasgow s 
Poor Children's Fresh-Air Fortnight Scheme — Matrons, Misses Clarke and 
Anderson. Hon. Secretary, T Thornton Mackeith, 82 Mitchell street, Glasgow 

E 65 

































• ■■* 











OFFICIALS— Kingarth. 

Bute Golf Club, the oldest course in the island, beautifully situated along Quochag 
shore — Captain, Win Crawford Secretary and Treasurer, Win T Esplin, the 
Schoolhouse. Visitors admitted 

St Blane's Bowling Club —Secretary and Treasurer, Duncan Bell, jun 

Kingarth Bowling Club— Wm Crawford, Hotel 

Kilchattan P»y Tennis Club— Secy and Treas, John C Morrison, P 

Fast Days — Thursdays before first Sabbath in May and fourth in October 
Postal Arrangements — Kingarth, Sub-Postmaster, R M'Fie, joiner. 

Sale of stamps and postal orders 
Kilchattan Bay, Sub-Postmistress, Mrs Morrison. Box closes, 8"25 am. and 2 45 pm 
Despatches to all parts via Rothesay, about 8 30am and 3 pm. 
Delivery from all parts via Rothesay, about 11 30 am. 
Telegrams from 9am till 7 pm. Sunday, 9am till 10 a m. 
Telephone, local and trunk 

Postal, Money Order and Savings Bank Business, and Express Delivery 
Wednesday half-holiday 

Ascog — Sub-Postmistress, Mrs Mitchell — Deliveries and despatches to suit Rothesay 
arrangements. Telegrams from 9 a m till 7 pm. Postal and Money Order and. 
Savings Bank business No Sunday attendance (Closed at 1 p m on Thursdays 
October till May) 



Editor, John Douglas, F. S.A.Scot. 
6 St Mary's Grove, Barnes Common, London, S.W.,13, 4th December, 1921 
Messrs Hibgie & Co., Printers and Publishers, Rothesay. 

Dear Sirs, — Thank you very much for sending me the assortment of ivy leaves 
whicb have been much admired. I showed them to several Scots on St Andrew's 
Day, and in each case the verdict has been the same. The leaves were considered 
a marvel. 

It may interest you to see my Year-Book, a copy of which I enclose. Please ac- 
cept with my best wishes. Believe me, yours faithfully, TATTN "nnnrT A<5 

Greetings Printed in Gold on Real Ivv Leaves from 2s per doz. 
To be had only from 

Higgie & Coy., Printers and Publishers, Rothesay. 



£1 riP JHC BMC Jl and - - 
- !SHORW£§§ of BREATH 



Sold as Powder, 

Cigarettes, and 
Smoking* Mixture, 
Is 6d each. 

They take the Sting Quite Out 
of these Distressing 


A Free Trial Sample of any of the above, will gladly be sent 
on application to the Manufacturers, 


Manufacturing Chemists, 

... J 

The Isle of Arran. 

r r , HIS island, the largest in the group, is famous for the grandeur of its scenery and 
J. the variety of its geological deposits. The island is twenty miles in length 
twelve in breadth, and is divided into two parishes — Kilbride on the east, and Kilmory 
od the west. The late King Edward and Queen Alexandra spent a very pleasant 
holiday ill the island after their postponed Coronation in August, 1902, and witnessed 
some very interesting sheep dog trials — which lengthened their stay 

(For Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, and County 
Boards, see County Lists) 

Population in 1881,4762; in 1891,4927; in 1901, 4779: 1911 (Brodick, 992, 
Kilbride, 1323 : Kilmory, 954 ; Shisken, 764; Lochranza, 585) 4628— all iD 
April. 1921— in June— Kilbride, 5293 ; Kilmory, 3001 : total, 8294. 

For Valuation and Assessments see pages 17, 19 and 21 

Lady of the Manor- -Lady Mary (only daughter of the late William Alexander Louis 
Stephen Douglas Hamilton, 12th Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, &c), now Mar- 
chioness of Graham. 

Commissioner — The Marquis of Graham 

Factor on Estate — George Laidler, Strabane, Brodick 

Sheriff Court held once a Quarter at Brodick. Hon Sheriff- Substitute Depute, 
Sheriff-Clerk Depute, John A Macrae, Inspector of 
Police, Lamlash 

Arran Farmers' Society. — Annual exhibition of live stock in August, and of roots 
&c, in November. President, Marquis of Graham. Secretary, Jms Bone, Glen- 
kill. Joint-Treasurers, John B Sweet, Lamlash, and George Laidler, Brodick 

Kildonan and Lloyd's Signal Station — Officer, Patrick Green 

Arran Goi,f Club — President, George Laidler ; Secretary, R C Campbell 

Tuberculosis Officer for Arran, Dr Brandon Barrow. 




A SPRIG of SCOTS HEATHER is as lightly thought of at 
hame as a drink of cold water (of which there is more than 
enough to spare), but it is an inspiration and a valued reminder 
of the pleasantest of memories to Scots and their friends abroad. 

The exchange of national floral emblems will yet become ex- 
ceedingly popular among those who work for human brotherhood. 

We produced Victory Commemoration Bookmarks — in con- 
nection with the Armistice, the Signing of Peace and the succeed- 
ing J°y Day Celebrations, — which were considered very appro- 

Remember Friends Abroad. 

While enjoying holidays remember to gather sprigs to send to 
friends abroad, or in response to appeals you will see in leading 
Scottish weekly newspapers. 

We have for years sent boxesfull of heather to friends and so- 
cieties abroad. We frequently respond to newspaper appeals, and 
the following is one of the acknowledgments we received :, — 

East London, C. P., So. Africa, 18th Dec. 
Mr George Higgie, 22 Bridge St., Rolhesay, Scotland. 

On behalf of the East London Caledonian Society I wish to thank you for being 
so kind in responding to my appeal for heather, which was sold on our Patron Saint's 
Day, and realised the very handsome sum of £265 5/11, and has been forwarded to 
the fund for disabled Sailors and Soldiers. The heather was received in first-class 
condition, and was much prized — Yours faithfully, James Forbes, 

Convener of Heather Committee. 

It is not only Scots abroad who enjoy a sprig of something that actually grew 
at hame. The Glasgow ' Evening Times,' while the above acknowledgment was on the 
ocean, printed the following ; — " Flower girls in Argyle Street are making brave dis- 
play with the mimosa, which comes to us from the Continent before the swallows or 
even the daffodils dare. It is one of the indications, after the shortest day, that 
somewhere the sun is shining, and that winter is waning. Australians in town are 
greatly cheered by the golden glory, for the mimosa is the wattle of their homeland, 
carrying with it the same significance as the heather to a Scot abroad." 

Colonials and others on holiday in this country, have thanked us personally for 
sending them souvenirs of Scotland when far away; and others have reciprocated by 
sending preserved leaves and flowers from their distant lands. 

The exchange of national floral emblems will yet become exceedingly popular. 
Botanical Specimens go through the post at letter or parcel rates. 

Higgie & Co., Printers & Publishers, Rothesay 

Parish of Kilbride. 

/CHURCHES. — Established, Brodick. Kilbride — Rev 

^-^ Andrew Wm Kennedy Corrie-Rev J Brown, M A. Whiting Bay — Rev John 
Dunlop Brown, m a 
United Free. — Brodick- Lamlash — Rev Jn A Lamb, bd 

Whiting Bay — Rev John Forsyth 
Free Church. — Brodick — Whiting Bay — 

Congregational. — Sannox — Rev Allan C M'Dougall 

PARISH COUNCIL — Corrie Ward— Rev Jas Brown ma and Rev Allan C M'Dou- 
gall. Brodick Ward-George Laidler (chairman), Arch Brown and Arch Currie 
Lamlash Ward-Mr James Bone and captain J W Black. Whiting Bay Ward — 
John W Kelso and Alex Kerr 
Inspector, John R Thomson Collector, Wm Rough. Medical Officer, Donald 
MT)ougall, m b. c m 

SCHOOLS. — Corrie — Miss Mary Ann Stewart. Brodick — Henry D Ross. Lamlash 

— Charles Farmer, m a. Whiting Bay~J Carnegie 
For Educational Authority, see County Section. 
Doctors — James Buchanan, m b, ch b; and Donald M'Dougall 
Bank of Scotland — Wm Orr, agent, Lamlash: sub-agent, J Middleton 

Brodick Branch- Robert Kerr, agent 
Registrars of Births, &c — Brodick — H D Ross Kilbride — John R Thomson 
Post Offices — Brodick — A Cameron. Corrie — Miss A Young. King's Cross — 

J Cook. Lamlash — R S M'Neish. Whiting Bay — J Reid 
Piermasters — Brodick — A Currie. Lamlash — James Hodge. Whiting Bay — 

A Currie, Brodick, manager 
Ferrymen — Corrie — Thomas Kelso. King's Cross, John Cook 
Masonic — " St MolioV Lodge, No. 774, Lamlash — David Middletou, R \v M. R L 

M^Neish, Secretary 
Lamlash Golf Club — Captain, Hamilton. Secretary, Jas Toole. Treasurer, 

T Wilson 
Brodick Burns Club — President, Robert Currie. Secretary and Treasurer, High 

Miller Reid,Barnhill 
Lamlash Curling Club — Secretary and Treasurer, 
Lamlash Lawn Tennis Club — Secretary, D Crawford 
Lamlash Bowling Club — Secretary, Daniel Crawford 
Communions — First Sundays in May and November 
Fairs — Brodick — (Cattle. Sheep, and Horses) Tuesday after 20th June 
O E Star — W M, Isab. Thomson. A M, Miss M'Gowan. Secy, Miss Margt Sillars 
Communications — Steamers to and from Ardrossan daily, and additional in Summer 

(in normal times) via Rothesay daily 


D. Fullarton, Grocer and General Merchant, near Pier. 

Tea Rooms to accommodate 80. 




b£ 3 



p 1 


3 02 

OC (3 



i— i 

o O 












! -3 



B -d 

f Eh 


- 3 



| M 











1— < 

ill sold and give 
ring the Summe 
favourite forme 
Iships, especiall 
eeting cards com 
nal anniversarie 












09 ». « 






CO ^~ "a) 

only st 
tors du 
come a 
a frienc 
oral gr 
" natio 


c ■ 










i— i 


C rt 1 - 

is Publication is not 
ay as presents to visi 
nths, but has also be 
i cementer of privat 
en supplemented by f 
morating personal o 
d Christ mas. 








Parish of Kilmory. 

/iHURCHES — Established. — High Kilmory and Shiskine — Rev Duncan Con- 
^-^ acher. Lochranza — Rev John Colville 

United Free. — Kilmory and Kildonan- Shiskine 

Pirnmill and Lochranza — Rev J M'Leod 

PARISH COUNCIL. — Lochranza Ward — Alexander McAllister and Alexander Kerr- 
Dougarie Ward — Peter Baird jp; and Angus M'Alister. Shedog 

Ward — Neil Robertson (chairman), and Chas M'Alister, jun. South End Ward 
— Peter Hamilton and John ftPBride 
Inspector, John R Thomson. Collector, Duncan McAllister. Medical Officer, Thos 
Rutherford, m b, c m 

SCHOOLS.— Dougarie Public — Georgina Teesdale. Drimlabarra — A M'Kellar, ma 
Kilmory — J A Byres. Lochranza — Miss Cumming. Penrioch or Pirnmill — 
Miss Robertson. Shiskine — Angus Smith. Slidderie — Miss I H Scott 

For Educational Authority, see County Section. 

Doctors — Thomas Rutherford, m b, c m, Shiskine John A Boa. m b c m, Dippin 

Post Offices. — Kilmory— Miss M'Kelvie. Lochranza — Miss Lawrie. Shiskine — Mrs 
Currie. Blackvvaterfoot— J Bannatyne. Pirnmill— Chas Robertson, Slidderie- 
Malc. Anderson 

Registrars of Births, &c. — Kilmory— James R Byres. Lochranza — 
Shiskine— Donald Robertson 

Piermaster.— Lochranza— Robert Kerr. 

Ferrymen. — Blackwaterfoot— John Kelso. Machrie Bay— John Cochrane, jun. Pirn- 
mill— Chas Robertson 

Fair — Lochranza (Cattle, Sheep, and Horses), first Tuesday in June 

Communications — Campbeltown steamers from Glasgow and Greenock call at Loch- 
ranza and Pirnmill daily. Argyll Coast steamer from Glasgow, Greenock or 
Fairlie calls at Blackwaterfoot and Machrie Bay twice a week. 

•»-• -■ 

3QTAVE you ever wished to correspond with 
friends across the seas on equal terms as 
regards language used? Possibly you do not 
know that Esperanto can be grasped inside an 
hour's study, and that all then necessary is just 
practice with foreigners.* 

Join the 

International Travel 


and get linked up with people in any large town 
in Europe direct. 

Send Sixpence for a few Foreign Addresses 
(specify towns desired) to 

LUNG A, 702, Alexandra Parade, Glasgow, 

or to HIGG1E & CO., Publishers, Rothesay. 

*P.S. A busy Kothesay gentleman, within a fortnight of his intro- 
duction to Esperanto, was corresponding with a Parisian on 
educational matters, and a doctor in Asia Minor regarding 
the treatment of consumption in that pare of the world. 

Parish of Cumbrae. 

THIS parish comprises the islands of the Great and Little Cumbrae off the Ayrshire 
coast. The Burgh of Millport, on the larger Isle, is a popular watering-place. 
This isle is 12 miles in circumference, and has a well-made road round it. On the 
smaller isle is the Cumbrae Lighthouse. 

Population 1921, 2501 males; 3451 females: total, 5952. 

(For Valuation, Courts and Court Officials, Justices of the Peace, and County Boards, 
see County Lists— pages 17 to 30). 

Assessments: Consolidated Rates, - Owners, lOvOd; occupiers, 6'06d 

Poor Rate, - - - „ 2$d ; „ 2|d 

School Rate,- - - „ 8d ; „ 8£d 

Registration,- - - ,, 0d; „ Od 

Lord of the Manor : The Marquis of Bute. Factor, N H Constable, Rothesay 

Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths : James Stewart 

Sheriff Small Debt Courts — Held in March and September. Sheriff-Clerk Depute 
James Stewart 

PARISH COUNCIL.— James C Sharpe (chairman), John Crawford, Ales Muir, 
J T Machay, James Risk, and Robert Young 

Inspector and Clerk, George Hastie. Collector, James Stewart 

CHURCHES. — Parish (hours of worship, 11 am and 6 30 pm)--Minister, Rev 
Archibald Grierson ma. Session- Clerk, James A Macfarlane 

East United Free (hours of worship, 11 am and 6 30 p m) : Minister, Rev Alis- 
ter Mackenzie, m a 

West United Free (hours of worship, 11 am and 6 30 pm) — Minister, 
Frame, ha,bd 

Scottish Episcopal Church — The Church of St John the Evangelist, at 
Oban, has been raised to the ^tatus of Cathedral Church of Argyll 
and the Isles — Bishop, Right Rev Kenneth Mackenzie, dd, 

The Cathedral at Millport is now known as the Cathedral of the Isles, with the 
Very Rev Provost Robt Oswald Patrick Taylor, resident 

St An'drew's ; Rector, Rev Robert P Taylor. Hours of service; Sundays, H C 
10 15 a m (first in month) ; Matins, 11 am. Holy Days, Matins, 11 a m. 

Baptist (hours of worship, 11 a m and 6 30 p m) : Pastor — Student supply 

SCHOOLS"— Cumbrae Public— Headmaster, Robt Paterson, ma, feis. Mistress, Infant 
and Industrial, Miss Colledge. Assistants, Misses Paul, Clements, M'Dougalland 
Mrs Crichton 
For Educational Authority, see County Section 

Doctors ; H Sinclair, lfpsg, and J H Paul, ma, m b c m 
Bank ; Union, Stuart Street. Thos W M'Ewen, agent 
Law Agent ; Robert Wood 


Claims Paid, 

Ovev £24,000,000. 

Accident Fire and Life 
Assurance Corporation, Limited, 

General Buildings, Perth, Scotland. 
General Buildings, Aldwych, London. 

Established 1S85. 

"EVERYTHING in Life has its 


Yes, but EVERY PERSON "in Life" 
should have a Policy to provide the 


in the 




whose Policies cover every contingency. 

Director and General Manager. F. Norie-Miller, J P. 

OFFICIALS— Cumbrae. 

Masonic— Lodge "'Kelburne" No 459~Meets on the first Friday of each month in the 
Masenic Hall, Crawford street, at 8 pm ; R W M, Robert Martin. Secretary 
and Treasurer, H Hunter 

Scottish Marine Biological Association of the West of Scotland : President, sir Arch 
M r Innes Shaw, ll.d. Secretary and Treasurer, A Lawrie Brown. 88 Bath st 
Glasgow. Curator of Aquarium at Millport, Richard Elmhurst 

Cumbrae Branch of Buteshire Liberal Association ; President, Wm McGregor. Secre- 
tary, J D M'Kay. Janitor, Mrs Gray 

Cnmbrae Unionist Association: President, Geo Finnie. Secretary, George Hastie, jun, 
Janitor, Mrs Brown 

Cumbrae Women's Unionist Association. — President, Mrs King. Secretary, Miss 
Gardner. Treasurer, Miss Barclay 

Curling Club : President, D Forrest. Secretary and Treasurer, Alex Houston 

Cumbrae Golf Club: Captain, M T Sommerville. Secretary and Treasurer, J M'Cou- 

Burial Ground: Superintendent, Duncan Brown. Cierk and Treasurer, Jas Stewart 


Allan Spiers, Family Baker, 28 Stuart Street— Branch, 22J Kelburne St. 

Pastries, Hot Pies, &c. 

Blackburn, J., Stationery and Fancy Goods, 14 Guildford Street. 
C. Davie, Bookseller and Toy Dealer, Glasgow and Stuart sts. 

Millport Library and Fancy Goods Shop 

Colin Mauchlin, Boat Builder and Boat Hirer, Strathwherry. 
Connell's Restaurant, 2 1 Stuart Street, at Head of Pier. 

Large Dining Saloon to accommodate 120. Catering a speciality 

David M'Lachlan, Grocer and Spirit Merchant, 40 Glasgow st. 
Mrs John Cunningham, Baker 8| Guildford Street. 

Hot Pies Every Saturday Evening Dishes Baked and Covered. Wedding Cakes 

J. A. M'Farlane, Butcher, Guildford st. 

Shields, Watchmaker & Jeweller, 54 Stuart Street. 

Sommepville, Royal George Hotel, Nearest Pier. 

Comfortable, Excellent Cuisine. M. T. Sommerville, Proprietor. 

William Templeton, Butcher, Stuart st 

International Language. 




ago appointed a Committee to enquire into 
the practicability of an International Auxiliary 
Language. The committee published an interim 
report in 192 1 recording its conclusions that an 


is practicable, that Latin and Existing National 
Languages are unsuitable, and that an "Artificial' 
or Synthetic Language is best. 

Since that date the Committee have further 
considered the matter, and have now finally decided 
to recommend the Adoption of Esperanto. 

Realm of R a d i 0. 

At an International Radio Conference, 
held in Paris from 14th till 18th April, 1025, 
Esperanto was adopted as the hand-maiien 
of Radio throughout the whole world. It is now 
broadcast everywhere. 

Instruction, by well-known teachers, is regularly 
broadcast in both Hemispheres. 

■ I 

Bupg-h of Millport. 

POPULATION of Burgh in 1891, 1662. In 1901, 1655 ; landward, 114— -total 
1769. In 1911, burghal, 1610; landward, 86— total 1696. Census 1921, 
2433 males; 3401 females— total, 5834. 
Assessments: Owners, Is lOd ; Occupiers, 3s 4d (including water) 

CORPORATION. — Provost, Thomas Clark ; Bailies Alex Houston and J Macfarlane. 
Councillors Wm Ferguson, Robert Young, U K Turnbull. J E Maley and J H 

Committees — Finance— The Provost, convener 

Works — J A Macfarlane, convener 

Gas— Wm Ferguson, convener 

Lighting— U K Turnbull, convener. 

Public Health— J H Paterson, convener 

Library and Town Hall — T E Maley, convener 

Piers — Bailie Houston, convener 

Entertainments— Bailie Murray, convener 

Dean of Guild— The Dean, The Provost 

Water — R Young, convener 
Officials: — Clerk, Robt Wood. Procurator-Fiscal, David Harper. Treasurer 

and Collector, Archd Cameron. Medical Officer, Geo Thomson, md. Inspector 

of Nuisances and Burgh Surveyor, John Dymock. Gas manager, John Dymock 

Piermaster, Alex Caldwell. Keppel Piermaster. Arch Brown 

Millport Trades' Association; President, Secretary, Jas Allan 

Millport Bowling Club ; President, John Moffat. Secretary, Arch Cameron 
Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Association ; President, James C Sharpe. Secretary 

and Treasurer, Arch Cameron 
Co-Operative Society, Limited : President and Treasurer, Thomas Reid. 
Penny Savings Bank; Trustees—President James C Sharpe (chairman), Rev James. 

Frame (secretary). 
Holidays; First Wednesdays after 15th April and 15th October. Shopkeepers' holi- 
day each Wednesday afternoon from October till May inclusive 
Post Office ; Postmistress, Miss Smith. Arrivals and despatches twice daily 
Communications; Steamers sail daily to Fa 1 rlie, Largs and Wemyss Bay in connection 
with all parts 


Telephone No, 36. 





Established 1826. 

'Phone, 209. 



2^ Miles from Rothesay. 


Visitors have Free Tennis, Putting, etc., 

in Own Grounds, 2^ acres, Facing^Sea. 
Car meets all Visitors, Craigmore Pier. 
Open all Year. Inclusive Moderate Terms. 
C. M. BRISBANE, Proprietor. 



Burgh and Parish of Rothesay. 

Auld, John, engineer, Dunira, Asoog 
Auld Mrs, nurse, Craigpoint, Craigmore 
Axworthy, Silverdale, Ardmory rd. 

Adam. Matth, gardener. Ashfield 

Agnew, John, artist, 2 Bridge st 

Aird, David, engineer, 1 Mill st ; ho, 52 

Montague st 
Aird, Jas., plumber, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Aird Thos., engineer, 31 Columshill st 
Aitchison, Mrs, Ardmory rd 
Aitken, , 3 King st 

Alexander John, postman, 32 Castle st 
Alexander, Thomas W., Sheriff-clerk; 

ho, Graylands, 50 Mountstuart rd 
Allan, Mrs Alex., 14 Battery pi 
Allan, Mrs Cath., 1 Union st 
A' Ian, Mrs Edward J., 65 Victoria st 
Allan, J A, janitor, Public School 
Allan, Mrs Mary, Battery pi 
Allan, Kobt., 12 The Terrace 
Allison, J. D., barber, 57 Ardbe<r rd 
Allison, Mrs, Eden pi 
Alston, Mrs Sarah, 7 Mansefield pi 
Andersen, Alex., 6 Hillhouse rd 
Anderson, Mrs Geo., 4 Mountpleasant 
Anderson, John, slate'-, Ardmory 
Anderson, Peter, 11 Bridge st 
Anderson. Roberb Gowanfield, Colums- 
hill st 
Anderson, R. D., 4 Albany ter 
Anderson, Thos., A?hestiel, Marine pi 
Anderson, Thos. 41 Victoria st 
Anderson, capt W R, 36 Crichton rd 
Anderson, Mrs, Toward view, Ardbeg 
Anderson, Miss, Braemar 
Anderson, Miss, 21 Crichton rd 
Andrews , coal mercbt, 14 Russell st 
Anketell, Mrs Eliz., 94 Montague st 
Arrol, Misses, Eastlands rd 
Assur, Mrs Mary, 133 High st 
Astle, Mrs A., milliner, 100 Montague st 
Astle, J A., Ardbeg villa 

f 81 

Baillie, Angus, accountant, 87 Ardbeg 
Bain Mrs, 31 Columshill st 
Bainbridge. Mrs, 5 Battery pi 
Bainbridge R. compositor, 23 Victoria st 
Baird, And. B., blacksmith and farrier, 
113 High st; ho, Rosewood, Glebelands 
Baird, Mrs Jane, 12 Argyle st 
Baird , Cambridge house, Mount- 

stuart rd 
Baird, Mrs Orcadia 
Bald , 36 Columshill st 

Ballantyne , Ascog Bank 

Barclay, Alex., mason, Wyndham rd 
Barber. Mrs Ma^y, Ardbeg rd 
Barbour, John. 41 Watergate 
Barr, Duncan M., Mountpleasant 
Barr, Geo G, baker, 50 Montague st ; 
ho, Adelaide pi, Mountstuart rd 
Barr, Mrs Isa.. Wyndham rd 
Barr, James K., Bute Mansions 
Barr, Mrs Janet, 85 Ardbeg rd 
Barr, John, chandelier, 31^ Ardbeg rd 
Barr, Mrs Peter, Glebe lands, Mount- 
pleasant rd 
Barr, Robt., 23 Columshill st 
Barr, Thos, farmer, Baron e rd 
Barr, Thomas, 29 Columchill st 
Barr, Wm D, 25 Poslin pi 
Barrie, John, 15 Bridgre-end st 
Barrie, Msss M. & F., 9 Wyndham rd 
Barrie Ths., mechanic, Glenrosa cottage 
Barrie, Wm., 11 The Terrace, Ardbeg 
Barrie , 15 Bridgend st 
Barrowman, K.. moulder, Castle st 
Baxter, Mrs Catherine, Townhead 
Baxter, John, baker, 5 Kussell st 
Baxter, John, carter, 169 High st 
Baxter, John M:, grocer, Springbank 



ROTHESAY : 208. 





F L E S H E E, 

19 Watergate, Rothesay, and 
Rosina Place, Kilehattan Bay. 

Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions Catered, for. 
Orders Called for and Delivered. 

G- £1 233 © S_ Playing Cards 

Newspapers Delivered Morning and Evening. 

" Presents from " Goods. Purses Pocket Books, Knives, &c, &c. 

Splendid Selection of Novels at all Prices. 






Best Quality Writing Pads for Home or Foreign Use. 

All Kinds of Leather and Fancy Goods kept in Stock. 

Local View Post Cards in Great Variety. 

Birthday Cards. Typewriting Requisites. Picture Books. 


Beaton, Alex., stoker, 8 Tower st 
Beaton, Angus, 17 Russell st 
Beattie, I), dyke builder, 21 Russell st 
Beattie, Joseph, 27 Bridge st 
Beckett Adam, 78High st t 

Bedgar, Mrs Julia, 74 Ardbeg rd 
Begg, , blacksmith, 4 Mansefield pi 

Beith Miss. 4 Bishop ft 
Bell, Catherine. 18 Bsttery pi 
Bell, Charles, 94 High st 
Bell captain Duncan, 19 Areyle st 
Bell Dune, jun, 11 Mansefield pi 
Bell E. , 70 Ardbeg rd 
Bell Francis, printer, 1 Logie pi 
Bell James, gardener, 7 Montague st 
Bell, James, Logie pi 
Bell, Wm.. grocer, 72 Montague st 
Bell, Mrs 72 Montague st 
Bennie, Mrs, High Craismnre 
Benson, John, 8 Mansefield pi 
Bernard, Mrs, 71 Ardbeg rd 
Berwick, Dr, 2 Marine pi 
Beveridge, Geo., 5 The Terrace, Ardbeg 
Binnie. Mrs Eliz., High Craigmore 
Bilsland, Peter, polisher, 35 Staffa pi 
Bird, A. P., 18 Battery pi 
Bird John, mason, Gowanbrae 
Birkett, Mrs, 98 Montague st 
Birnie Wm. carrier, 103 Montague st 
Birnie Miss, purveyor, Gallowgate 
Black, Arch., farmer, 2C Wyndham rd 
Black, Duncan, 14 King st 
Black. Mrs Jardine, 12 Argyle st 
Black, Miss Jessie, 12 W. Princes st 
Black, John, cabman, 55 Montague st 
Black, John, shipmaster, 22 Argyle st 
Black, Mrs Wm., 31 E Princes st 
Black, Wm K, 12 W Princes st 
Blackie Wm., 28 Wyndham rd 
Black Wm & Jean, 48 & 49 Argyle st 
Blackstock, Miss Janet, Fergusson pi 
Blackwood, J.C , Yarrow cot., Barone r 
Blain, Henry, 42 Mountpleasant rd 
Blain, Quinton, heritor, Argyle ter 
Blair, Duncan, joiner, 22 Bridge st ; ho, 

Blair, James, 2 Castlehill st 
Blair, John, Hotel "Victoria, Victoria st 
Blair, J, Livingstonia, Guildford sq 
Blakey, Miss Sylvia, Pension hotel, 47 

Crichton rd 
Blue, Jas., Minister's brae 
Blue, Miss Marion, 17 Battery house 
Blue, Neil, seaman, 38 EJPrinces st 
Blue, Patk, Glenfaulds, Mountstuart rd 
Blue, Wm., 24 Biidge st 
Bodys, A & J, farmers, Bogany 
Bogle, coun., Ellerslie, High Craigmore 


Bolton, John, carter, 6 Hillhouse rd 
Bone, Hugh, joiner, 20 Russell st 
Bone, Jms. , mason, 5 Bishop ter brae 
Bone, Lachlan, mason, 18 Russell st 
Bone. Mrs Bobert. 18 Russell st 
Bowers, Mr.- A.. Arras naMara, Marine pi 
Bowers, Miss Chris., Columshill pi 
Bowie, Alex , 12 The Terrace, Ardbeg 
Bowie, Daniel, glazier, 73 Victoria st 
Bowie, James, 10 the Terrace 
Bowie, Malcolm, baker, Tower st 
Bowman, Wm.. jo'ner, 1 King st; 
Boyd John, Ardbeg 

Boyd, Ahd. M., Ivy House, 8 Argyle pi 
Boyd, J. B., Kicebank, Aacog 
Boyd Mrs, Tighmeadonach 
Boyd, Mis Martha Leopold villa, Ascog 
Boyd, Misses, Bute mansions, Princes st 
Boyle, Chas , vanman 3t Columshill st 
Boyle, Mrs Dennis, 22,K.ussell st 
Boyle, J., 5 Bridge st 
Boyle, James, 1 Russell st 
Boyle, N. McK., 36 Columshill st 
Boyle, Thos., clerk, Bridge-end st 
Bradbury, T B, hotel Madeira, 3 Tower s 
Bradley, Miss Margt., 11 E. Princes st 
Bradford, Mis, ;-! Bishop ter br 
Brand John, manager, Co Operative 

society, 7 E Princes st; ho, 31 Battery p 
Brash, 1-iobt., 18 Gallowgate 
Breckonridge, Miss. 4 Craigmore rd 
Breen Hugh, blacksmith, Eden pi 
Broadley, John, 1 Bridgend st 
Brodie, Alex. C, 33 Bridge st 
Brooks, J. W. D., 31 Battel y pi 
Brooks, , janitor, 37 Montague st 
Brough, Mrs Jane. 95 Ardbeg rd 
Brough, John, 30 Bishop st 
Brown, Agnes, 77 Ardbeg rd 
Brown, Alex., joiner, 3 Bellevue ter 
Brown Alex, 3 Biidge st 
Brown, Angus, mason, 8 Columshill pi 
Brown, Miss Ann, Ar-yleter 
Brown, Arch., traveller. Academy rd 
Brown, Mrs Catherine, 22 Bridge st 
Brown, D., Fauldmore, Serpentine rd 
Brown. David, spirit dealer, 18 High st ; 

ho, Crosshi 1 villas 
Brown, Duncan, draper, 33 Montague st 
Brown, Ellen, 94 High st 
Brown, Geo. janitor, west entrance, 

Public School 
Brown, Geo.. 19 Argyle st 
Brown Hu, Loudoun brae, 55 Barone rd 
Brown, James, 3 Argyle p 
Brown, James, M'JNab's br 
Brown, James, 12 the Terrace 
Brown, Mrs Jane, Columshill st 



Pastry Baker and Confectioner, 

50 Mohtagne Street. 

If you wish the Best Quality, - 

Make Barr Your Baker. 

The Oldest Beat-Hiring Business in Rothesay. 


Yard — Ladeside Street. Stance — Esplanade. 

Boats of any description Built to any specification. 


Rowing and Sailing Boats from the same Stance. 

Special Terms to Private Parties 

Sole Agent in this District for Grampian Marine Motor Engines. 

Sole Maker of Famous "Bute" Oars. 

Established 1880. Telephone, 172 

James M'Intyre, 

Shipping and Family Butcher, 

Only Home Fed Beef and Mutton Kept. 81 Montague street 

John ThOFDUPn, Telephone No. 170 

Fishmonger, Ice Merchant & Licensed Dealer in Game, 

(A few doors West from Post Office). 18 'West Princes street 

Poultry Supplied. 


Carrier and Carting Contractor, 

Yard 4 John street. 29 Mill street 

Furniture and Luggage Removed. 


Jobbing Mason and Licensed Chimney Sweeper, 

Church House, Bridgend street 

Ranges Cleaned and Chimneys Thoroughly Swept. 

HOUSEHOLDER?— Rothesay. 

Brown. John, accountant, Roslyn pi 
Brown, John, shipmaster, 95 Ardbeg rd 
Brown, Mrs John R, 3h Victoria st 
Brown, Joseph, gardener, la Mount- 
pleasant rd 
Brown, Miss Marion, 42 Crichton rd 
Brown, Mrs Mary. Kir Buildings 
Brown, Matth, 19 Castle st 
Brown, M & C 22 E Princes st 
Brown, Ths., crpntr., Clifton, Argyle pi 
Brown, Thos S., burgh worker, 3 Bishop 

ten ace brae 
Brown, Mrs Wm., 72 Montague st 
Brown, Wm. D., sanitary inspector, 1 

Castle st ; ho, 59 Barone rd 
Brown, Mrs, grocer, 34 Columshill pi 
Brown, Miss, 31 Ardbeg rd 
Brown, Miss, 92 Ardbeg rd 
Brown, Misses, 31 Argyle st 
Brown, Mrs, Argyle ter 
Brown , 45 Ardbeg rd 
Brown, , Edgehill, Crichton rd 

Brown, Miss, Craigmore villa 
Browne, , 12 Brighton ter 
Biownlie, Arch H., baker, 6 Watergate 
Brownlie, Mrs Helen, 28 Argyle st 
Brownlie, John, 31 Battery pi 
Brownlie, Wm., butcher, Watergate ; 

ho, 28 Argyle st 
Brownlie, W H baker, 14 W Princes st; 

ho, 6 Watergate 
Brownlie, , 3 Bishop ter br 

Bruce, Alex., 25 Columshill st 
Bruce, Alex.., 96 High st 
Bruce, Hny., plumber, 17 Battery pi 
Bruce, Mrs Mary, 83 Montague st 
Bryan, Reginald G., Hillside ho, Ser- 
pentine rd 
Bryce Alex., grocer, Barone rd ; ho, do 
Bryce, Wit., flesher, 38 Bishop st 
Bryce Thos., draper, 43 Ardbeg rd 
Bryce. Mrs, Ardmory id 
Buchanan. A. C, bookseller, Barone rd 
Buchanan. Chs. , engineer, 17 Battery pi 
Buchanan, Donald, Bellfield, Barone rd 
Buchanan Donald, 40 Bishop st 
Buchanan, Misses E. & M., 55 Barone rd 
Buchanan, Geo, constable, Townhead 
Buchanan, Geo.. 41 Watergate 
Buchanan Geo., engineer, Auchnacloich 
Buchanan, Miss Janet, 21 Argyle st 
Buchanan. Miss Jene., 8 Gowanfieldter 
Buchanan Male, restaurateur, 27 Victoria 

Bchnanau, Mrs Mary, Clydesdale house, 

Buchanan Miss, Nittingshall, Barone rd 
Bulloch, Jas, linesman, 179 High st 


Bunting, Mrs Agnes, 56 Crichton id 

Bunting Jas, 16 Argyle st 

Burgess, DrAlex., ma, rector, Academy, 

ho, Blythswood, Bishop ter 
Burgoyne, John, Glenhead 
Burgoyne, Peter, seaman, 32 Bishop st 
Burgoyne, Wm B, furnisher 85 Mon- 
tague st 
Burnet, Misses, Prospect house, Ardbeg 
Burnet, Wm, 23 Mountpleasant rd 
Burnette, F. R., photcg., Dean Hood 

ho, Towardview, Ardbeg 
Burns David, 15 Bridge st 
Burns, Jms, la Hillhouse rd 
Burns, Mrs Lilly, 2 Columshill st 
Burns, Kobt., 6 Columshill st 
Burridge, Jhn, gardener, Convent cot 

Cairns , 11 East Princes st 
Caldwell, John, draper, 2 and 3 Albert 

pi & 13 Montague st; ho, Haslingden, 

Mountpleasant rd 
Caldwell, Misses, Adelaide hse, Mount- 

stuart rd 
Callan, Geo., grocer, 21 E. Princes st 
Callan, John, moulder, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Callan, Mrs J C, Glebe lands 
Callan, Mrs J. M'C, 31 Battery pi 
Cameron Mrs Arch., 8 Argyle st 
Cameron, Don, 31 Gallowga^e 
Cameron, Dun., cabman. Bishop st 
Cameron, Mrs Eliz., 19 Castle st 
Cameron, Geddes ()., hairdresser, 51 

Victoria st ; ho, Barone rd 
Cameron Bight Rev Hugh, Hillhouse rd 
Cameron, Mrs James, 5.^ Argyle pi 
Cameron, John, 13 Bridge st 
Cameron, Jn, seaman, Mountpleasant rd 
Cameron, Lach., plamber, 21 Russell st 
Cameron, Wltr., seaman, 17 Bishop st 
Cameron Mrs, 22 Argyle at 
Cammock, Win., writer, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Campbell, Miss Agnes, 57 Ardbeg rd 
Campbell, Alx,, accountant, auctioneer 

&c, 29 Watergate; ho, Wyndham rd 
Campbell, Alex., cashier, 92 Ardbeg rd 
Campbell, Alex, grdnr., 28 Ladeside 
Campbell, Arch., seaman. 28 Argyle st 
Campbell, Ach, burgh worker ,29 Colums- 
hill at 
Campbell, Arch., spirit dealer. Tower 

and Castlehill sts 
Campbell, Arch., 11 Columshill st 
Campbell, Mrs Ach., 12 King st 
Campbell, Arch M, 73 Victoria st 
Campbell, Mrs Cath, 45 Ardbeg rd 





Ladies' and G e n 1 1 em e n's Tailor, 


Petep M'Kellap, 

House Agent, Insurance Agent, 

and Piermaster, 


Tennis Courts and Putting Greens in Neighbourhood. 

Agent for W. & A. Gilbey's "Wines and Spirits. 

Joseph Maitland, 

(Successor to Hugh Morton), 

Faintly Grocer and Wine Merchant, 

62 Montague st. 0p iS r t2eBTd r i&a Rothesay. 

Orders Called for and Promptly Delivered. 



Opposite Stewart Statue, 

Misses J. & S. MORRISON 

Breakfasts. Luncheons. Dinners. Teas. Fish Suppers. 
Excursion and Pic-Nic Purveyor. 


Campbell, Mrs Clara, 4 Bridge st 
Campbell, Cln., house of rest, Argyle ter 
Campbell Cln, steward, 35 Barone rd 
Campbell D., Castle st 
Campbell, Mrs Helen, 98 Montague st 
Campbell, Hu., Argyll Mansions 
Campbell, Jms, flesher, 9 Hillhouse rd 
Campbell, Mrs Jane, 8 Argyle st 
Campbell, Miss Janet, Bishop ter br 
Campbell, John, car driver. 75 Ardbeg rd 
Campbell, John, 6 Watergate 
Campbell, Jn, Hawthorn cot, Argyle pi 
Campbell John, spirit merchant, Black 

Bull Inn, W. Princes ?t : 23 Bishop st 
Campbell, John A., 17 Bishop st 
Campbell, John Rattray, Clydesdale bk 
Campbell, J. J., p c, 5 Argyle st 
Campbell, R. W . 44 Mountstuart rd 
Campbell, Wm., 34 Montague st 
Campbell, Wm., 21 Mill st 
Campbell, Mrs Ardenlea, Ardbeg 
Campbell Mrs, Hawthorn pk. Argyle pi 
Campbell Miss, Edgremont, Brighton tr 
Campbell, Mrs, Heathmount, Crichton rd 
Campbell, Mrs, 8 Argyle st 
Campbell , carter, 20 Russell st 
Campbell, , Elm vla.Minister's br 

Canning, Peter, farmer, Lochend 
Cardell, Mrs Thos., 19 High st 
Cardwell, Joseph, 103 Montague st 
Carmichael, Alex., 11 the Terrace 
Carrick James, 17 E Princes st 
Carrick, Miss, Pension, Crichton rd 
Carroll Edward, 76 Montague st 
Carson, John, 1 Wyndhim rd 
Carson, Mrs Samuel, 19 Wyndham rd 
Carson, John W, Wyndham Park 
Carson , Demerara, Ardbeg rd 
Carswell, James, Sophia cot, Ardbeg 
Carswell, John, seaman, Dunirs, Ascog 
Cassels , 1 Wyndham pk 
Casey , 65 Victoria at 
Cassidy, Ed., gardener, 46 High st 
Cassidy, Wm., gardener, 2 Logie pi 
Caution W, 31 Wyndham rd 
Chalmers, Miss Agnes, 21 Ardbeg rd 
Chantry, Wallace, 10 Mansefield pi 
Chapman John, teacher, Alma ter 
Cbeny, Mrs. 22 Watergate 
Chisholm, W., plumber, 17 Wyndham r 
Christie. Arthur !■*., music teacher and 

organist, Livonio, Crichton rd 
Christie, Thos, md, 2 Battery pi 
Christie, Robt, 4 Mountpleasant rd 
Chrystie, Robt., 2 King st 
Clark, Alex., 38 Bridge st 
Clark, Andw,, Glenbuie, Glebelands 

Clark, Andw, 73 Ardbeg rd 

Clark Mrs F., Mansefield pi 

Clark, James, 38 Bishop st 

Clark, Mrs John, Gowanbrae 

Clark Mrs John, 22 E. Frinces st 

Clark, Mis Jos., Gowanbrae, Columshill 

Clark, Thos , fisherman, 19 Stuart st 
Clark Miss, Violet, 90 Montague st 
Clark, Mrs, 6 Mansefied pi 
Clay, Thos M., bookseller, 11 Victoria st 

ho, Auchnacloich rd 
Clayton Annie, 29 Mill st 
Coates. J., 11 Mill st 
Coburn Jms., watchmaker, 17 Bridge st 
Colins, Chas., fisherman, 29 Mill st 
Coll Hu., 55 Montague st 
C-dville, Mrs Isa., 78 High st 
Colquhoun, Dugald, 103 Montague s 
Combs F., 40 Bishop st 
Conely, Donald, 27 Staff a pi 
Connell, Mrs Agnes, 20 Mill st 
Connell, John, engineer, 2 Ladeside st 
Connell, Walter. 63 Montague st 
Connor. John, 87 Highst 
Constable, N. H., factor, Bute Estate 

office, High st ; res, Foley house 
Cook, Hobt. I\, engineer, Ardmory rd 
Cooke W, 21 Gallowgate 
Coomin, John, 98 Montague st 
Connell, John, 9 Chapelhill rd 
Cooper, Miss Jeannie, 19 Stuart St 
Cooper Thos., 119 High st 
Cooper, Mrs , Glenfaulds 
Cormack, Mrs An., 27 Argyle st 
Cougan Mis* Martha, 31 Battery pi 
Cowan, Dugald, farmer, Grenach 
Cowan, , coalman, Argyle st 
Cowan, , Auchnacloich rd 

Crabb, T., burgh worker, 21 Milist 
Craig. Miss Jessie, 31 Battery pi 
Craig Jms., 3 Bishop ter br 
Craig, Kobt , 31 Columshill st 
Craig, Miss E., 3J Ardbeg rd 
Craighead, Mrs M., 7 Wyndham rd 
Craigie , Glendeimot cot 
Crawford Bros., fleshers. 17 Gallowgate 
Crawford, Dvd., carter, 52 Montague st 
Crawford Misses Frances and Margt. , 29 

Mountstuart rd 
Crawford, Geo , coachman, Piospectct., 

Ardbeg rd 
Crawford, Is, 3 E Princes st 
Crawford, Miss Jemima, H^velock ter 
Crawford, Mrs John S., 11 E Princes st 
Crawford, Mrs Margt.. Artrvll mansions 
Crawford, Mrs Mist . 36 Mountstuart rd 
Crawford, Mis Mary E., 41 Ardbeg rd 




25 Bridge Street. 
T. M. CLAY, 

Bookseller, Stationer, and 

Fancy Goods Merchant, 

11 Victoria street. 


Large Selection of Souvenir Goods, Electro Plate and Jewellery. 




(Jpposite County Buildings. 

All Kinds of Inventory and PROMPT Auction Sales Conducted 

Valuation Work Executed. SETTLEMENTS. in any District. 

'Phone No. 188. 

A. THOM & CO., 

Motor Engineers and 

Electrical Contractors, 

22 Bridge Street. 

All Classes Repairs. Marine and Land Installations. 

House Address— 11 Albert Place 

>, , 


Crawford, Peter, 22 E Princes st 
Crawford, Kbt., Queen's Hotel,Argyle st 
Crawford , 81 Ardbeg id 
Crawford Miss, 30 Marine pi 
Crawford , Helenslea, 45 Crichton rd 
Crawford, Mrs, spirit dealer, Bridgend st 
Creighton, Miss Eliz. , 27 Argyle st 
Creighton, John, 42 High st 
Creighton, Tom , 119 High st 
I'righton John, fisherman, 41 Watergate 
Croal, D, 32 Bishop st 
Crombie , nurse, 33 Victoria st 
Crossan, Mrs Janet 73 Ardbeg rd 
Cruickshanks, Mrs Jn, plumber, 47 High 

st ; ho., Auchnacloich rd 
<"ubie, Mrs, 5 Academy ter 
Cullen Mrs, 16 Bridge st 
Cullen, Miss Emilie M., 29 Bishop st 
< 'umming, Henry, 37 Bridge st 
dimming Mrs Sarah, 37 Bridge st 
Cunningham, Ax.. 71 Victoria st 
Cuu;:ineham, And., grocer, Victoria st ; 

ho, 84 Montague st 
Cunningham, And.. 48 Ladeside 
Cunningham Mrs Ann, 35 Mountstuar rd 
Cunningham Da, grocer, Abbotsford 
Cunningham, Mrs F., 2 Bridge st 
Cunningham, James, retired grocer, 22 

Brighton ter 
Cunningham, James, steward. 1 John st 
Cunningham, John, heritor, High Craig- 

Cunningham, John, plumber. 17 Bridge- 
end st ; ho, 2 Chapelhill rd 
Cunningham, Miss M, 24a Columshill st 
Cunningham, M , painter. Ardbeg 
Cunningham, Bbt., baker, 24 Bishop st 
Cunniugham, Thos., stoker, 133 High st 
Cunningham, Wilmina, Kir Buildings 9 
Cunningham, Miss. 8 Argyle st 
Currie, Arch., 77 Montague st 
Currie D, slater, 8 Columshill st 
Currie, Dan., shoemaker, 90 Montague st 
Curie, Dan., engineer, 5 The Terrace 
Cunie, Duncan, farmer, Crossbeg 
Currie, Duncan, yachtmaster, 2 Mount- 
pleasant rd 
Currie D, slater, 8 Columshill st 
Curne Hugh, postman, Eden pi 
Currie, Jonn, 20 Bishop st 
Currie, John, farmer, Westland 
Currie, Krs Mary, 26 Russell st 
Currie, Peter, 20 Russell st 
Currie Robt. cabman, 21 Bridge-end st 
Currie, Bobert, 10 Mansefield pi 
Cusach Mic. 96 High st 
Cuthbert, Miss Em., 39 Ardbpg 
Cuthbert,Wm, pensioner, 17 Bridgs st 

Cuthbertson, Michael, 61 Ardbeg rd 

Cuthill Mrs Martha, Orcadia 

Cuthill , restaurateur, 7 Tower st. 

Dale Samuel, 7 W Princes st 

Dale Walter, 40 Bishop st 

David Wm., depute chief constable, 33 

High st ; ho, Fauldmore, Serpentine r 
Davidson, J., gardener, Anlencraig 
Davidson Miss Jemima, 32 Battery pi 

and 11 Montague st 
Davidson John, boxmaker, 78 Ardbeg rd 
Davidson Miss Mary, 24 Bishop st 
Davidson, Miss Mary, 20 W. Princes st 
Davidson Mrs, 3 Albany ter 
Davidson Miss St Clair, Cr 
Dawson Wm, tailor, 28 Bridge st 
Day, Arthur, 31 Gallowgate 
Deans Adam, 22 Columshill st 
Deans Mrs Margt., 2 Colbeck pi 
Denoon Mrs Bachael, 6 Bridge st 
Deprose Mrs Margt, 17 Bishop si 
Derby Mrs Jessie, 12 Ladeside 
Derby Thos., painter, 18 Castle st 
Dewar Andw. , 7 Gallowgate 
Dewar Arch., Albert cot., Barone rd 
Dewar Caxh. Victoria cot., Barone rd 
Dewar Miss Isabella, 8 Argyle so 
Dewar, Chas., spirit dealer, 8 Castle st 

ho, 32 Bishop st 
Dewar Duncan, architect, 15 Castle st 

ho, 23 Argyle pi 
Dewar, Francis, jun,, Fer Fad rd 
Dewar James, joiner, 4 Mansefield pi 
Dewar, John, 30 Bishop st 
Dick Campbell S, baker, 18 Argyle pi 
Dickie, Rev John M., bd, New Parish 

manse, Skeoch wood 
Dickinson Hugh, policeman, 5 Bishop 

ter br 
Dickson Mrs, A rdbeg rd 
Dickson Mrs, 29 Columshill st 
Dickson , 6 Argyle ter 
Dobbie Alex. S., joiner, Bishop ter br ; 

ho, Mountstuart rd 
Dobbie Mrs And., 4 Bishop st 
Docherty Ed, contractor ,12 the Terrace 
Dobbie, Jas W, Madeira via, Serpentine 

Docherty Alex, 96 High st 
Docherty Jn., gardener, 2 Minister's br 
Docherty, John jun, 1 Bridgend st 
Dochety John J, painter, 1 Bridgend st 
Docherty Margt, 86 High st 
Docherty Mrs, 8 Gallowgate 


George M. M'Lintoek, 


5 High street 

J, M'Callum & Son, 

Joiners and Funeral Undertakers, 

•Phone 193 50 High street 

The Galatea Bap, 

3 and 7 Bridge-End Street, 

Families Supplied. ' Duncan Bell, Spirit Merchant 

STATIONS, nearest the Bathing Places, West Bay.— 

Motor and Rowing Boats by the Hour, Day or Week. Terms Moderate. 
House, 34 Montague Street. 

Bute Savings Bank, 7 Castle street, Rothesay. 

Sums can now be deposited with us to any amount — limited to £500 a year. 

Open Daily from 10 till 3, Saturdays from 10 till 12; Saturday Evenings from 7 till 8 

Deposits transferred from other Savings Banks free of charge. 

Alexander R. Peacock,, 

Registered P/umher, Gasfitter and Zinc Worker, 

71 High street 

House Address — Moidart, 14 Mountstuart Road. 
Hot and Cold Water Appliances, Be'l Hanging. Pumps, Rhones, Ridges, &c. 

N. MaeNieol, 

Family Baker, Pastry Cook and Purveyor, 

Speciality in Cakes, Shortbread, Rusks, etc. 23 Montague St. & 81 High st 
Hot Pies Every Saturday. Soirees and Excursions Supplied. Biscuits and Pastry in Great 
Variety. Cakes of Every Description Made to Order. 
Marriage Parties Purvey ed for in First-Class Style. Charges Moderate 

Georg*e Maitland, Successor to Edward M'Tavish. 
Gas * Electric Light Flitter, Beilliana:er, Tinsmith 1 & Furnishing Ironmonger, 

Copper, Brass, and Biack and Galvanised Sheet Iron Worker, 

7c Bnidg-en d st. and 3 Ladeside st 

Phone, No. 176. All Kinds of Stinds for Horticnltural Exhibit Purpotes. Ranges, Electroliers 

Gasaliers, Orates, Stoves, Tila Haarchs, Ac,, supplied and fitted. Brass Plates and Stencils. 


Dodds, John G., joiner, Colbec pi ; ho, 

Sunnyside, Auchnacloich Barone rd 
Doggart Th W. , teacher, Concord villa, 

Coiumshill st 
Donald John, 78 High st 
Donald John, 7 Montague st 
Donald Mrs John K, 69 Ardbeg rd 
Donaldson Dvd., 27 Argyle st 
Donaldson Js. ( ', heritor, 14 Ardbeg rd 
Donaldson John, Meadowcap 
Doon Matthew, 40 Watergate 
Dougall, J. S., bookseller, jeweller, 
librarian stationer, &c, Victoria st, 
Montague st, Albert pi & Gallowgate; 
ho, Eastfield, Serpentine rd 
Douglas Arch., 17 Kussellst 
Douglas Miss Margt., East Princes st 
Douglas Misses Jessie and Marion, Beau. 

fort, Craigmore 
Douglas, Mrs. 5 Royal ter 
l>ouglasF, 169 High st 
Dow Mrs, 76 Ardbeg rd 
Dow Miss, 5 Albany ter 
Dowell, Mrs, 4 Dean Hood pi 
Dryburn. Mrs Kose, 17 Russell st 
Dryden Geo, organist, 30 Argyle st 
Drynan Mrs, 1 King st 
Duggan Mrs F, 16 High st 
Duncan Alex, 14 Mountstuait rd 
Duncan Miss C L, boot dealer, Bishop st: 

ho, 8 Argyle, st 
Duncan Alex, plumber, Mountpleasant 
Duncan Mrs Alex. , Stewart villa, Barone 

Duncan Miss Cath., Argyle ter 
Duncan Chas., Logie pi 
Duncan Mrs Daniel, Woodend 
Duncan Daniel, 9 Coiumshill pi 
Duncan David, 7 Mill st 
Dunan Miss Helen, Ballochgoy 
Duncan Miss Henrietta, 53 Mountstuart 
Dnncan Jms, 27 Meadow pi 
Duncan Jms, 9 Mansefleld pi 
Duncan James, gardener, Logie pi 
Duncan Jms., mason, Kingarnet, Ba- 
rone rd 
Duncan Misses Jne & Mary, 25 Argyle st 
Duncan J, 7 Brighton pi 
Duncan J, chaffeur, 7 Fnion st 
Duncan John, joiner, 77 Ardbeg rd 
Duncan Miss Marjory, 21 Ardbeg rd 
Duncan Miss Mary, 77 Ardbeg rd 
Duncan Miss Mary A., 37 E. Princes st 
Duncan Miss Mary E.. 53 Mountstuart r 
Duncan Matthew, plasterer, Ladeside; 

ho, Academy rd 
Duncan Mtth., jun., plasterer, 1 Co- 
iumshill pi 


Duncan N, 74 High st 

Duncan Mrs Ninian. 24 Bishop st 

Duncan Mrs Bobt. Orals', Bishop st 

Duncan Wm., 1 Ardmillan Crichton rd 

Duncan Miss, stationer, Auchnacloich rd 

Duncan Mrs, 16 Marine pi 

Duncan Miss, 23 Argyle ter 

Duncanson John H., Mill st 

Dunlop Miss Ann, 90 Ardbeg rd 

Dunlop Mrs Eliz., Park pi 

Dunn Arch. C, draper, 85 Ardbeg rd 

Dunn, David, teacher, 5 The Terrace 

Dunn John. 58 Ladeside 

Dunn Mrs Margt 57 Ardbeg rd 

Dunn , car driver, 36 Mill st 

Dunsmuir. Allan, 10 The Terrace 

Dyer, James, 12 Bridge st 

Dykes, Arthur, gardener, Ardencraig 


Eadie Misses, 32 Battery pi 

Easton Mrs, 27 Meadow pi 

Edgar Walter, grocer, 2 Castle st ; ho, 

15 do 
Edgar Mrs, 37 E. Princes st 
Fdwards, E J, 73 Ardbeg rd 
Elder Andw, 63 Montague st 
English Geo, gardener, Stuart st 
Esselmont Rev James, Bridgend U F, 

manse, Bishop ter 
Ewing Andw , 80 Montague st 
Ewing A ch., reporter, 45 Mountstuart rd 
Ewing, John, grocer, 8 W Princes st 

ho, Auchnacloich rd 
Ewing J, 10 Mansefleld pi 
Ewing K, grocer, 16 Hussell st 
Ewing , 2 Albany ter 

Evans Mrs Mary, 16 Castle st 

Fairlie, Henry, 20 Bishop st 
Falconer Mrs, 1 Union st 
Fannan. Chas., 17 Bishop st 
Farmer D, gardener. Mill bank 
Farrell James, moulder, 74 Ardbeg rd 
Farrell Jeremiah, moulder, 85 Ardbeg 
Faulds Jas., Ardlea, Ardmoryrd 
Faulds Mrs, 89 Montague st 
Faulds Mrs Mary, Ardmory rd 
Faulds Wm, carter, 11 Mill st 
Faulds Wm, jun, carter, li Coiumshill 
Fell, Mrs, Ferguson pi 
Fenton D, 22 Russell st 
Fenton Robt., wool mercht,74 Ardbeg 
Ferguson Mrs Agnes, 27 High st 
Ferguson Alx., painter, 23 Roslin pi 


Maderia Hotel and Boarding Establishment, 

Overlooking the Bay and Gardens, 

A few minutes foom the Pier. Moderate. 

T. A. Bradbury, Proprietor. 

Ivy Bank Boarding Establishment. 

a m. Boyd, proprietor. g Argyle Place, West Bay. 

First-Class Accommodation. Perfect Attendance. Full View of Bay and Surroundings. 

First-Class Carriages and Motors, •nume.M.. 

At J. & A. Martin's, Ltd., 

Stables— Chapeihill Road. 23 East Princes Street 

Bute TempePanee Hotel, The Leading Temperance House. 

Every Attention Given to Tourists TTt-nn finer f-no P T t-ti Every Home 

and Commercial Gentlemen. ilUUUlJg U1C J. 1J1.K. Comfort. 

James McMillan, Proprietor, 

The Central Drapery Warehouse. 
Robert C. Miller & Co., 

Drapers, Furnishers, House and Shipping Agency, 

48 Montague Street 
Freckleton'e Boating Station, on Esplanade, first from Pier 

Motor Boats Sail Pound the Bay at Intervals. 

Special Terms for Parties per Hour, Day or Week. 

Rowing Boats from Is per Hour. 

Campbell S. Diek, 

Baker and Confectioner, 

15 Tower St, and 34> Marine Rd, Port-Bannaytne 

A Speciality — Wedding, Birthday and Christening Cakes. 

John Currie, 


Tel. No. 37 National. 115 Montague Street 

Finest Home-Fed Reef, Mutton, and Lamb. 

All Orders receive careful and prompt attention. 


Ferguson, Alx slater, 21 Columshill st 
Ferguson Mrs Ann, 20 Staffa pi 
Ferguson, David, 32 Ardbeg rd 
Ferguson IX, 6 Hill house rd 
Ferguson Dune, 11 Bridge st 
Ferguson Mrs Geo, Mill bank, Ascog 
Ferguson Jas. W., gardener, Mill st 
Ferguson John, J p, heritor, Pointhouse 

Fergusson, John, Mackinlay's Temper- 
ance hotel, 4 High st 
Ferguson John, postman, Clifton, Ar- 
gyle pi 
Fe.gufon Mrs Male, 5 Argyle st 
Ferguson Mrs Mary, 24 Argyle st 
Ferguson Mrs Mary, 7 Tower st 
Ferguson Neil, heritor, 15 Bridge st 
Ferguson Bobt, 98 Montague st 
Ferguson "Wm, bootmaker, 7i Ardbeg r 
Fergitson Wm, 7 Gallowgate 
Ferguson Wm, 4 Mansefield pi 
Ferguson Miss, Inkernian ter 
Ferguson Peter, tailor, Osborne pi 
Ferguson Mrs, 27 Columshill st 
Ferguson, Miss, 54 Crichton rd 
Ferrier Mrs Margt, Toward view, Ard- 

Fleming Mrs, 55 Barone rd 

Fleming Mrs, 24 Ardbeg rd 

Fleming Mrs, 32 Mountpleasant rd 

Flett , 43 Ardbeg rd 

Foote Missts, Glenbeg 

Forbes, Henry, 25 Bridge st 

Fordyce John, upholsterer, 17 Montague 

st : 75 High st 
Fordyce Mrs Margt., 73 High st 
Forfar Miss, Ivy lodge; Bridge st 
Forrest Mrs Grace, Ardbeg rd 
Forrest, Rebecca, 8 E Princes st 
Forrest , 1 King st 
Forsyth Mrs Jeane, Argyle pi 
H'oulds Mrs Eliz. M., 45 Ardbeg rd 
Foulds Mrs Margt., 97 Montague st 
Foulis Robert, mason, 1 Hillhouse rd 
Fowlie Mrs Wltr., Castlegrove, York ter 
Fowlis Miss Agnes S, Eastlands rd 
Fox J, auctioneer, 5 Argyle st 
Fox Peter. 7 W. Princes st 
Foy Mrs, 27 Col umshill st 
Frankie, Mrs W M., 26 Argyle st 
Fraser Isabella, 17 Mountstuart rd 
Frasei capt James, 17 Crichton rd 
Fraser, Jms, policeman, 11 K Princes st 
Fraser Wm., blacksmith, 4 Mackinlay st 

beg rd 

Ferrier David, Rockhill Castle, High Fraser , Auchnacloich rd 

Craigmore Fraser Yfm, 73 Victoi ia st 

Ferrier, Kobt., clerk, 8 Wyndham pk Freckleton Eliz. Wyndham. park 

Ferrier, Mrs Margt, 84 Montague st Freckleton, Mrs Chas. W Princes st 

Findlay Wm, grocer, Mansefield pi; ho, Freckleton J, 76 Montague st 

Minister's br 
Findlay Mrs M, 10 Minister's brae 
Finlay Mrs I, 1 & 23 Crichton rd 
Finlay Misses Janet & Jem., 60 Mount- 
stuart rd 
Finlay Diss May, 47 Mountstuart rd 
Finlay Miss Mary, 3 Victoria st 
Finlay Peter, grocer, Wyndham rd 

Freckleton Jms, boathirer, Esplanade 

ho, h Argyle st 
Freebairn, C J, spirit merchant, Guild- 
ford sq and Montague st ; ho, Planta- 
tion villa, Argyle ter 
Freeland Mrs Wm, 40 ( 'sborne p 
Friel Hugh, labourer, 161 High st 
Friel Pat., labourer, 10 Mill st 

Finlay Rbt., gardener,61 Mountstuart rd Fulton Mrs Eliz., 40 Crichton rd 

Finlay Thms, 24 Watergate Fulton John, grocer,54 Moutague st; ho, 

Fin'ay Mrs, 32 Mountpleasant rd Crichton rd 

Finlayson Edwin, seedsman, Craigmore Fulton John, painter, 8 Gallowgate 

nursery, Crichton rd _ Fulton Mrs Robert, 5 Argyle st 

Fisher James, grain merchant, King st Fullerton Mrs Wm., Invergyle, M'Kin- 

and W. Castle st, and King's Mill, i ay st 

Mill st[ ho, Orlington. lo Ardbeg rd p y f e Andw, 19 Russell st 

Fisher. Margaret. 18 Battery pi 
Fisher Mrs May, 18 Battery pi 
Fisher, Rbt. Burns, Thornhill,Argylest 
Fisher, Miss Sarah, 4 W Castle st 
Fisher Miss, Hillhead, Serpentine rd 
Fleck , 35 E Princes st 
Fleming And., clerk, Adelaide pi 
Fleming Mrs Cth., Barone rd 
Fleming Gav, journalist, 46 Montague st 
Fleming Jms,Ardmillan, 30 Crichton rd 


Fyfe Geo, 2 Hillhouse rd 
Fyfe Miss Ann, 13 Gallowgate 
fyfe A Nelson, 1 Mountstuart rd 
Fyfe Mrs, 8 Hillhouse rd 



Robert Brown & Co., 


43 Montague Street 

Daniel Lamont, 

Grocer and Provision Merchant, 

92 High Street 

Alexander M'Nab & Son, 

Joiners, Glaziers and Funeral Undertakers, 

House— Holyrood, Barone Road. 24 Watergate 

James Canning* & Son, 

Coach, House and Motor Painters, 

House Address— 20 Bishop street. John Street 




Special Evening' Trips. - Also Available for Hire on Sundays. 

A. H. BPQWnlie, 14 West Prinees Street 

Family Baker, Confectioner and Purveyor, 

Marriage, Birthday and Christening and Birthday Cakes Tastefaily Ornamented, 

Busks, Shortbread and Biscuits of every Descriptiou. Dishes Coversd on shortest Notice. 

Hot Pies every Saturday, 

John Gemmell, M.P.S., Telephone, 168. 

Chemist and Druggist, 

20 Argyle Street 

Infants Food always fresh. Patent Medicines. Perfumes, Toilet Requisites, etc. 

N. H. I. and Private Perscriptions Dispensed with Best Quality Drugs. 

All Kodak Supplies. 

John Ewing% Grocer 1 Wine Merchant, 8 w°Prfnees st 


WINES, WHISKIES and BRANDIES-AH the Leading Blends. 

Try our Famed PERNTOSH BLEND of Old Scotch Whisky 
BASS'S BEER and GUINESS'S and B \RCLAY PERKINS'S Stout in Prime Condition. 
Orders Promptl Delivered. 


Galbraith Mrs Capt Alx, 16 Hillhouse rd 
Galbraith, Arch, 103 Montague st 
Galbraith Mrs Cath., 77 Montague st 
Galbraith, Mrs Isabella, Royal ter 
Galbraith James, spirit merchant IS 

Castlehill st ; ho, Wyndham pk 
Galbraith Jms, jun, 47 High st 
Galbraith Rev Geo., 77 Montague st 
Gallacher Johin, 6a Castle st 
Galbraith Ne 1, joiner, Russell st 
Galbraith Msss, Craigmore cot 
Galloway A, 17 K-ussell st 
Galloway Edw., solicitor, Montford 
Galloway Mrs Jane, 8 Tower st 
Galloway Wm., manufactr. , Bogany rd 
Galloway Mrs, Montford avenue 
Gardiner John, barber, 16 W. Princes 

st : ho Fergusson pi 
Gardiner, Peter, 29 Columshil st 
Gardner John L, Auchnacloich rd 
Garry Buchan, Auchnacloich rd 
GaultMary, 10 The Terrace, Ardbeg 
Geddes G., 11 The Terrace 
Geddes Geo., tailor, Barone rd 
Geddes Miss Jane, 5 Academy ter 
Geddes John, 10 Battery pi 
Geddes, John G., florist, 69 High st; ho, 

Crossbill villas 
Geikie Mrs Janet, 17 Russell st 
Gemmill Mrs Hu., 28 Argyle st 
Gemmell Mrs John, 2 Bishop ter br 
Gemmill Thms, 19 Stuart st 
Gentleman H., cabinet-mkr, 38 High st; 

ho, Mackinlay st 
Gerrard, David, 5 The Terrace 
Gettv Miss Helen, Gowanfield pi 
Ghilhardie Paul, 105 High st 
Gibb D M, Ardmory cot, Ardbeg 
Gibbon Mrs, 34 Mnuntpleasant rd 
Gibb John E., engineer, 33 E Princes st 
Gbib^,, Mrs Margt., 14j Marine p 
Gibbs Ms, Crosshiil villas 
Gibson, J B, 47 Argyle st 
Gilchrist Mrs Ann, 110 High st 
Gilchrist David, purser, Havelock ter 
Gilchrist Jms. Y., sculptor, 25 Colums- 

hill st 
Gilchrist John, 18 Colum-hill st 
Gilchrist Robert, 2 Wyndam pk 
Gillan Kobt., moulder, Wyndham rd 
Gillan Thomas, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Gillan Mrs, Gowanbrae, Columshill st 
Gillan Miss 14 Bridge-end st 
Gillespie, Campbell, 51 Ardbeg rd 
Gillespie J, 2 Eden pi 


Gillespie Mrs, 5 Argyle ter 

Gillespie Jms, manager. Palace cinema, 

ho., Westbourne, (Jrichton rd 
Gillespie Wm., 32 Battery pi 
•Gillies Put;., joiner, Mountpleasant rd 
Gillies Mrs Eliz. S. ana Miss Mrt. E 37 

Ardbeg rd 
Gillies Mrs Jms., 24 Ladeside st 
Gillies John 2S Montague st 
Gillies Tohn, cemetery superintendent, 

Gillies John, ironmonger, 45 Montague 

st ; ho, 19 Argyle st 
Gillies Miss, 4 W Castle st 
Gillies Weil, Brandane ter 
Gillies Mrs Peter, 36 Ladeside 
Gilmour, Miss C, 5 Victoria st 
Gilroy \Vm, 19 Store lane 
Glen Mrs B., 3 Bishop ter 
Glen J, 3 Union st 
Glen Mrs Peter, Glebe lands 
Gold Mrs Jessie, 4 Maiine pi 
Goldstone Mrs, 8 Montagae 
Go>'d , Argyll mansions 
Goodfellow J, 135 High st 
Goodwin John, 2 Hillhouse rd 
Goodwin Mrs Mary, 12 Ardbeg rd 
Gordon, Miss B, Wellparkrd 
Gordon John, 10 the Terrace, Ardbeg 
Gordon T, dentist, 26 Argyle st 
Gorman , 17 Battery house 

Gotten Wm, 74 A rdbeg rd 
Graham Harry, police office, 33 High st 
Graham Jms., engineer, 80 High st 
Graham Peter, 4 W. Castle st 
Graham Miss Eachel, Argyle st 
Granger Miss Janet, 10^ Ardbeg rd 
Grant A, Cro Beg Ardbeg rd 
Grant James jeweller, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Grant John, warehouseman, 7UArdbeg 
Grant Peter, baker, 19 Bridge st 
Grant Rbt M, joiner, 16 Mcuntpleasan f r 
Grant, William, writer, the Hermitage 
Gray Alx., police sergt, 17a Batterypl 

ray Mrs Kliz, Bishop terrace brae 
Gray Mrs George. 40 Mountpleasant rd 
Gray John, 19 Marine pi 
Gray John, Oakshaw. Argyle pi 
Gray Mrs, A rdmory rd 
Green Mrs L, 16 Bridge st 
Grierson Hbt , tailor, 1 Bridge-end st 
Giieve Miss Rosa, 5 Bishop ter b 
Gribben Miss Ame.. 16^ Mountstuart rd 
Griffin Francis, 4 Mansefield pi 
Grindley, D M, 8 Columshill st 
Grindley Miss, Argyle Hotel, Watergate 
Grindley Wm., Columshill st 
Grove Jms., cashier, 5P Mountstuart rd 



27 Victoria street, Rothesay. 

Breakfasts. Dinners. Teas. 


Fruiterer and Confectioner, 

O ders punctually attended to. 79 Montague st 


Family Grocer and Tea Merchant, 

6 Montague street 

Orders called for Every Morning and Promptly attended to. 


Chemist and Druggist, 

94- Montague street 

Photographic Materials. Dark Room. 


Joiner, Glazier, Cabinetmaker & Funeral Undertaker, 

House, 11 Bridge st. 22 Bridge st 

All Orders will have the same Prompt and Careful Attention as formerly. 


Monumental Wo r k s, 

Monuments in Granite, Marble and Freestone. Cemetery Gate 

Designs and Prices on Application. Jobbings Promptly Executed. 


s " c d s f ) i 'harkness, Grocers and Provision Merchants, 

Cooked Meats of all Kinds from the Best Makers always on hand 54 Montague st 

Danish Batter. Belfast Haras. Ayrshire Bacon. Boiled Beef Ham. Boiled Bacon. 
Country Fresh Butter. Bute Eggs. Irish Eggs, Dunlop Cheese, Cheddar Cheese. 


Mountstuart Road, below Glenburn Hydro. 
Sailing Yachts, Motor and Rowing Boats. 

Rowing Roats from Is per hour. Special Terms for Parties per Hour, Day or Week 

Motor Trips Around the Bay and to Adjacent Coasts 


Gunn police sergt Alex. 67 Ardbeg rd 
Guthrie Wm, 17 Wyndham rd 
Guy Miss, 20 Ardbeg rd 


Haddow Miss, 33 Wyndham rd 

Hadley J P, 89 Montague st 

Hagart Rich. B, measurer, 61 Ardbeg rd 

Haggart, Mrs Jessie, 61 Ardbeg rd 

Haig John, blacksmith, 8 Hillhouse rd 

Haig Miss Mary, Seabank bu Idings 

Haig Thos 9 Mansefield pi 

Haig Thos., 76 Montague st 

Hair Jms, grocer, 5 Mill st ; 

Hall Mrs Dr Andrew J, Westland rd 

Hall Dr James S, 11 Battery p] 

Hall Wm, 3 King st 

Halliday Geo , wood merchant, sawmill, 

Union st; ho, Ardlerag, Academy ter 
Halliday Jhn, wood merchant, sawmill, 

Union st ho, Aiddaioch, Academy ter 
Halliday Mlcm., contractor, Oak villa, 

Minister's brae 
Hamilton Andw., grocer, 2 Bridgend 

st ; ho. Meadow view, Barone rd 
Hamilton Andrew, West Castie st 
Hamilton John, moulder, 37 Staffa pi 
Hamilton Peter, 22 Argyle st 
Hamilton Wm., inspector, 1 the Terrace 
Hamilton Mrs, 15 Bridge st 
Hance , 5 Bishop ter br 
Hardie Jms., engineer, Clifton, High 

Harding,Thos., 31 Staffa pi 
Harper John, 5g A gyle pi 
Harper Rankin, labourer, 3 King st 
Harris Robt. 3 King st 
Harrower '1 hos, the Terrace, Ardbeg 
Hart Miss Eliz, 26 Bridge st 
Hart G, 50 Crichton rd 
Hart Mrs Jms., Wyndh&m rd 
Hart Mrs Mgt, Argyle ter 
Harvey C ¥ M'L, 32 Castle st 
Harvey, C ¥ M'L, 21 Mountpleasant rd 
Harvey Miss Eliza, nurse, Tay cottage, 

Barone rd 
Harvey T & G, sprt merchts, Barone rd 
Harvey Mrs Mary, grocer, 27 Mill st 
Harvey Sam, 112 High st 
Harvey Mrs Thos. H., farmer, Windy- 
Harvey Wm , barman, 8 Hillhouse rd 
Harvie John, tobaconist, Eastlan 
Hay Mrs A, 3 Academy ter 
Hay John, stationer, Argyle ter 

a 97 

Hay Miss Margt , 15 Bishop st 

Hay John, 18 Bridge st 

Hayes Peter, Meadowcap 

Heaton James, spirit merchant, 12 East 

Princes st ; ho, 17 Battery house 
Heaton Jms, Carnagh, Elysium 
Heaton John, saddler,77 Montague st 
Heaton Mrs M, Ardbeg villa 
Heaton Mrs Mary, 34 Ardbeg rd 
Heaton Wm. M., printer, 9 Victoria 
Heaton W M, jun., 19 High st 
Hector Geo., jeweller, 57 Ardbeg rd 
Hemp Win, 1 Oroadia 
Henderson Mrs Helen, 15 Mountstuart 
Henderson Mrs James, 163 High st 
Henderson J as, 4 King st 
Henderson Ms Mary, Bute mansions, E 

Princes st 
Henderson Mrs Rebecca, Auchnacloichrd 
Henderson Miss, High Craigmoro 
Henderson Miss, 4 Dean Hood pi 
Henderson , retired postmaster, Lily- 
oak ter 
Henderson Mrs, 12 Mountstuart rd 
Hendry Miss Margt., Eden pi 
Henry Archd., Palace buildings 
Henry Mrs Cath., 72 Montague st 
Henry Jms, Rowanlea, Minister's br 
Henry Wm, 16 King st 
Henry Wm., labourer, 28 Mill st 
Henry, Miss Winifred, 3 Russell st 
Hepburn, J Scrimgeour. writer, Eagles- 
ham, Mountpleasant rd 
Herbert, Mrs A W, Albany ter 
HerdWm. H., 1 King st 
Hicks Geo., chemist and druggist, 2 High 
st and 1 Victoria st ; ho, Krithea, 
Crichton rd 
Higgle Gerrge, printer, publisher, short- 
hand writer & teacher, and insurance 
agent, 22 Bridge st 
Higgins Mrs, Kenmore, Pointhouse 
Higgle Misses Helen and Margaret M'L. 

20 Bridge st 
Hill Miss Cath., 6a Glenrosa pi 
Hill Chs., mason, 10 Battery pi 
Hill. Mrs Eleanor, Wyndham r d 
Hill Miss Elora, 64 Mountstuart rd 
Hill Geo., draper, 80 High st 
Hill G G, M P S, chemist and druggist 

64 Montague st 
Hill Jack, insurance agent, 3 Barone rd 
Hill, M C, 13 Argyle pi 
Hill Robt. H, 1 Russell st 
Hill Miss J, M'Nab's br 
Hill Miss, 65 Ardbeg rd 
Hill Miss, 7 Garthland, Elysium 
Hilton IN , seaman, 20 Bridge-end st 



Painter and Decorator, 

67 High Street 


Fishmonger and Licensed Dealer in Game, 

117 Montague Street 


Nurserymen and Rose Specialises, 

Shop, 13 High Street. Bapone Road 


Grocer and Provision Merchant, 

Orders called for and promptly delivered. 2 Bridgend Street 


Family Bread and Biscuit Baker, 

Cakes made to order. 69 Montague street 

Hot Pies every Saturday Night. 


Ladies'' and Children's Outfitter, 

75 Montague Street 

The Stock comprises the Newest and Most Fashionable Goods. 

Customers can always rely on getting the Finest Quality 



Established 1S63. Telephone 89. 5 Gallowgate 


(Successor to John M'Fie & Son), 

Joiner, Cabinetmaker and Funeral Undertaker, 

House— Achnamara, 14 Marine Plaee. Creek Drive, Ardbeg 

H OUSEHOLDERS- Rot hesay. 

Hislop Robt., 7 Union st 

Hislop Chas, bookbinder, 31 Meadow pi 

Hodge Miss Margt. C, The Terrace 

Hogan, John, 1 Hnssell st 

Hogan Stephen, 8 Columshill st 

Hogg John, writer, Abercorn 

Hogg, Mrs M K, milliner, 15 Argyle 

ho, 1 Mackinlay st 
Hogarth John, seaman, 13 Bishop st 
Hogarth , 7 Tower st 
Holmes Miss Agnes C, Montford house 
Holmes Mrs Andrew, 36 E Princes st 
Holmes Miss Isa., Barone rd 
Holmes John, joiner, 83 Montague st 

h'>, 3 Brandane ter, Barone rd 
Horn Samuel, 28 Bishop st 
Hosie, Mrs Margt, 17 Bishop st 
Hood John. Sophia cot., Ardbeg 
Hood Robt. H., tailor, Gowanfield pi 
Hope, Mrs, 14 Gallowgate 
Houston Andrew, 11 Mansefield pi 
Houston, Mrs Isa. 20 Bishop st 
Houston John, shoemaker, 2 Mill st 

ho, 20 Bishop st 
Houston MrsMrgt. M.,27 Monntstuart rd 
Houston Robt., harbourmaster, Acad- 

aniy rd 
Howard Mrs, Columshill st 
Howie Miss Jnt., 2 Columshill pi 
Howitt Jms ., Ardmoiy rd 
Howitt Mrs Miry, 1 'emerara, Ardbeg rd 
Aughes, H S. 25 Ardbeg rd 
Hughes Jms,, 98 Montague st 
Hughes Stephen, Argyll mansions 
Hume Jms., engineer, Ardmory rd 
Hunter Archd., of M & G. Innes 101 
Montague st : res. Bruan, Bishop ter 
Hunter nd., blacksmith, 65 Victoria s 
Hunter Miss A., 2 « 'rcadia 
Hunter Mi s Annie Y., 43 Mountstuart rd 
Hunter, Mrs Cath, 22 Columsliill st 
Hunter Christina, 6 Hilhi>userd 
Hunter Miss Eliz., Adelaide pi 
Hunter Mis Isa., Minister's br 
Hunter Jms., blacksmith, 24 Argyle st 
Hunter John R , mason, 11 Castie st 
Hunter John, jun, b'ksmith, 27 Colums- 
hill st 
Hunter Miss Mart., 12a Argyle pi 
Huater Miss Mart., 1 The T-rrace 
Hunter P.W., 34» Columshill st 
Hunter Kobt. A., tailor", Ashlea, Mini- 
ster's br 
Hunter Win., builder, Marionslea, 

Minister's br 
Hunter Thos, 31 Barone rd 
Hunter Mrs, 10 J a rdbeg rd 
Hutchison Miss, 20 Argyle st 

Hyndman Mrs And., 4 Minister's br 
Hylidman Dan, slater, 17 Bishop st 
Hyndman Jms , slater, Colbeck pi ; ho, 

3a Vict' 'ria st 
Hyndman Jms.. 129 High st 
Hyndman Peter, PC, 2 King st 
Hyndman Robt, 10 the Terrace 
Hyndman R"bt., Colbeck pi 
Hyndman Mrs , restaurateur, Norman 

Stewart Institute, Montague st; ho., 

4 Bishop st 
Hyndman John, 96 High st 

Inglis, Miss Kate, 3 Mansefild pi 
Innes, M. & G., furniture dealers, 101 

Montague st 
Irvine, Donald, 7 "West Princes st 
Irvine Joseph, 87 High st 
Irvine Male, 28 Blidge st 
Irvine Mrs Sarah, 4 Bishop st 
Irvine Miss nurse, Eastlands 
Irwin J, 1 King st 
Ivtrsen Fred , 22 Watergate 
Ivory Miss, 17 Battery pi 
Izett Miss, Hazelwood, Glebelands 

Jack, Capt. Wm„ Fauldmcre 

Jack ,29 Barone rd 

Jack , 7 Clenro-a pi 

Jack , insurance agent, 12 Bridge st 

Jackson, Charles villa, Skeoch wood 

Jackson, Dvd., 15 Castle st 

Jackson Mrs Flora, Tho> nhill, Argyle st 

Jackson, Ths., brassfounder, 5 Argyle pi 

Jackson, Wm H, banker, 43 Ardbeg rd 

Jamie on, A., 20 Bishop st 

J: mieson, A, hen farm, Minister's br 

Jamieson Arch, 70 Ardl eg rd 

Jamieson Mrs Jeannie, 24 Bishop st 

Jamieson *> m, 48 Ladeside st 

Jamieson J., M.insefieldpl 

Jamison Matth., electrical engineer, 29 

Victoria so 
Japp David, 7 West Princes st 
Jaivey, Mrs Geo., Post Office buildings, 

Bishop st 
Jeffrey, Alex, fisherman, Gowanbrae 
Jeff tey. Robert, 4 Hillhouserd 
Jeffrey Mrs, 8 Hillhouse rd 
Jenkins, Mrs, Bellfield, Barone rd 
Jenkins, Wm., 46 Montague st 
Johnston, Chs, 38 Staffa pi 


LozRasna hotel, 

One minntes walk from Pier. 

Most Beautiful View of the Bay. 

Every Attention given to Families, Tourists and Commercial Gentlemen. 

Parties Boarded by Week. 

Excellent Cuisine and Moderete Tariff. 

'Phone, 115 JOHN LYLE, Proprietor. 

'Phone, 255. 


Rothesay Steam Laundry, 


DAVID BROWN - Proprietor. 

Goods Called for and Delivered by Van. 

rj~ i ~V~» (=> "T~> *=j eg + 


Can always be had at the Shops of the 

Bute Co-Operative Society. 

Made at the Well-Known Bakery of the United Co Operative Baking Soeiety, Ltd, 


Arthur S. Christie, 

Piano. — Organ. — Singing. 

Livopno, Criehton Road. 

BLAKEY'S HOTEL and PENSION, 'Phone, 62, Rothesay 
(Late Hotel and Pension, now Next Door). at Craigmore Pier. 

Liberal Table. Moderate Tariff. S. BLAKEY, Proprietrix. 

First-Class Service, (for 15 years Manageress of the Glasgow Art Club, and 
6 years Proprietrix of Craigmore Hotel & Pension). 



Johnston Mrs Dan., restaurateur, 82 Mon- 
tague st : ho, 84 do 
Johnston, Dune, confectioner, Bridgend 

st ; ho, Achnacloich rd 
Johnston, Mrs Kliz., Ill Montague st 
Johnston, Mrs Georgina, 38 Bridge st 
Johnson H, Gallowgate 
Johnston, Jins, tailur, 26 Montague st 
Johnston Jms, 9 Chapelhill rd 
Johnston, Mrs Jms, 40 Argyle st 
Johnston Jms,Y, tailor, 31 Columsihll st 
Johnston Wm., Delhi House, 19 Craig- 

rnore rd 
Johnston Mrs Wm, 109 Montague st 
Johnston, Mrs, Castlehill st 
Johnston, Miss, Castlehill st 
Johnston Wm, 24 Mill st 
Johnstone, Miss Agnes, 29 Barone rd 
JobDstone, Hugh, joiner. Barone rd 
Johnstone Jms, 10 the Terrace 
Johnston , Jn. D. tinsmith, 37 Staffa pi 
Jones, Mrs Mrgt, 18 Battery pi 
Jones John, butcher, 79 High st ; ho, 5 

Mansefield pi 
Jones Mrs,ll Columshill st 


Kane Mrs Harriet, Adeliide pi 

Kay, Mrs Ann, 22 Argyle st 

Kay Misses, 52 Mountstuait rd 

Kay, Mrs Jms., Barone cottage 

Kean , 17 Batterv pi 

Keay, H R, County Registration officer, 

Auchnacloich id 
Keith, Mrs Jms resuaurateur, 15 Mon- 
tague st ; ho 8 do 
Keith, John, storeman, 4 Mill st 
Keith R, fishesman, 8 Mill st 
Kell John, baker. 30 Ladeside 
KA\ Joseph, 20 Bishop st 
Kell Wm, 74 High st 
Kelly, Dan., carpenter, 36 Staffa pi 
Kelly Thos., coachmaa, 5 Victoria st 
Kemp D, 83 High st 
Kendall Thos , Abbotsford, Barone rd 
Kennedy, A., 87 High st 
Kennedy Ach., ret. shipmr., 22 Colmsl s 
Kennedy And, 7 W Princes st 
Kennedy Aug, cabman, 22 Columshill s 
Kennedy David, Gowa> field pi 
Kennedy, Duncan, 5 Mansefield pi 
Kennedy, Jms., shipmaster, 13 Marine pi 
Kennedy, Mrs My., 13 Marine pi 
Kennedy, Mrs, 16 Castlehill st 
Kennedy Mrs, 36 Columshill st 
Kenneth, W B, fruiterer, 79 Montague 
st : ho, Cordale, Ardbeg rd 


Ker, Miss Agnes, 12 Marine pi 
Kernahan H, 1 the Terrace, Ardbeg 
Kerr, Bernard, 16 High st 
Kerr B, 17 Bishop f-t 
Kerr, Mrs C, 1 and 2 Wimbleton 
Kerr Daniel, 37 Bridge st 
Kerr, Miss Grace, Springbank 
Kerr Hu., coachman, 13 E Princes st 
Kerr Hu., grocer, Abbotsford, Barone 
Kerr, Mrs Hugh S, 1 Mountpleasant rd 
Kerr, James, seedsman, 16 Mountpleas- 
ant rd 
Kerr Jms M. , Hillhouse rd 
Kerr, Mrs Mgt., mirse 17 Bridge st 
Kerr, Mrs, 26 Argyle st 
Kerr Miss, 11a Gallowgate 
Kerr Miss, 4 Hillhouse rd 
Kershaw Miss, Ardmory rd 
Killoch, Mrs Wm., lointhouse crescent 
Kilpatiick John, 11 The Terrace 
Kinchin, John T., heritor, 15 Craigmore 
King Cha<=, 12 the Terrace 
King David, 2 Academy ter 
King Geo G, 41 Victoria, st 
Kirk, Wm.,71£ A.dbegrd 
Kirkhope,Wm., sculptor, Townhead 
Kirkland Ach., solicitor, 60 Crichton rd 
Kirkland , Red House, Craigmore 
Knight, Geo, Hillhouse rd 
Kiikwood, Dvd., cartwright, 111 High 

st ho, 5 Union st 
Kiikwood, Miss Jessie, 8 Montague st 
Kirk wood, Thms., 21 Mountpleasant rd 
Kirk wood , 13 Argyle pi 
Knox, Dune, boatman, 8 E. Princes st 
Knox, James, painter, 77 Montague at 
Knox, Mrs, Fealte, Crichton rd 
Kyle, J., Marine pi 

Laidlaw, Mrs. dairykeeper, ]1 Bishop st 
Laird, Mrs Eliz., High Craigmore 
Laird Mrs Isa, 86 Ardbeg rd 
Lamb Alex. 3 Russell st 
J amont, Miss Chris., 37 E Princes st 
Lamont, Daniel, gas inspector, 48 Ard- 
beg rd 
Lamont, Dan., jun., grocer, 2 Bellvue, 

Barone rd 
Lamont Dan , plumber, 3 Mansefield pi 
Larrnnt, Mrs Don., I Bellvue, Barone rd 
Lamont, Mrs Isabella, 141 High st 
Lamont, J., Windsor pi 
Lamont, John, baker, 23^ Gallowgate ; 

ho, 23 Gallowgate 
Lamont Joiin, F baker, 67 Montague st; 
ho, Gowanbrae 



Beautifully Situate on Craigmore Shore. 

Every Comfort and Satisfaction. Terms Moderate. 

Mrs Bothwell, Proprietrix. 


Painter and Paperkanger, 

House Address— 23 Mountpleasant road 7 Bridgend street 

Estimates Given. Orders Promptiy Attended to. 

James Fisher, Seed, Grain and Potato Merchant, 

5 and 6 King st., and 5 and 7 W. Castle st. 

Finest East Country Seed Oats. Bute and Ayrshire Ryegrass Seed. Seed Potatoes, 
Clorer Seeds and Turnip Seeds of the Various Sorts in their Season. Special Potato, Grain 
and Turnip Manures, my Own Manufacture and Highest Analyses. My Garden Manure 
cannot be surpassed for Vegetables and General Purposes. 'Phone No. 2 



Printed as Button-Holes 


and afterwards retained as Book-Marks 

Commemorating Extra Pleasant Occasions. 

Only from 

W iggie & Coy., Rothesay. 

Scottish Letter Headings, with Verses, &c. . 8d doz. 

Reduction for Quantities. 12 different kinds. Specimens, 3d postal coupons 

HIGGIE & CO., Publishers, Rothesay, Scotland. 


Lamotit Norm., boat-hirer, Windsor pi 
Lamont, Norm, jr, janitor, Chapelhill 
Lang, And , ironmonger, 22 Coluoishill s 
Lang , Dunara, Ascog 

Laughton, Mrs 0, 7 Wyndham rd 
Lauder A'ex. H , Braemar, Academy rd 
Lauder, Miss Cath, 11 Auchnacloich rd 
Lauder Dn F, mechanic, 19 Montague s 
Lauder, Hugh, jeweller, 8 Albert pi; ho, 

1 Crichton r d 
Lauder Miss Jane, Ballochgoy 
Lauder, Mr" Maria, 3 Stuart st 
Iauder, Robt., draper 7 Albert pi 
Lauder, Mrs Wm., 1 Belle vue rd 
Lawrie, John, 9 Minister's br 
Lawrie, John M, Carlowrie, 3 Battery pi 
Lawrie, T, ironmonger, 3l Watergate ; 

ho, Glebelands 
Lawsor, Dvd restaurateur, Victoria st 
Lawson, Mrs Lvd., Ivy Bank, Bridge at 
Lawson Mrs, Thornbank, Ardbeg prom 
Lav/son, Jms. Burnet. M D., 1 Battery pi 
Lavson. Wm J, 59 Mountstuart rd 
Leadbeater Mrs Cath. 36 Bridge st 
Leckie, Mrs Jms, 9 Bishop st 
Leckie, Wm. M., slater, 31 Bridge st 
Lee, Chas, Store lane 
Lees Robt., tobacconist, 51 High st 
Leggat, Mrs, 30 Battery pi 
Leigh John, R N, 5 Bridge st 
Leighton, Wm., cleik, 52 Ardbeg rd 
Leitch, Alex, 22 Russell st 
Leitch Dune, cprpenter, Wyndham rd 
Leitch, Geo, 17a Bishop st 
Leitch, Henry, restaurateur, 4 Argyle st 

ho. Academy rd 
Leitch, Jms., carter, 82 High st 
Leitch John, 21 Russell st 
Leitch Prof , the Gables, Crichton rd 
Lennox, Mrs A. F., 22 Gallowgate 
Lennox, Wrna, Havelock ter 
Lennox , Havelock ter 
Liddle Ann, A Castle st 
Lindsay, Mrs Agnes, 4 W Castle st 
Lindsay Mrs 11 Mountpleasant rd 
Linsely John, organist 13 Barone rd 
Lister, Mrs Alex., Clutha vil, Barone rd 
Lister And., Auchnacloich rd 
Little, Mrs Kobt, 27 Argyle st 
Li vie Mrs Jms, Ardbeg 
Livingstone, Miss Jane, Arthurlie, 

Mountpleasant rd 
Livingstone, Ptr, p. constable, Colbeck p 
Livingstone, Rich., saddler. 14 Castlehill 

st ; ho, 47 High st 
Livingstone Robt, 103 High st 
Livingstone, Wm, teacher, 15 Bridge st 
Lockhart, Mrs Margt.,2 King st 


Lockhart, John, 87 Ardbeg rd 

Lockhart, W., Columshili st 

Locknart Mrs, Arddarroch, Academy rd 

Logan Hu., insurance agent, 18 Ardbeg r 

Longmuir J. 5 Argyle 

Lornie Mrs, 5 Mountpleasant rd 

Love, Jms. D. K., motorman, Gowanlea, 

Columshili st 
Lowe Miss Jane, 41 Argyle ter 
Lowrie Wm, 3 Mill st 
Lowther Thos L, 17a Battery house 
Lugton, Wm., seaman, 2 Minster's br 
Lusk, Miss Cth., 27 Bridgend st 
Lyle Miss Helen, 16 Mill st 
Lyle, John, Lome Hotel, Guildford sq 
Lyle, Robt., builder, Townhead 
Lyle, Miss, Townhead 
Lyle, Mrs Martha, Auchnacloich rd 
Lyle, Misses, George Temperance Hotel, 

Argyle 3t 
Lyle Miss Nellie, 16 Castle st 
Lyle, Wm., chemist and druggist, 13 E. 
Princes st ; ho, The Nook, Auchna- 
cloich rd 
Lyon, Miss Eliz.. 48 Mountstuart rd 
Lyons, Francis, labourer, 21 Russell at 
Lyons John, 7 Columshili pi 
Lyons, Miss Louisa, 5^ Gallowgate 


Mair, Mrs M, 67 Barone rd 

Mair Wm, 94 High st 

Maitland Andw., tailor, 5 Bishop ter 

Maitland Mrs Cath., 12 Crossbill viilas, 

Maitland Misses Eliz and Ann, 5 Bishop 

Maitland Geo., gasfitter, 1 Ladeside 
Maitland, Jms, 119 High st 
Maitland John, porter, 11 Mill st 
Maitland Joseph, grocer, 62 Montague 

st ; ho, Crossbill villas 
Maitland Mrs Thos , 60 High st 
Maitland Wm, 16 King st 
Malcolm Arch , 4 King st 
Malcolm Rbt., cabman, 22 Watergate 
Maltman Mrs Arch., 24 Mill st 
Maitland Mrs Thos., 129 High st 
Maltman Ths. M, steward, 30 Bishop st 
Mann Wm, music shop, Dean Hood pi ; 

ho, Balmoryroad, Ascog 
Manners , Hillside. High Craigmore 
Marsh Chs , painter, 20 Russell st 
Marshall Prof. Dvd.H, 21 Ardbeg rd 
Marshall John N"., M.D., 7 Battery pi 
Marshall Rbt,. 42 Bishop st 



Higgie's Seots Publications. 














oj Typical letter received in pre-war days :— 

g Montreal, July £9th, 1913. 

'g "I was shown a copy of your publication, 'Bonnie Scotland's Resorts,' 

s* while up country, and am desirous of possessing a few of those interest- 
ing books ; so realistically depicting places I have visited, and 'brither 

a Scots.' . Kindly inform me if such can be procured in this country or 

.2 U.S. A , and, if so, where? I would not mind going 500 or 600 miles to 

t| get a few of your small books— so full of interest to the fellow Scot men 

.» I come in contact with here. . . The party who showed me their co py 

2 had it for years I shall be glad if you let me know if you issue othe r 
a Pub.ications along the same lines as the ABC' Resorts of Scotland.' " 
£ Messrs Higgie & Co., Rothesay. 

£ We are now preparing a post-war edition. 


so These Publications are appreciated by intelligent persons outside 

•S Scottieh connection, and we sent (free and direct) from our head 

g office, in Kothesay, copies of Bonnie Scotland's Resorts, &o., 

"g to the Red Cross Hospitals in Scotland, 


ja giving a welcome to the brave Sailors and Soldi rs who had been 

*> fighting in the Great War for Peace on Earth and Good Will to 

£ Men, and we received many thanks for our consideration. 

g One never knows the go>d received in unexpected quarters. A 
.o Scottish soldier, while in an Egyptian hospital, "swapped" 
'£ something with a fellow patient for a booklet on Pitman's Short- 
en hand. He learned the arr, introduced it into the British Army, 
° and presided at the Glasgow celebration of the inventor's centen- 
_a ary -when he indicated the wonderful success of his innovation. 



Marshall Wltr., baker, 36 Columshill st 
Martin, Geoige, Auchnacloich rd 
Martin Miss Jessie, 67 Mount stuart rd 
Martin John & Alex., carriage hirers, 

21£ East Princes st & Chapelhill rd 
Martin Alex, (above firm), 2 Chape hill r 
Martin J, 10 Columshill pi 
Martin, Jms., Palace buildings 
Martin Thos. J., m.a , Sheriff-Substi- 
tute, Auchenross Craigmoie 
Martin Thms, plasterer, 86 A rdbeg rd 
Martin Miss, nurse, 26 Meadow pi 
Martin , joiner, Havelock ter 
Martin , 2 Montford ter 

Mason Mrs, Braemar 
Masterton J. L., Bank of Scotland, 

Guildford sq ; res, Lonsdale. Upper 

Mason Dvd., retired, 30 Mountplea«ant 
Mathers ■ Walter, house furnisher, 3 

Gallowgate and 3 Bridge st ; ho, 2 do 
Mathers, , Mansefield pi 

Matheson Rev Charles, 12 Crichton rd 
Mathieson John, 11 Bridgend st 
Matthew Edward, MA, Wyndham rd 
Maxwell Alex M'L, Bishop ter br 
Maxwell Mrs Kobina, 8 Montague st 
Maxwell Samuel, 17 Gallowgate 
Maxwell Wm., J P, heritor, Ardmory rd 
Maxwe'l M;ss Alderwood, 2 Craigmore 
May Mrs, 26 Castle st 
Mearns Mrs Chris it., 37 Barone rd 
Meikle Arch., steamboat agent, Quay; 

ho, Invergyle, 4 Mackinlay st 
Meikle Miss Helen, 17 Bridge st 
Mtldrum Wm., chemist and druggist, 43 

Victoria st; ho, Thistlebank, Argyle tr 
Melvin Mrs, 12 the Terrace 
Menzies Mrs Eliz., Wyndham pk 
Middleton , 133 High st 
Middleton Mrs, 17 Bishop st 
Millar M>s Andw. M.. grocer, 1 Argyle s 

ho, Argyll mansions 
Millar Mrs Eliz., 12 The Terrace 
Millar Miss Jessie and Sarah, York ter 
Millar Wm, 83 Montague st 
Millar Wm C, Cruden, Eishop ter 
Millar Mrs. Glenheid, Ballnchgoy 
Miller And, 4 Mansefield pi 
Miller Mrs Ann, 25 Staffa pi 
Miller Mrs Cth., 24 Columshill st 
Miller, capt. George, 12 Mountstuart rd 
Miller, Hannah, 4 Battery pi 
Miller Mrs Isa., 36 E Princes st 
Miller Jms., slater, Craigagoil 
Miller Jms., slater, of J Miller & Sons, 

Columshill st; ho, Argyle ter 
Miller'Jms., slater, High st 


Miller, Jms H., 17 Battery pi 

Miller John. 22 Watergate 

Miller Mrs Mary, 3 The Terrace 

Miller Miss Murgt., 13 Mountstuart rd 

Miller Neil, 9 Mansfield pi 

Miller Peter, slater, Ambrisneg 

Miller hobert C, draper, 48 Montague 

st ; ho, Alma ter 
Miller Wm , chimy. sweeper, 13 Stuart s 
Miller Wm, slater, 27 Argyle st 
Miller Miss, 33 A rdbeg rd 
Miller Miss, Barone villa 
Miller Miss, 8 Klysium 
Milihouse Mrs L, Hilhouse 
Milligan Miss iTiz., 34 Argyle st 
Milligan Mrs, Eastlands 
Mils, John S., 27 High st 
Milne, John, 84 Montague st 
Milne Misses, 44 Crichton rd 
Mincher Joseph, ironworker, 1C Terrace 
Mitchell Mis Andw., 20 Crichton rd 
Mitchell Miss Cecilia W, 31 Crichton rd 
Mitchell Geo, chemist, 3 Bishop st 
Mitchell, Wm., brg wikr, Columshill st 
Mitchell Wm., 2 Dean Hood pi 
Mitchell, Miss, Edgermont, 9 Brighton tr 
Moffat Mrs Helen, 19 Store In 
Moffat Mrs Helen, Ardmory rd 
Moffat Michael. 103 High st 
Monaghan Thos., postman, 26 Ardbeg r 
Money Miss 10 Mansefield pi 
Montgomerie, And, 11 Mountpleasnt rd 
Montgomerie Arch., auctioneer, Albert 

pi; ho, Amisfield, Barone rd 
Montgomerie Miss A. B., 49 Barone rd 
Montgomerie Miss Ellen, 17 Gallowgate 
Montgomerie, Frank, Barone id 
Montgomerie Mrs Margt , 47 Barone rd 
Montgomerie, Wm K, Barone rd 
Moodie Miss Oath., Mountstuart rd 
Moodie. R K, 25 Victoria st 
Moodie Wm, veteiinary surgeon, Water- 
gate; ho, 19 Mountstutait rd 
Moore Mrs Ann, 13 Gallowgate 
Moore J, 16 Hillhouse rd 
Moore Miss Marjory, AVyndhampk 
Moore Mrs W., Broomhill, Montford 
Moore Mrs, 16 Castlehill st 
Morgan Dvd., insur. agent, 19 Ardbeg r 
Morison Mrs Christina, 32 Marine pi 
Morris, Mrs Helen. 16 Hillhouse rd 
Morris James, bikev, 35 Barone rd 
Morris Mrs Mary, 37 Mountstuirt rd 
Morris, Mrs Mary, 7i Victoria st 
Moiris Wm., fisherman. 25 Mountpleas- 

ant rd 
Morris , 27 Marine pi 

Morrison Alex., 17 E. Princes st 


Morrison Alex., Battery pi 
Morrison Archd., hairdresser, 92 Mon- 
tague st ; ho, 3 King st 
Morrison Ach., plumber, Stewart villa, 

Baron e rd 
Morrison Bro3., plumbery Watergate 
Morrison M ; ss Isa, 14 Barone rd 
Morrison Jros, plumber, 33 E Princes st 
Morrison Miss, 5 Argyle st 
Morrison John, Hazlecliff, bSa Ardbeg 
Morrison John, upholsteJer, 1 King st 
Morrison John, <> Watergate 
Morrison Mrs M C, Eilonsdale, Upper 

Morrison Bobt., joiner, Chapelhill 
Monison Thos., joiner, &c. , 4 btuart st; 

ho, Mountpleasant rd 
Morrison Wm., 98 Montague st 
Morton John H., diaper, 29 Barone rd 
Moss, Fred, 47 Watergate 
Motley Mrs, 5 Mountstuart rd 
Mowat, Peter M., tailor and clothier, 7 

Bishop st; ho, Hillfoot buildiiif. s 
Muir, Annie, 9 Bishop st 
Muir Mrs Chris., Ahbotsford, Barone rd 
Muir Chs , baker, 17 High st, i7 Argyle 

st; ho, Ardnamara, Academy rd 
Mnir C S, baker, 15 High st 
Muir Colin, 9 Mansefield pi 
Muir Colin K, postman, 1L Mansefield p 
Muir David, 8 Gallowgate 
Muir D, 3 Gallowgate 
Muir Hu , bus driver, Staff a pi 
Muir Jms, 72 Battery pi 
Muir Miss Janet. 5 Argyle pi 
Muir J, 7 Mansefied pi 
Muir, Mrs Mary, 17 Gallowgate 
Muir, Mis Matilda, Thornhill, Argyle pi 
Muir R. 10 Mansefield pi 
Muir Thos, 22 Bridge st 
Muir Mrs 8 East Princes st 
Muirhead Thos., Silverknowe, 57 Crich- 

ton rd 
Munro Arch, Plantation via, Argyle ter 
Munro John G., shopman, 52 Ardbeg rd 
Munsie Mrs Khz, 113 High st 
Muir Wm. C, diaper, 19 Montague st ; 

ho, Ahbotsford, Barone rd 
Murdoch Ang., shomkr., 24 Watergate ; 

ho, 9 Castle st 
Murdoch John, plumber, 7 Mansefield 


Mure Bobt. M, 7 Wvndham rd 
Murphy Mich, 113 High st 
Murray Miss Ann, 60 High st 
Murray And. joiner, 17i Marine pl 
Murray Mrs Cecilia, 13 Argyle pl 
Muirav, mis Cath 7 Mill st 


Murray Mrs Eliz., 11 Mansefield pl 

Murray John, heritor, Eastlands rd 

Murray Mrs Mary, 17 Marine p 

Murray Thos., joiner, Bellevue rd 

Murray Wm, 9 Bishop st 

Murray Wm., joiner. 36Columshill st 

Murray Mrs, Mountpleasant 

Mutch, Jh W, postman, 66 Montague st 

Mylne Miss Mrgt. M., 73 Ardbeg rd 


McAleese J. F, 6 Academy ter 
McAleese Misses, 5 Bridge st 
McAlpine Duncan, 2 Chapelhill rd 
McAlpine Ths., labourer, 103 High st 
McAlpine , 25 ColumshiU st 
Mc Ar/avy Jas, Healtheries, Canada hill 
McArravy Mr-<, Marlborough, Batery pl 
McA'a Miss Chris, 25 Crichton rd 
McAra, , Dunara, 3 Brighton ter 
McArravy, P, 19 Kussell st 
Mc Arthur Miss Chis., Firwood 
Mc Arthur 1>. 4 Minister's br 
McArthur Mrs Dan., 1 ColumshiU pl 
McArthur Don., gardener, 18 Ladeside 
McArthur Ed., postman, 94 High st 
McArthur Jms , music teohr, Woodview 
McArthur Jms, 2 Ladeside 
McArthur Miss Maiy, 2 Craiizmore rd 
McArthur Peter A, draper, 10 Albert pl 

ho, Alma ter 
McArthur Robt; 4 Mountple.isant rd 
McArthur Wm., slater, 10 ColumshiU st 
McAulay mis, Eden pl 
McAulay Mrs Mary, 1 ColumshiU pl 
McAulay Mrs Mary, 26 Mountstuart rd 
McAuslan Wm. A., inland revenue ofcr., 
Barone rd 

McBarnet Mis, 19 Argyle st 

McBirnie Ths , Woodview, Glebelands 

McBride AS, J P, drmondthu, East- 

McBride Jms., joiner, John st; ho, Cliff 
cot., High Craigmi ire 

McBride Mrs Mary June, Hi. Craigmore 

McBride Bbt., blacksmith, John st ; ho, 
Summerlee, Hi. Craigmore 

McBride, Peter, 52 Montague st 

Mc<"!all Malcolm, Brandane ter 
McCallum Adm, 2 Bishop ter 
McCallum Miss Ann, Battery pl 
McCallum Mrs Ann,Holyrood, Barone rd 
McCallum Miss Cath., 58Crichton rd 
McCallum, Mrs Colin, 4 Mountplesant rd 


McCallum Misses, 8 Battery pi 
McCallura Donald of John McCallum & 

Son, joiners, 50 High st;ho, Barone rd 
McCallum Duncan, Ardbeg 
McCallum John, banker, Savings bank, 

7 Caste st ; ho, Elderslie, Serpentine 
McCallum Mrs Mary, 74 Ardbeg 
McCallum Mrs 'Neil, grocer. 96 Montague 

st; ho, 84 do 
McCallum Neil, 16 Hillhouse rd 
McCallum 'I hos., blacksmith, 9 Mill st 
McCallum Wm., 3 King st 
McCallum Mrs 4 Columshill pi 
McCallum , nurse, 13a E. Princes st 
McCanna, Eev U,!2 Brighton ter 
McCarthy Miss Alice, ladies' furnisher, 

21 & 59 Montague st ; ho, Clan villa, 

Bridge st 
McClure A ex, Gowanfieldpl 
McClure Miss Jessie., 18 Battery pi 
McColl, A S, grocer. 9 Gallowgate 
McColl Mrs Hugh, 37 E. Princes st 
McColl Mrs Jms., 33 E. Princes st 
McColl, Malcolm, purser, Barone rd 
McColl P^ter, jun., Meadow pi 
McComish , 7 W Princes st 
McConnechy Miss Mrt, nuise, 21 Koslinp 
McConnell Miss Chris., Indies' outfitter, 

21 & 59 Montague st ; ho, Elmbank 
Connell John 9 Chapelhill rd 
McCord Mrs John, Craigielea, Ardbeg 
McCord Bobt. , mason, Albert mansions 
McCormick Sam., mason, 5 Bridge st 
McCormick , 41 Watergate 
McCiaMiss, Craigmore 
McCrae Miss Jane, 21 Argyle st 
McCree Miss, Montford cot 
McCready John, 5 Bridge st 
Mc( 'ready, Mrs , 83 Montague st 
McCreath Mrs, 6 Hillhouse rd 
McCrindle Kobt, 29 Ardbeg gd 
McCristal John, Minister's Brae 
Macrone Alex, Glenburn cot 
Macrone Jms., draper, Townhead 
Macrone Miss Jeannie, Barone rd 
McCrone John, tailor, Bishop ter br 
McCione Miss, teacher, 47 High st 
McUruden, Jms, 8 Mansefield pi 
McCuaig, Mrs 31 Columshill st 
McCulloch 4b' Ardbeg id 

McCulloch Jms, flesher, Bellevue, Bat- 
tery pi 
McCulloch John, 21 Battery pi 

McDade Mrs Agnes, 20 Marine pi 
McDermott Sam., 103 High st 
McDonald Alex., "Victoria villa, Barone 


McDonald Miss Cth., 56 Ladeside 
McDonald Hu., 52 High st 
McDonald J., 8 Mill st 
McDonald Jms, 3 Russell st 
McDonald Jas, confectioner, 20 Bishop 
McDonald John, gardener Aidencraig 
McDonald John, stoker, High st 
McDonald John, teacher, 18 Mouni- 

pleasant rd 
McDonald John, writer, Ascog 
McDonald Mrs Jn, 11 Columshill st 
McDonald Miss Margt, High Craigmore 
McDonald Mrs Mary, 16 Hillhouse rd 
McDonald, Murd, 38 Bishop st 
McDonald. Peter, 41 Victoria st 
McDonald Ronald, Clifton, Argyle pi 
McDonald Miss. 3li Ardbeg rd 
McDonald Mrs, 31 Columshill st 
McDonald Miss, i7a Battery pi 
McDonald , E Princes st 

McDonald Mrs, IS Gallowgate 
McDougall Alex, Westwnod, Argyle tr 
M'Dougall Mrs Ann, 2 t'hapelhil! rd 
McDougall Dan., carrier. 22 Watergate 
McDougall Dn., shipm. ster, 21 Argyle 


McDougall Miss Janet, Park pi 
McDougall John Rosehill, Academy rd 
McDougall John, teacher, Montford 
McDougall Miss J rsainy, 24 Aigyle st 
McDougall, J, 71 Victo ia sc 
McDouyall Misses, Montford house 
McDougall M ary, Palace buildings 
McDougall, Rbt, confectioner, 6 Argyle 

st ; ho, 7 Wyndham park, Ardbeg 
McDougall Ts. P.O. overseer, 1 Ciosshill 

villas, Glebelands 
McDougall Miss, Fearnoch, High Craig- 
McDougall Mrs, 35 Wyndham rd 
McDowell, Miss Janet, 87 Ardbeg rd 

McElhaw , Park place, Bridge st 
McEwan Mrs Annie, 98 Montague st 
McEwan Miss Cath., Ardbeg 
McEwan Colin, 5 the Terrace 
McEwan Dun., Auchuacloichrd 
McEwan Dune, Holyrood 
McKwan John, organist, Rosf-hill 
McEwan Major, Birchwood, Glebe nc» 

McFadyen John, gardener, 10 Terrace 
McFadyen M, 15a Marine pi 
McFarlane Mrs Annie, 26 Argyle st 
McFarlane Arch, gardener, 4 Colbeck pi 
McFarlane Miss Ctb., Ardmory rd 
McFarlane Miss K A D, 31 Battery pi 
McFarlane G., boat-hirer Academy rd 


McFarlane H, 74 High st 
McFarlane Miss Margt,< 'sborne pi 
McFarlane Miss Mary, 10£ Ardbeg rd 
McFarlane Robt., inspector of postmen, 

8 Argyle st 
McFarlane Sam., 11 Bridge st 
McFarlane Stwt., blacksmith, 99 Ardbeg 
McFarlane r>r Wm. , Eastlands rd 
McFarlane , Bellevue, Battery pi 
McFarlane , cottage, Wimbleton 
McFeat John, E. Princes st 
McFie Arch, burgh worker, Eden pi 
McFie Don., tailor, 36 Bishop st 
McFie Jms., florist, 34 E Princes st 
McFie Misses Janet & Sarah, Thornhill 

Argyle pi 
McFie John, 3 Bishop ter br 
McFie John, carter, 19 Castle st 
McFie John, painter, Barone rd 
McFie Robt, house painter, 65 High st ; 

ho, Inkerman ter 
McFie Rbt., 30 Castle st 
McFie Mrs Sarah, Palace buildings, 24 

E. Princes st 
McFie Wm, carter, 16 Mill st 
McFie Wm, joiner, 47 Ardbeg rd 
McFie Wm., joiner, Croft lodge 
McFie Mrs, 4 Mountpleasant rd 

McGallaglay Cornelius, pawnbroker, 

Bellevue id 
McGanity Mrs, 16 High st 
McGanity, Wm., 22 East Princes st 
McGaw Alex., joiner, Mountpleasant rd 
McGeachy Misses, 43 Barone rd 
McGilivary Arch, farmer, Eastlands 
McGilivary Mrs Chris., 2 Mansefield pi 
McGilvary Duncan, 64 High st 
McGilvary Malcolm, plasterer, 2 Manse - 

Geld pi 
McGilivary Hector, 16 Hillhouse rd 
McGilvary John, compositor, Hazleton 

Barone rd 
MGilp, Daniel, carrier, 3 Tower st ; ho, 

Bishop ter 
McGilp Dan jun, 5 Bishop ter br 
McGinnes, Stewart villa, Barone rd 
McGlashan Mrs Pete, 6 Hillhouse rd 
McGlashan , Gowanfield pi 

Mc^ough John, Havelock ter 
McGow*n Hngh. 54 High st 
McGovern John, J 25 High st 
McUowan, 1 achlan, 103 High st 
McGowmii Mis Mary, 22 Watergate 
McGnwan Mrs Kobt., 38 Argyle st 
McGowan. Kbt., cabman, 37 Bridge st 
McUrandles Jms., 106 High st 


McGregor Hectr, flesher, 14 Bridgend si 
McGregor Wm. , saddler. 91 Ardbeg rd 
McGugan Mrs Dan., 59 Ardbeg rd 
MaGuire John, fisherman, 19 High st 
McGuire Thos., blacksmith, 19 Castle st 
McGuire Jms, 19 Castle st 
McOuire Mrs, broker, 31 Mill st 
McGurk Mrs 11, Albert pi 

Mcllr >y Jms., stoker, 76 Montague st 
Mcllroy Wm, mason, 19 Store In 
Mcllroy Mrs, 5 Bishop terrace brae 
Mcllroy , 25 Bridge st 
Mclnnes Mrs Eliz. , Wyndham rd 
Mcintosh B, 28 Montague st 
M'Jntosh Mrs Angus, 27 High st 
Mcintosh, Donald, 27 Argyle tt 
Mcintosh uon., engineer, Pointhousecr 
Mcintosh Mrs Isa., i 'xenford, Barone rd 
Mcintosh Jms, joiner, 40 Bishop st 
Mcintosh Mrs Magt., 177 High st 
Mcintosh, Mrs Rachel, 6 Watergate 
Mcintosh Mrs Stuart, 22 Craigmore rd 
Mcintosh Mrs 4 Mansefield pi 
Mcintosh Miss, 2 Grcadia 
Mclntyre Alex., 14 Staff a pi 
Maclntyre Mrs Alstr, Bellevue, Marine p 
Mclntyre Chas., 98 Montague st 
Mclntyre David, 22 Watergate 
Mclntyre Jms., flesher, 81 Montague st 
Mclntyre John, 2 the Terrace, Ardbeg 
Mclntyre John, Pointhouse crescent 
Mclntyre John, 54 Ladeside 
Mclntyre Mrs Jn., Marine pi 
Mclntyre Mrs Mai., 23 Barone rd 
Mclntyre Mrs Margr., 41 Victoria st 
Mclntyre Mrs, Cndercliffe 
Mclntyre Mrs, 27 Bridge st 
McTver Jms., boat hirer, 15 Argyle pi 
Mclver Neil, quarrier, Broad cioft 
McKay Arch.. 45 Watergate 
McKay Charles, tailor, 39 Victoria st 

ho 42 Mountpleasant rd 
McKay Chas. jun, insurance agent, 30 

Ca3tle st 
McKay Mrs John, 34 Mill st 
McKay Mrs John, farmer, Barone park 
McKay, Kenneth, Aca lemy rd 
McK^y Miss Magt., 9 Kir Buildings 
McKay Neil, 21 Columshill st 
McKay Wm., compositor Kir buildinge, 

Chapelhill id 
McKay Wm. , steward, 9 High st 
McKay Wm.. Minister's br 
McKay Mrs, 22 Staffa pi 
McKean Mrs M B, Hol.vrood, Barone rd 
McKechnie Mrs Mast., 4 Hillhouse rd 
McKechnie Mrs John, Gowanfield pi 


McKechnie, Mrs Margt, 17 Bishop st 
McKellai Mrs Agnes, 26 Argyle st 
McKellai Chas., plasterer, 55 Ardbegrd 
McKellar Duncan, shipping agent and 

contractor. Victoria villa, Barone rd 
McKellar Hector, shipping agent and 

contractor, Springbank, Chapelhill rd 
McKellar Hugh, draper, 70 Ardbeg rd 
McKellai John., 38 Bishop st 
McKellar Mrs Margt., 43 Ardbeg rd 
McKellar Mrs Margt., 90 Montague st 
McKellar Mrs Peter, Burnbank ter 
McKellar Robt, 4 Mansefieidpl 
McKellar Robt., 33 Crichton rd 
Mcivelvie Wm., labourer, 2 John st 
McKendrick Walter, sheriff officer, 29 

Watergate ; ho, 15 Castle st 
McKendrick Wm, travlr., 27 Ardbeg rd 
McKendry Ach , 7 Union ?t 
McKenzie, Colin, 78 High st 
McKenzie Don. 1 Union st 
McKenzie Mrs Eliz., 26 Ardbeg rd 
McKenzie, John, 19 Russell st 
McKenzie Mrs May, 4 Columshill pi 
McKenzie Murdoch, publisher, Fxpre-is, 

11 Montague st ; ho., Seaforth, Crich- 
ton rd 
McKenzie R., 16 Windsor pi 
McKenzie Thomas, 23 Bridgend st 
McKenzie Miss, Mountstuart rd 
McKenzie, Mrs, Carlton, Battery pi 
McKenzie Miss matron, Robertson 

Stewart hospital, High st 
Mackie Janet, 18 Battery pi 
Mackie K, Kir buildings, Chapelhill rd 
Mackie, Thomas, Mountpleasant 
McKillop Mrs Ann, 27 E. Princes st 
McKillop, Miss, 16 Castle st 
McKinlay A. M., architect., 6 Castle st 

ho, Inkermanter, Ballochgoy 
McKinlay Miss M, 32 Battery pi 
McKinlay Misses Margt. and Marianne, 

Fernycrag, 12 Crichton rd 
Mackinlay R. A, Fernycrag, Cricht >n rd 
McKinnon Chs., boilermaker, 10 Marine 


McKinnon Mrs Ellen, Havelock ter 
McKinnon Daniel, mate, 15 High st 
Mackinnon James, accountant. 11 Albert 

pl ; ho, Royal ter 
McKinnon Mrs John, grocer, 6 Montague 

st ; ho, Barone rd 
McKinnon Mrs Margt, Glenhead 
McKinnon, Mrs Mary, Academy rd 
McKinnon Sarah, 3 1 ogie pl 
McKinnon Mrs, Lilyoak ter 
McKinnon Mrs, Meadow < ottage 
McKinnon Mrs, 33 Victoria st 


McKinnon, Mrs Janet, 17 Bishop st 
McKinven, D., insurance agnt, 15 H i 
McKirdy Mrs Georgina, Fergusson pl 
McKirdy Mrs Hugh, Mackinlay st 
McKirdy Jms., 18 Russell st 
McKirdy Jhn, blacksmith, ISRustellst 
Mackirdy Taggart, coal merchant, 34 
Bishop st 

McLachlan Mrs Agnes, 12 Argyle st 
McLachlan Alex. T., 42 Bishop st 
McLachlan Arch., 26 Cclutnshill st 
McLachlan Camp., porter, 2 Mill st 
McLachlan Dan., 5 Bridge st 
McLachlan Dug., labourer. 3 Stuart st 
McLachlan Du>?, 2 Mountstuart rd 
Maclachlan John, hatter, 67 Montague 

st ; ho, Mountpleasant rd 
McLachlan Mrs M^ry, 41 Victoria st 
McLachlan Robt., 6 Columshill st 
McLachlan Robt., 18 Columshill st 
McLachlan Walter, W 7 Princes st 
McLachlan Wm. labourer, 19 Russell st 
McLachlan Miss, Burnbank ter, Ardbeg 
McLachlan , Adelaide pl, Mount- 

stuart rd 
Maclagan Thomas, writer, 28 Castle st 

ho, Uxenford, Barone rd 
McLaren Miss Annie, 29 Argyle ter 
McLaren Jms, nurseryman, Serpentine 

McLaren John, nurseryman, Braeside 
McLaren Wm., 17 Russell st 
McLauchlan, John, flesher, 41 Watergte 
McLay John, coalmastr, 32 Mountstuart 

McLay Robt, salesman, Bridgend st 
McLay, Miss, Eealte, Crichton rd 
McLea, Miss Jane, dressmaker, 39 Ar- 
gyle st 
McLea Mrs Maria, Havelock ter 
McLean Andw., saddler, 7 W. Princes st 
McLean Chs., grocer, 30 Mill st ; ho, 14 

Columshill st 
McLean Dan., flesher, 38 Columshill st 
McLean, Don., Toward view, Ardbeg 
McLean, Donld, burgh worker, S3 Mon- 
tague st 
McLean Mrs Don., 16 Ladeside 
McLean Duncan, 2 Bridge, st 
McLean Ed, 17 Gallowgate 
McLean Hu„ carter, 2 Bridge st 
McLean Jms, Toward view, Ardbeg rd 
McLean John, 3 Mansefield pl 
McLean Jms., inspectoi of slaughter 

house, 14 Ladeside 
McLean Miss Jane, 34 Mill st 
McLean Mrs Jean, 24 Bridge st 


McLean Mrs Jessie, 2 Chapelhill rd 
McLean John, 10 Columshill st 
McLean John, 87 High st 
McLean, 103 High sb 
McLean John, fisheries:), 32 Mill st 
McLean Lanhlan. slater, Bourtiie pi, 

High *b 
McLean Milora, carter, 40 Columshill st, 
McLean Male, shopman, 29 Columshill st 
McLean Mary, 7'Union st 
McLean Mrs Mary, 19 Castle st 
McLean Neil 34 Mill st 
McLean Peter,, clerk, 3 Mackinlay st 
McLean Simon, Naval reserve, 29 Co- 
lumshill st 
McLean i'hs , blacksmith, 9 Battery pi 
McT ean M> s Wm., 7 Columshill pi 
McLean Wm, 15 High st 
McLean Mrs, 46 Montague st 
McLeish Rbt., porter, 20 W Princes 
MoLellan Mre Ann, 17 Bridge st 
McLellan Dvd., bridgeman, 27 Colums- 
hill st 
MsLellan Mrs Don, 90 Montague st 
McLellan Jms, steward, 31 Co unishill s 
McLellan John, cabman, 84 Montague st 
McLellan Male, postman, 27 Argyle st 
McLellan Mi33 Mary, 27 Ar«yle st 
McLellan Wm., cabman. 84 Montjguest 
McLellan Mr-, Achnacloich rd 
McLalland Mrs Ellen, 11 Bridge st 
McLeod, Mrs Donald, 6 Battery pi 
McLeod Mrs John, 1 Union st 
McLeod Miss Mry, Adelaide pi 
McLeod Mrs, Argyle ter 
McLeod Miss, 3 Craigmore rd 
McLintock Geo. M., architect, 5 High 

st ; ho, 17 Wyndham rd 
McLuckie Miss, 10 Wyndham rd 

McMeekan Jas, baker, Woodend pi, E 

Princes st ; ho, 2 Bishop ter br 
McMillan Arch., barber, 7 High st ; ho, 

15 Bridge st 
McMillan Mrs Arch., 2 Bishop ter br 
McMillan Mrs Cth., 4 W, Princes st 
McMillan Mrs Chris., 9 & JO Argyle pi 
Macmillan Eben K, J P, master m.ariner 
Claremont, Argyle ter ; business ad- 
dress, 18 Argyle st ; 'phone, 92. 
McMillan James, manager, McKirdy & 
McMillan, carriage - hirers, Albert 
mansion, 1 East Princes st 
McMiliai Mrs Jane, 137 High st 
McMillan Js S, Woodlea, Hi. Craigmore 
McMillan Jim, dairyman, 20 WPrinces 
McMillan John, farmer, Knockanreoch 


McMillan John 97 Montague st 
McMillan Jhn. potato merchant, High 

st ; ho, Concord villa, C dumshill st 
McMillan Mary, 12 The Terr tee 
McMillan Thos. quarrier, 16 Store In 
McMillan Wm., grain mercht, John st 

ho, Barone rd 
McMillan Wm, carter, Manserield pi 
McMillan Mrs Wm.. 12 The Terrace 
McMurchie John, 86 High st 
McMurray Miss Su-an 36 Mountstuart r 
McMurry Thos., 4 Klysiurn 
McMurray , 7 Gallowgate 

McNab Alx , joiner, &c, 24 Watergate ; 

ho, Holyrood, Barone id 
McNab Alex M, P O oversee, 16 Auch- 

nacloich rd 
McNab, Ed H, clerk, 84 Montague st 
McNab Hamltn., grocer, 84 High st 
McNab, Henry, joiner, Glenhead 
McNab Jms, 9 Chapelhill rd 
McNab Jms , joiner, 25 Montague st 
McNab John, tinsmith, W, Princes st 

ho, Inkeiman ter 
McNab Misses Mart. S & Mry. A, 16 

Craigmore rd 
McNab John W,, tinsmith, Ardmory rd 
McNab Russell, postman, 30 Bishop st 
Macnair, Mrs D, Albany rd 
McNair Wm., Westland rd 
McNair Walter, tailor, Bishop st 
McNally Miss, nurse, 38 Columshill st 
Mc Naught, Mrs Euph., McNab's br 
McNaughton Hu. A, blacksmith, 145 

High st 
McNeil Ann. 31 Mountstuart rd 
McNeill Mrs Annie, Windsor pi 
McNeil, Arch, 12 Ladeside 
McNeil Don, 46 Montague st 
McNeill Mis Eliz., 46 Ladeside 
McNeill Miss Jane, 24 Argyle st 
McNeill John, car driver, 1 The Terrace 
McNeill Mrs Josephine, E Princes st 
McNeill Jms , 36 Columshill st 
McNeill Bobt, Orcadia 
McNeill Thos., cabman, 7 Bishop st 
McNeil Tbos. H. 28 Argyle st 
McNeill Miss, Clifton Boarding house, 

Argyle ter 
McNeill Miss, Hillside 
McNeil Mrs, 46 Montague st 
McNeil Miss, 30 Mountstuart rd 
McNicol Miss Agnes, 4 E Princes st 
McNicol Arch, seaman, Gowanfield pi 
M'Nicol Duncan, Mountpleasant 
McNicol Duncan, 5 the Terrace 
McNicol Jms., baker, 87 Montague st; 

ho, Auchnacloich rd 


MeNicol Neil, baker, 81 Hieh st 
MeNicol Peter, 1 Columshill pi 
MeNicol Mi-s M., i7a Battery p 
MeNicol Miss, tobacconist, Bishop st 
MeNicol Mrs 24 Castle st 
McNiven Alex., 70 Ardbeg rd 
McNiven Alex., factor, 36 Bishop st 

McPhail Miss Agnes, 6 Watergate 
McPhail Dugd., seaman, Ardbeg 
McPhail Don., Westvvood 
McPhail Dug, 3 Bishop ter br 
McPhail John, 47 Argyle st 
McPhail Male, 38 Columshill st 
McPhail Neil, Columshill st 
McPhee Mrs Hu., 2 Argyle st 
MePhee Male, farmer, Lochly 
McPhee Ptr, coachman, E Princes st 
McPherson , 29 W Princes st 

McPherson Miss F., ladies' furnisher, 4J 

McPherson Mrs Hu., 3 Logie pi 
McPherson, John, 98 Montague st 
McPherson Jhn, labourer, Monatgue st 
McPherson Mrs Mary, 20 Mill st 

MeQuistan John, plasterer, John st; ho, 
58 Montague st 

McRa Misses Jessie and Mary, 6 Crai- 

McBeavy Mrs John, 12 Bridge st 
McKitchie , spit-mereht, 20 Gallow- 
gate ; ho, Union st 

McSally Miss Alice, Montgomery house, 

Mc^plly Miss Agnes "Wellpark house 
McSeveny, Isaac. 37 Bridge st 
MoStay J., shoemaker, 13 Bridgend st 
McStay Peter, 95 High st 

McTavish Edward, Firwood 

McVake R bert, 27 Argyle st 
McVicar Jessie, 16 Battery pi 
Mc Vicar miss, 24 West Princes st 
McViiar, Mrs, 18 Battery pi 

McWilliam Rev J Morrell, Craigmore 

Parish church ; linnse, Wellpark rd 
Mc Williams Mrs, 66 High st 


Napier Mrs May, 8 Hillhoase rd 
Napier Thos., plumber, and bonmonger, 
68 Montague st ; ho. , 4 Hillhouse id 


Napier Wm., restaurateivr, 111 Mon- 
tague st 
Napier , gas worker, 83 High st 
Nauier , 90 Montague st 
Neill Mrs Eliz, 2 Mansfield pi 
Neill Mrs Jessie D, Orcadia 
Neill Thos., 7 W. Princes st 
Nielleay Miss Ellen. 16 High st 
NeilsonMiss Ann, 51 Mounlstuart rd 
Neilson Jms, 71 Victoria st 
Nelson, Miss Janet, 23 Castle st 
Neilson Miss Janet, 73 Ardbeg ri 
Neilson Mi3s Margt., 20 Ardbeg rd 
Neilson, Mrs Maigt., 4 W Castle st 
Neilson Mrs Mary, 87 Ardbeg rd 
Neilson Thomas, house factor, Ardbeg 
Neilson Mrs, 44 Argyle st 
Nelson John, 72 Ardheg rd 
Nelson M G, accountant. Ardbeg rd 
Nihlock Thos, 2 Mansfield pi 
Nicol Donald, 109 Montague st 
Nichol Mrs Helen, 41 Ardbeg 
Nioho son John, commission agent, 

a c dbeg rd 
Nicholson Mrs Margeret McLea, dress- 
maker, 20 Bridge st 
Nicholson Neil, seaman, 37 E. Princes st 
Nicholson Pobt., postman, 20 Bridge st 
Nisbet John, cabman, 6 Bridge st 
Nisbet Miss, Mayflower, Barone rd 
Nisbet , 38 B Princes st 

Noble James, shop manager, 4 Montford 

Noble, Jas, foreman plumber, 21 Co- 
lumshill st 
Nugent, Nath., tailor, 7 Bishop st 

Oaten Jas, 17 Bishop st 
Ogilvie Thos , 18 Columshill st 
IMpihant Geo. S. , shoemaker, 18 Rus- 
sell st 
Oliphant Joseph, 3 Russell st 
O'Hara Patiick, grinder, 83 Montague st 
O'Kane Patrick, 4 Minister's br 
O'Neill Mrs Aynes, 19 High st 
O'Neill Hu., 16 Highst 
O'Neil Jms, engineer, Palace buildings 
O'Neill Jms, fishmonger, Woodend pi 
O'Neill Mrs Margt., 125 High st 
Orkney Ms , 6 Orcadia 

Orr John, blacksmith, 6a Castle st 
Orr Wm. Yuill, Ciichton rd 
Orr, Mrs, Elderslie, High Craigmore 
Orr , Fraserton. 5 Brighton ter 
Owens, Miss Ella, 22 Bishop st 


Papple The, 3 Russell st 

Park Geo., HD, B ae-an-dune, Albany tr 

Park Miss Isa, 89 Baron e rd 

Park Jms, bleacher, Albany rd 

Park Mrs, 24 Castlebill st 

Parker T., joiner, 16 Mill st 

Parker , Mansefield pi 

Paterson Mrs Ann, 16 Castle st 

Paterson Chas., C R steamboat agent, 19 

Argyle pi 
Paterson Geo., 10 "Watergate 
Paterson Geo. H., West wood 
Paterson Mrs He'en, 7 Chapelhill rd 
Paterson Dr John, 15 Marine pi 
Paterson John, gas stoker, Columshill st 
Paterson John, 24 Argvle st 
Paterson John, slater, 31 Columshill st 
Paterson Mrs John, 29 Victoria st 
Paterson, Mrs L, Nettlebrae cot, Ardbcg 
Patei son Miss M, 15 Castle st 
Paterson Mrs Margt. W., 3 Royal ter 
Paterson, Mrs M., 72 Ardbeg rd 
Paterson, Robt., carter, Se.abank bldigs 
Paterson Robt., slater & cement worker, 

50 High st ; ho, Croft lodge, Argyle st 
Paterson Miss, Serpentine rd 
Paterson Mrs, 17a Battery house 
Paterson Mrs, Desmond bank, Wellpark 
Paterson Mrs, 40 Mountpleasant rd 
Paterson Dr, 15 Marine pi 
Pattison M>s, 3.^ Victoria st 
Paton Aug., carpenter, 96 High st 
Paul Geo., 21 Russell st 
Peacock Alex. H., plumber, 23 High st; 

ho, 14 Mountstuart rd 
Peacock Mrs A"nie Mary, 17 Battery pi 
Peacock Geo.. 21 Battery pi 
Peacock Miss Tane, 25 Wyndham rd 
Peddie Robt., printer, 6 Mansefield pi 
Pendre'gh Mrs, 159 High st 
Pendreigh John, labourer, Mountstuart 
Pendreigh Wm , 25 Gallovvgate 
Penney Dr Dvd. J., surgeon. Battery pi 
Penney Dun H, gardener, 31 Battery pi 
Pennicuik Mrs, JtCastlands 
Perston Alex., Palace buildings 
Perston Gavin, postman, 54 Ladeside 
Perston Thos, linesman, 24 Bridge st 
Perston Mrs Wm., 3 Bishop ter br 
Peters , Plantation via, Argyle ter 
Pettigrew J M, Tighnamara, Montford 
Pettigrew Miss Margt., 45 Ardbeg rd 
Phillips Mrs, 18 Bridge st 
Pinkerton Mrs Magt., Concord villa, 

Columshill st 


Pinkerton Jas., mason, 10a Bridgend st 
Pirie Mrs M, Osborne temperance hotel, 

87 Victoria st 
Plumpton Alex, Dehli House, 19 Craig- 

more rd 
Pollock Mrs Ann, Colbeckpl 
Pollock, Jas, 12 Argyle st 
Pollock Wm C, Laurels, Craigmore rd 
Ponton Arch., Mountpleasant rd 
Porter Ben, auctioneer, 5 Argyle st 
Porter John, accountant, Eastlandsrd 
Porter, John, JohD, 22 Marine pi 
Porter, Mrs Mary, 22 Ma' ine pi 
Portree, , Lilyoak ter 

Powell J. S., Alexandria, Craigmore 
Prentice Mrs Geo, outfitter, 25 Victoria 

st; ho., Auchnacloieh rd 
Prentice Miss, 63 Ardbeg rd 
Proudfoot Miss, Mountstuart rd 
Proudfoot, Mrs John, 87 Barone rd 
Provan C. N., 30 Castle st 
Puddy Sidney, 58 Montague st 
Pullen Chas J, motor hirer, 23 Bridge st 
Purdon Miss, Toward view. Ardbeg rd 
Purvis Alex, painter, 5 Columshill pi 


Quin Mrs Jane, 9 Bishop st 
Quin Miss Margt, 1 Union st 

Ramsay Mrs Dvd, 97 Montague st 
Ramsay Rev D J, Cbaplehill Free Ch 
Ramsay Hu., tobacconist, 20 Argyle st 

3 The Terrace, Ardbeg 
Ramsay Mrs Margt., 10 Gleniosa pi 
Rankine Miss Isa., 19 Store In 
Rankin J., 19 High st 
Rankine. Jms, 97 Montague st 
Rankin MissJessie D. , 9 Albert pi 
Rankine Mrs Jane, 10 Ardbeg rd 
Rankine John, steward, 34 Montague st 
Rankine Peter, 109 Montague st 
Reid Mrs, Shepton, 13 Battery pi 
Reid Mrs Dr, Greenbank 111 Ardbeg rd 
Reid Miss Jane, Mountpleasant 
Reid Mrs Henrietta, 76 Ardbeg rd 
Reid Mis, 72 Ardbeg rd 
Reid J, 5 Marine pi 

Reid Misses J. & J., 21 Mountpleasant rd 
Reid, sir John, engineer, Ardencraig 
Reid Mrs John, 71 Victoria st 
Reid Mrs Magt. , Wyndham pk 
Reid Miss, Auchnacloieh rd 
Reid Mrs, 10 the Terrace, Ardbeg rd 


Peitzelier Chas., Tigh na Mara, Ardbeg 
Pennie Miss Alice. J 7 Bishop st 
Qenwick Mrs Euph , Ardwell, Craigmore 
Kestoti T & G, Royal hotel, Albert pi 
Rhind Mrs, 32 Bishop st 
Richmond Miss Mary, 22 Battery pi 
Eichmond Win,, 17a Wyndham rd 
Richardson Mrs, Desmond bk, Craigmore 
Richardson Mrs Grace, 23 Wyndham rd 
Richardson H, Wyndham rd 
Riesbeig Miss, Clan vl, Bridge st 
Rippie John labourer, 4 Russell st 
Kippie Jas, 8 Mill st 
Rippie Mrs Win.. 125 High st 
Kitchie And. T, farmer, Gartnatkeillj 
Ritchie Mrs Peter. 12 Argyle st 
Rittn an, Kdw, 9 Colbec pi 
Robb, Wm, grocer, 22 E Princes st 
Roberts (ieo., tailor, 7 Columshill pi 
Roberts, Mrs 32 Battery pi 
Robertson Alx, Janefield, Wyndham rd 
Robertson And., heritor, 16 Marine pi 
Robertson Ang, upholsterer, 21A Bridge- 
end st ; ho, Argyle ter 
Robertson Dan., mechanic Glenburn 
Robertson H., Glenburn cot 
Robertson H, 10 Wyndham rd 
Robertson Mi-s Isa, 83 Ardbeg rd 
Robertson Miss Isa, Chapelhill rd 
Robertson .Tins, baker, Whinny tr, Serpt 
Robeitson John, baker, 10 E. Princes 

st ; ho, 5 Mountpleasant rd 
Robertson John, joiner, Greenan mill 
Robertson John, 38 Bishop st 
Robertson John, upholsterer, 12 Bridge s 
Robertson John, 10 Wyndham park 
Robertson, J C 1 Columshill pi 
Robertson, Rbt, engineer.5 Wyndham rd 
Robertson Robert, Wyndham rd 
Robertson Mrs Susan, Wyndham rd 
Robertson Thos., baker, Barone rd 
Robertson W, 94 High st 
Robertson W., 78 High st 
Robertson Wm., spirit mercht, High st 

ho, 17a Battery house 
Robertson Wm.. 78 Montague st 
Robertson, Wm, 32 Mill st 
Robertson Mrs, VVvndham pk 
Robertson Miss, 31 Gallowgate 
Robertson Mrs, Eden pi 
Robertson Miss, Springbank 
Robertson 25 Gallowgate 
Robinson, Mrs Thos., 27 Bbh"p st 
Rodger David, organist, 9 Victoria st 
Roe Jonathan, Mataurieh, 14 Crichton r 
Rooney. Mrs Ellen, 54 L deside 
Rose James, w.s.. depute Town clerk, 
Glenellen, Glebelands 

h 113 

Ross H. J. G., m. a., headmaster, Pub- 
lic School, ho., 4 Bishop ter 

Ross, Mrs Jessie, 21 Roslin pi 

Ross Wm., 6 Ardbeg rd 

Kowan Mis A., 10$ Ardbeg rd 

Rowat John. 47 Ardbeg rd 

R>>y Mrs Eliz , Store In 

Pratt Mrs John Henry, Loch view, Ba- 
rone rd 

Roy. W, postmaster., Barone rd 

Rush Miss Ann, 40 Bishop st 

Russell Mrs Ann, 2 Bridge st 

Russell Jms. M., engineer. 3 The Ter- 
lace, Ardheg 

Russell John. 3 Stuart st 

Hussell Mrs Margt., Stuart st 

Hussell Mary, 94 High st 

Russell Wm , clerk, 3 Mountstuart rd 

Russell Miss, Ardfern, Montford 

Russell Miss, 10 Mansefield pi 

Rutherford Samuel. 10 Ladeside 

Rutherford Wm., Russell st 

Sacks Moses, tailor, 28 Mill st 
[Sanders , Colbeck pi 
Saunders Mrs Frank, Crichton rd 
Sanderson Mrs, 98 Montague st 
Scanlan, Mrs A, 32 Mill so 
Scobbie Mrs Isa.. 2 Ardbeg rd 
Scott, Arcb N, bot hirer, 34 Montague st 
Scott Geo., drawing master, Academy; 

ho, Skeoch villa, Argvle ter 
Scott Matth. B , Wyndham rd 
Scott Kobt,, engineer, 46 Ladeside 
Scott Robt., stationer, 11 The Terrace 

Scott Robt H, 21 Mountpleasant rd 
Scott Miss, Eoin villa. Montford 
Scott, Mrs Walt, bot hirer, 13 Arsy'e pi 
Scott, Wm., 9 Argyle ter 
Scullion Miss Mary Ann, 75 High st 
Semple James, 2 Mansefield pi 
Semple Miss, Eureka, Montford 
Service Miss, Clutha via, Barone rd 
Shand Wm., 3 Bishop ter br 
Shanks Jms., W (Jastle st 
Shanks John, 12 The Terrace 
Sharp Mrs Agnes, 5 Marine p 
Sharp Mrs Cath., 4 Wyndham 
Sharp Miss Cath., Victoria vill 

Sharp Miss Isa., 15 Mountstuart rd 
Sharp Mrs Jane, Mountstuart rd 

Sharp Miss, Maryfield 

Shaw Daniel jun, blacksmith, Croft In 
ho^Bellevue, Barone rd 


^haw Helen, 7 Montague at 
Shaw John, joiner, Inkerman ter 
Shaw John, porter, 19 Victoria st 
Shaw Miss Mary. Montford 
Shaw Neil, carter, 27 Bridgend st 
Shaw Peter, hutcher, 2 Ladeside st 
Shaw Mrs 216 Columshill si 
Shaw , 4 Mountstuart rd 
Shields John, labourer. 12J Mill yt 
Shields Patrick, porter, 55 Montague st 
Short Mrs Sarah, 76 Montague st 
Sillars Wm, engineer, Staffa pi 
Sim Dan., Bridgend st 
Simpson Miss Agnes, 14 King st 
Simpson Alex., 70 Ardbeg ni 
Simpson Alex, 41 Victoria st 
Simpson A T, Bishop ter br 
Simpson Jms., gasfitter, 7 Tower st 
Simpson Mrs, 22 Castle st 
Simpson Wm., 12 the Terrace 
Simpson, Miss , Lome Lodge, Mount- 
stuart rd 
Sinclair Donald, 133 High st 
Sinclair Mrs D, 45 Watergate 
Sinclair Mrs D W, Havelock ter 
Sinclair Geo. W., cashier, 20 Mount- 
stuart rd 
Sinclair Jms. C, retired burgh chamber- 
lain, 5 Bishop ter 
Sinclair Mrs J< annie. 24 Bridge st 
Sinclair John, Hillcr^st. Crichto rd 
Sinclair John, build' r. Eastlands rd 
Sinclair John, joiner, 63 Baron e rd 
Sinclair «Jn, shipmaster, 12 W Princes st 
Sinclair John K., 9 Castle it 
Sinclair P, stationer 17a E Princes st 
Sinclair P., 129 High st 
Sinclair Mrs, 20 Kussell st 
Sinclair Mrs, Hillcrest, 5 Crichton rd 
Sinnot Mrs My, Gh-nara, 53 Crichton rd 
Slaven Huy, Hawthorn Park, Argyle pi 
Slaven Jms , fruiterer, 10 W Princes st ; 

ho, 12 do 
Slaven John S, fishmonger, 22 High st 

& 61 Montague st ; ho. 12 Bridge st 
Slaven John, Stuart st ; ho, 19 High st 
Slaven Mrs Lilias, 5 Russel! st 
Slaven Maurice, labourer, 74 High st 
Slaven Thos., Kussell st 
Sloan, Mrs Annie, 2 Mansefield pi 
Sloan Hu., Brandane ter 
Sloan Dr, Gowanlea, Ardbeg 
Smellie, Bev W T, obe, ma, parish mini- 
ster, the manse, Minister's brae 
Smellie Miss, Ardbeg rd 
Smith Alex., upholsterer, 17 Bridge st 
Smith Arch., 93 High st 
Smith Arch., postman, 33 Argyle st 


Smith Chas. insurance agent, Montford 
Smith Dun. , baker, 17 Bridge st 
Smith Mrs F., 27 High st 
Smith Mrs Grace, 23 Mountpleasant rd 
Smith Henry M., lavatory attendant, 32 

Bishop st 
Smith J, 43 Mountstuart rd 
Smith Jms., farmer, 9 Wyndham pk 
Smith Jms., joiner, 15 Bishop st 
Smith Jms. M., 87 Ardbeg rd 
Smith John, joiner, 23 Ruslin pi 
Smith Mrs Joh , 33 Victoria st 
Smith John, tailor, 78 Ardbeg rd 
Smith Bev Malcolm, ma, rector, S Pauls 

York ter 
Smith, M P, architect, Wyndhain hk 
Smith Kobt, 6 Mansefield pi 
Smith Robt, fishmonger, 35 Victoria st ; 

ho, 65 do 
Smith W J, West wood, Argyle ter 
Smith wiss, Hawthorn park, Arygle pi 
Smith Mrs, Melbourne cot., Craigniore 
Smith Mrs, 7 Wyndham rd 
Smith ,78 Ardbeg rd 

Smith, . purser. 17 Battery pi 
Smith Mrs, 8 Montague st 
Snedden M, 41 Watergate 
Sneddon A., 11 Watergate 
Soles, Alex, 19 Store In 
Somers David, printer, 8 Wyndham pk 
Somerville Mrs Helen, 11 Chapelhill rd 
Somerville Mrs Ann, Woodbine, High 

Somerville Jn, Woodbine. H Craigmore 
Somerville Mrs, Park pi, Bridge st 
Speirs Angus, retired tailor, Ardbeg 
Spehs Chas S, joiner, Creek Drive, Ard 

beg; ho. Auchnamara, 14 Marine pi 
Speirs Mrs Helen, 12 Wyndham rd 
Speirs J., gas worker, 179 High st 
Spence Geo., Stewart Swimming baths, 

Battery pi ; ho., Mountpleasant rd 
Spence John, bathman, Glenbeg 
Spence Susan, 15 Bridgend st 
Spence Miss Isa, 50 Ardbeg rd 
Spencer, Ldw.. Beech wood, Bishop ter 
Spittal . 27 Battery pi 
Sprowl Miss Helen, Havelock ter 
Sprowl Kobt., joiner, 49 Ardbeg rd 
Sprowl Wm., foreman, Uxpress ; ho., 

Lilvoak ter, Ballochgoy 
Squair Mrs Frank fl., Barone rd 
Squair Mrs Wm. H, flesher, 5 Gallow 

gate; ho., Glenfaulds, Mountstuart rd 
Scagg Wm., chimney sweep, 27 High st 
Stark John, jun. pointer and decorator, 

6 Chapelhill rd ; ho, Wyndham rd 
Stark, John, sen., Dalcraig, High Craig- 


•Steel, Geo., 27 Ardbeg rd 

Steel Thos., 31 Bishop st 

Steel Thos., constable, 2 Coluoishill pi 

Steel, Wm, 11 Montague st 

Steele James H, heritor, Grangelea, 

Mountstuart rd 
Seeples Geo., Blythswood, Bishop ter 
Stephen Alex, master of works, Auch- 

nacloich rd 
Stephen Mrs Jessie, 23 Marine pi 
Stephen Mrs Margt, 23 Marine pi 
Steven David, butcher, Columshill st 
Steven.-on Chas. M., niarjager Buteman; 

tres, Stewart villa, Barone rd 
Stevenson, Douglas, 7 * oiumshill pi 
Stevenson Jms., carter, *6 High st 
Stevenson Jms, Daisy hank, Glebe linds 
Stevenson Jms, 16 King st 
Stevenson, T. , 9 Bishop st 
Stevenson Wm, 16 Hillhouse rd 
Stevenson Mrs. Ballochgoy 
t-tewart Miss Agnes, 52 Ardbeg rd 
■Stewart Mrs Agnes Y, Catherine bank, 

Stewart Alx. , 41 Argyle st 
Stewart Andw, 3 Bishop ter br 
Stewart Chas. K, 63 Mountstuart rd 
Stewart David, boo maker, 105 Mon 

tague st; ho., Argyll mansions 
Stewart Donald M, tie 1- Trees mansions, 

7 Mountstuart rd 
Stewart. Mrs D, 8 Mansefield pi 
Stewart Mrs Eben., 2 Argyle pi 
Stewart Eliz. , 11 K .Princes st 
Stewart Misses Flora and Mary, news- 
agents, 80 Ardbeg rd 
Stewart Gilbert, painter, Battery pi 
Stewart Harry J, Glenfaulds 
Stewart Misses, Mountview, r>5 Ciich on 

Stewart Mrs Isa., 23 Mountpleasantr pi 
Stewart Mrs Isabella, 7 VV Princes st 
Stewart, J., 3 Bishop ter br 
Stewart J B, painter, Bellvue, Barone rd 
Stewart James S., 20 Kussell st 
Stewart Misses Jane & Mary, Upr. Craig- 

Stewart Mrs Janet, 18 Ardbeg rd 
Stewart John, boatman, 12i Mil! st 
Stewart John, porter, Hillhouse rd 
Stewart John B., 3 Bishop ter br 
Stewart Peter, 27 Meadow pi 
Stewart. Robt., St Margaret's, Ascog 
Stewart Rbt. , vanman, 38 Columshill st 
Stewart, Miss, 4 Academy ter 
Stewart. , poultry farm, Westland rd 
Stewart Mrs, 30 Bishop st 
Stirling, M E, 22 Columshill st 


Stirling, J. & M, Ivy cot, Bridge st 
Stirling John, firemaster, 77 Montague st 
Stirrat Jms, Bridgend st 
Stone Jos. , grocer, 2 Columshill st 
Storer Mrs Agnes, Argyll mansions 
Strachan Mrs Isa., 6 Columshill pi 
Strang Mrs, nurse, 19 Argyle st 
Strain , Pointhouse crescent 

Struthers, Kobert, 17 Gallowgate 
Stuart Mrs John, Castle st 
Stuart Miss May L., 10 Bridge st 
Stuie John, petty officer, R N, 24 Mill st 
Sturgeon John, coal merchant, 20 Mill 

st ; ho, do 
Summers Miss Janet, 19 Russell st 
Sutherland Mrs Ann, 24 Marine pi 
Sutherland , retired inspector, 17 

Bridge st 
Sutherland Donald, tailor aud clothier, 

10 Gallowgate ; ho, Achnacloich rd 
Swan Mrs Mt.,Auchencairn, 8 Brighton tr 
Swan , Giencoe, Montford 

Swandells, Mrs, Venitza, Argyle pi 
Swanston nr, Larkhall, Westland r 
Swanston David, seaman, 11 Mill si 
Swanston Jhn B., grocer, 26 W. Princes 

st ; ho, 3 Gosshill villas, Glebe lands 
Swanston, Miss, 3 Crichton rd 
Sweeney Mrs Edz., 11a Argyle pi 
Sweeney Jas, shoemaker, 16 Castlehill 
Sweeney. Mrs J'as., 5 Aryyle st 
Sweet Mrs Ags, White lodge, Battery pi 
Sweet, Chs, photographer, white studio, 

19 Battery pi 
Swift Eben, 24 Ardbeg rd 
Symes Rbt., 27 Argyle st 

Tager Miss, 4 Columshill st 

Tait John, baker, co-operative Society 

Princes s t; ho, 29 Columshill st 
Tait Matthew, 27 Argyle st 
Tait Rcbt, 16 Argyle st 
Taylor Andrew. 10 the Terrace 
Taylor Ach., brush maker, 58 Montague 
Taylor Edward, joiner, Kerrvcruisach 
Taylor, James G., boatman, Esplanade 

ho. , 66 Montague st 
Taylor Mrs Jessie, 71a Ardbeg rd 
Taylor John, 98 Montasue sc 
Temple Mrs Jeannie, 109 Montague st 
Terris A, Crai^more house 
Terris Tom, Ardyne, Mountstuart rd 
Thorn Miss Jane, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Thom Alex & Co, motor engineers &c, 22 

Bridge st ; ho 11 Albert pi 
Thom, Miss Martha, 23 Mountpleasant r 

HOUSEHO] iDERS— Rothesay. 

Thompson Angus, shoemaker, 94 Mon- 
tague st ; ho, Bellfield, Ba.rone rd 
Thompson Miss, 34 East Princes st 
Thomson , dentist, ] Argyle pi 
Thomson Alex., 71a Ardbeg rd 
Thomson A.lex., 3 Logie pi 
Thomson Ax. C, stationer. 51 Ardbeg rd 
Thomson A. Ross, inspector of poor, 35 

Bishop st ; ho, 15 Mountpleasant rd 
Thomson, Mrs And, 11 Bridge st 
Thomson Miss Annie, 19 Artryle st 
Thomson Mrs Chas 7 Wyndham rd 
Thomson Dan, fisherman, 16 Store In 
Thomson Misses Eliz, Mrgt. and Mry. A, 

29 Ardbeg rd 
Thomson, Miss Hln. E, Ashgrove, Mont- 
Thomson Hu., cibinetmkr., 25 Bishop st 
Thomson, Jms Laundry, 36 Bridge st 
i homson Jms., labourer, 109 Montague s 
Thomson Mrs Jessie. 24 Ardbeg rd 
Thomson Miss Jessie, 29 Battery pi 
Thomson J. H. engineer, 6a Ardbeg rd 
Thomson Mrs John, 8 Argyle sir 
Thomsun John, residenter, 26 Ardbeg rd 
Thomson Mrs John, Staffa pi 
Thomson Mrs Margt., 17 Russell st 
Thomson Mrs Mary, 2 Castlehill st 
'1 homson Peter, 36 Bridge st 
Thomson Robert, Hedd-ul-Bahr, Serpen- 
tine rd 
Thomson, Mrs, Inkerman t*r 
Thomson . 6i Aidbeg rd 

Thorburn Andrw, Royal bank, Victoria 

st ; ho, Connestmore, 4 Brighton ter 
Thorburn Ang fishmonger, Abbotsford, 

Barone rd 
Thorburn Dvd, 4 West Castle st 
Thorburn Js., fisherman, 5a E Princes st 
Thorburn Mrs John, fish merchant, 18 

West Princes st ; ho . 4 Bishop st 
Thorburn Mrs Margt., 4 Mountpleasant 
Thorburn Robt . 30 Columshill st 
Thorburn 'IV, fisherman, 7Chapelhill rd 
Thorburn Wm., Montague st 
Thorburn Mrs, 32 Castle st 
Thorburn , 27 Art-vie st 
Tickell Wm., baker, 21 Columshill st 
Timmins Jas, 83 Montague st 
Timothy , 5 Bridge st 

Todd Andw., 7 W Princes st 
'I odd John, 27 Bridge st 
Tomlinson Miss Thomasina, 6a Ardbeg r 
Tonner Mrs Theresa, 40 Bishop st 
Torrance, 11 Hillhouse rd 
Traill Rev Joseph, U. F. Parish Manse, 

Serpentine rd 
Trescowthick Wm H. 114 High st 


Trivet Mrs. 117 High st 

Turnbull J., Ashburn, Mountstuart id 

Turn bull Miss Margt.. Ascog 

Turnbull Miss, 76 Ardbeg rd 

Turnbull Mrs, Dunmore, Crichton rd 

Turner, capt. A., Ardmory rd 

Turner Colin B , Fiona vlla, Craigmore- 

Turner Mrs May, 12 Marine pi 

Tweedley John, fisherman, stuart st 

Tweedley John, jun, 8 Mill st 

Tynan, , 11 E. Princes st 


Urquhart John A., grocer, 13 Argyle st 
ho, 1 histle bank, Argyle ter 


Viukery Arthur, 63 Montague st 
Vint Mrs Marion. 11 Mountstuart rd 
Vogt Alfred J, Park pi, Bridge st 


AVaddell Dvd., boilermakr, 32 Ardbeg rd 
Waddell John, 33 Bridge st 
Waddell Mrs, Demerara pi, Ardbeg rd 
Walker Alex., Springbank, Ohapelhill 
Walker James A, heritor, Lilyoak ter 
Walker John, blacksmith, 113 High st 
Walker M, 60 High st 
Walker Martin, 11 Manseheid pi 
Walkinshaw, E., Adelaide pi 
Walllace Mrs Ann. 46 Mountstuart rd 
Wallace Mrs, 18 Mountpleasant rd 
Wallace Mis Mary, 15 Crichton rd 
Wallace MrsMary, 75 High st 
Wal ace Miss, Orcadia 
Wallace Wm., 16 Marine pi 
Wallace , Gravel bank. Wellpark rd 1 
Ward s, 9 Crosshill villas 

Warren, Mrs Margt., 25 Argyle ter 
Waterson Alex., engineer, 19 Argyle st 
Waterston, Mrs, stationer, Montague st 
Watson Mis Daniel, Bellevue, Battery p 
Watson Mrs Isa , 41 Argyle ter 
Watson Miss Jane, 56 Mountstuart rd 
Watson Mrs Jessie, Margaretslea, Ba- 
rone rd 
Watson Jn , black smith, 1 Barone rd 
Watson John, Skeoch villa, Argyle ter 
Watson, John, spirit merchant, tiallow- 

gate ; ho, Abbotsford, Barone rd 
Watson Mrs Jos., 141 High st 
Watson Mrs Mary. 6 Watergate 
Watson Mrs Rbt, Upper Craigmore 



Watson Wm.. Bute Arms Hotel, Guild- 
ford square 
"Watson Wm., 32 Ardbeg rd 
Watt Alex., measurer, 45 Ardbeg rd 
Watt , Clandale, Kastlands rd 
Watt sirs, 20 Marine pi 
Waugli Mis«, 76 Ardbeg rd 
Waugh Mrs Isa , 38 A rgyle st 
Weaver Mrs Annie, 3 Union st 
Webster J C. Terra Nova, Albany rd 
Weir Alex, gardener, 14 Argyle pi 
Weir Alex. , baker, 4 Mountpleasant rd 
Weir Daniel F. , 11 Wyndham pk 
Weir, Dugald, 12 Wyndham rd 
Weir D seaman, 2 Minister's br 
Weir Jms., shoemaker, 16 Windsor pi 
Weir Miss Jane, 4 Mountpleasant 
Weir John, 157 High st 
Weir John, gardener, Robertson Stewart. 

hospital, High st 
Weir, Mrs M, 83 Barone rd 
Weir Martha, 27 Argvle st 
Weir, R, 13 A rgyle pi 
Weir Robt, bootmaker, Montague st 
Weir Rbt., carter, 4 Mountpleasant rd 
Weir Jas, Weirholm, 23 Battery pi 
Weir Wm M, hairdresser, 4 Bridge st ; 

ho, l : aik pi 
Wells, . 6a Ardbe? rd 

White, Alex, 21 Russell st 
White Arthur, coachman, 2 Mount- 
pleasant rd 
White , 11a Argyle pi 
Whitecross Miss Jane, 4 Argyle pi 
Whiteford. James, saddler, 29 High st ; 

res, 11 Cohimshill st 
Whiteford .jn., comp., 11 Columshill st 
Whiteford Rbt.., photographer, 23 Argyle 

st ; ho, 11 Columshill st 
Whiteford Miss, 112 Bigh st 
Whitehead, Joseph, marine and motor 
engineer, 16 Watergate ; res, 2 Acad- 
emy ter 
Whitelaw Dvd., designer. Wyndhim r 
Whitelaw Geo, 31 Bridge st 
Whitelaw Jas R., comp., 3 Mansfield pi 
Whitlaw Wm, butcher, 2 Ladeside 
Whitfield Mrs, 10 Mountstuart rd 
Whiteside Peter, musician, 77 Montague 

Whyte Dune, gardener, 74 Ardbeg rd 
W 7 hyte Mrs Mary, 19 Bishop st 
Whyte Robt. D., Town Clerk, Castle 

st; ho , 1 Elysium 
Whyte Thos., carter, Logic pi 
Whyte Wm., gas manager, High st ho, 

Brandane ter 
Whyte WS-son, Daisy bank, Glebe Ind 


Wilkie, Miss, 5 Mountstuart rd 

Wilkie, Hu., gas worker, 4 Mansefield p 

Wilkie Jms , joiner, 46 Ardbeg rd 

Williamson, Mrs Agnes, 19 Highst 

Wi'liamson, George, Park pi 

Wil iamson, Misses Grace and Mariun, 3 

Ardbeg rd 
Williamson John, tailor, 21 Mill st 
Wilson Ax, rabbit trapper, 27 Bridge st 
Wilson. D., 11 the Terrace, Ardbeg 
Wilson Harry, 40 Mountpleasant rd 
Wilson, Harry, jn, organist, 4 Bishop st 
Wilson Misses Chapelhill ho. 
Wilson Mrs Grace, Argyle Boarding ho. 

Oakshaw, H Argyle pi 
Wilson Miss Helen S, 32 Battery pi 
Wilson John, riviter, 46 High st 
Wilson, J, 27 Argyle st 
Wilson, Mrs, 16 King st 
Wilson Mrs, 1 M'Kinlay st 
Wilson Misses, 90 High st 
Wise Mrs Bella, 5 Castle st 
Wood, A E, 31 Meadow pi 
Wood Donald. S3 Montague st 
Wood, James, 2 Hillhouserd 
Wood Robel't H., tailor, Gowanfield pi 
Wooton Samuel, Ballochgoy ter 
Wren Mrs Cath., 70 Ardbeg rd 
Wright A., blacksmith, 70 Ardbeg rd 
Wright Alex., M A, schoolmaster, 25 

Ardbeg rd 
Wright John Yorville, Montford 
Wright Jms., painter, 22 E Princes st 
Wright Miss Jane 17 Argyle pi 
Wright John, 5 Bridge st 
Wright Mrs, 13 Victoria st 
Wright Mrs, staymaker, 47 Argyle st 
Wyatt Geo., shopman, 29 Argyle st 
Wylie, Hugh, dentist. 4 Bishop st 
Wyllie, John, 10 Watergate 
Wyper,John, engineer, Argyll mansions 
Wyper Rbt., E Princes st 

Yates Jms, tiilor, Ardbeg rd 

Yates Walter, 39 Mill sj 

Yeate-i Mrs J R, Gracefield, Cricht n rd 

Youny, Mrs agnes, 34Montaguest 

Young And., blacksmith, Union st 

Young Mrs Helen, 73 Ardbeg rd 

Young, June, 15 Bridge st 

Young Robert, church officer, 20 Castle 

Young Wm, 36 E Princes st 
Yotuig Miss. 2 Montford avenue 
Young Miss, Cro-mor, Ardbeg rd 


Young Mrs, 70 Ardbeg rd Yuille James T., heritor, Ardclutba, 

Young Miss., Hillfoot, Argyle at 59 Cricbton 'd 

Young Mrs, 2 Aidmillan, Cricbton rd Yule, J. G., Hillbouse rd 

Young Miss, Lilyoak ter 




" O, Rowan Tree." 

With the Compliments oJ the Season from (Sender's name written here;. 

Make glad the hearts of absent friends at the Festive Season by send 

ing, along with that " dainty literary dish," " Bonnie Scotland's 

tj Resorts," specially prepared and mounted leaves of that remem- 

c brancer •' O' hame and infancy." Book and flower card, 5d per pair, 4s rt 

JS per doz. post free, from ^ 

o Higgie & Co., Publishers, Eothesay. 




Higgie & Co., Publishers, Rothesay. 

jj Private Christmas Cards, 

c with posies of Real Sootch Flowera, 

^3 Printed with Special Greetings, from 3s per dozen, 

~o post free, from 



l-l ___^__ 

O A real flower or leaf pu'd from the bosom of Bonnie Scotland is more 

"u, appreciated among our kith and kin abroad than is comprehended by 
those who stay at home. Ii it was only known the enthusiasm such to- 
kens create abroad, they would be despatched with avidity along with 
' ' Bonnie Scotland's Resorts." 

It will be obviously necessary, to avoid disappointment, to order early. 



■g Forget Me Not. t^ 

c With the Compliments of the Season from (Sender's name written here). i ^- 

® This modest flower speaks a language dear to all true friends, and its 3 

03 real presence at the Festive Season will revive precious memories of long /? 

_u ago. 5d per pair, or 4s per dozen, post free. 

g Higgie & Co., Publishers, Rothesay. £ 

. o 

" Ilka Blade o* Grass keps Its aln Drap o' Dew." -p 

" With the Compliments of the Season from (Sender's name written here) > 

" Even the emerald carpet of Bonnie Scotland is eloquent with lofty ,_j 

*^ sentiment, when clothed in the poetic language of her sons. Preserved ^ 

G grasses, mounted on card, with appropriate verse, and issued as a sup- q 

■tj plement to that " dainty literary dish, "'Bonnie Stotland's Resort's," ^ 

C makes a charming Christmas or New Year present. 5d per pair, or 4s ~ 

d per dozen, postjree, from ° 


The Bute County Directory 

is the only Publication of the kind printed and 
published in Buteshire. Its data is carefully 
compiled, and much time and attention is devoted 
each year to the careful investigation and noting 
of the necessary alterations in the personnel of the 
occupants of public offices, the correct addresses 
of the general inhabitants, and the latest changes 
amongst those engaged in business. 

The earliest publications connected with Jlothe- 
say were Directories, and they are interesting 
reading even at this time of day. 

Our publication not only includes the Burgh of 
Rothesay (where it has long been most appreciated, 
but embraces the whole of the County of Bute — 
from the outlying districts of which more interest 
is respectfully solicited. 

Owing to the increased prices of material and 
wages, we have been compelled to raise our tariff 
from pre-war issue, but that advance is not nearly 
equal to the increased cost of production : We de- 
sire not the curtailing of our information, but thu 
eontinuingof everyth ng as full as possible. 

Whole-Page Advertisement, - - £1 10 

(Special Positions by arrangement). 

Half-Page, - 1 

Quarter, - - - 12 6 

Eighth, - - - - 8 8 

Sixteenth, - - - - fi 

Line s, each, - - - 2 

Prom inent Names, each, - - - 2 

Teleiphone Numbers (except in Advertisements), 1 

Busvness Address in Householders' Section, 10 

Pri ate Address in Business Section, - 10 

Copy of Directory to Subscribers (postage 3d) 2 
Non-Subscriber 3s. 


July, 1925. 



at EDINBURGH in 1926 

Typical Views of Scottish Scenery, 

[Vidajoj Karakterizaj de SCOTLANDA PEJZAGO]. 

Beautifully Printed from Photographs. 

First Published in Commemoration of the Third International Esperanto Congress, 
held in Great Britain in 1907, and re-published occasionally since. 

Thirty-four full-page Views, besides Descriptive Letterpress, Price, Is: pastage, l£d 


The first-printed National Guide-Book in the International Language, being a trans- 
lation of the introductory pages of Bonnie Scotland's Resorts. Price 2^d, post free. 


The original publication, extending to 140 pages of profitable and pleasurable read- 
ing, can be had for 4d and Is. Postage, ^d and lid. 

Scottish Post Cai»ds, &e., in English and in the Universa 

Language. Price 2d each ; six for 9d, post free. 
Auld Lang Syne (four different styles, including the one by which foreigners sing it 

in Scots). 
A Man's a Man for a' that (La Frateco de la Homo — the Brotherhood of Man). 
Sweet Rothesay Bay (visited by a deputation from the Third International Esperanto 

Congress) witli View, and verse. " It's a Bonnie Bay," in English and Esperanto. 

The Scot Abroad (la Skoto Alilande), with Illustration. 
Scots Songs — sentimental and comic. 2d each; four for 4d. Postage, ^d. 
Carry On! Post Card or Book Mark, being a Chronological List of Outstanding 

Historical Events of the Christian era. Price 2d ; three post free. 


Alphabet, with examples of pronounciation. 2d per doz. 

Pronouns Classified. Devised to refresh the memories of the wayfarer, and 
enabling them to take a firmer grip of this grammatical language. 2d per doz. 

Correlated Words, beini; a tabulated reproduction of the cleverlv-arranged adjec- 
tives, pronouns, and adverbs, culled from chaos in other languages, and methodi- 
cally arranged by Dr Zamenhoff; with additional guiding lines for the assistance 
of other than classical scholars. Price, 3d per doz. 

The Supple Joints ok Esperanto, being WORD-BUILDING TABULATED 
showing at a glance the usefulness and efficacy of the Prefixes, Affixes, Nouns 
Adjectives, Plurals, Adverbs, Verbs and Participles. Extremely handy for refer- 
ence by students. Price, 6d per dozen. 

A selection of above, post free/or 6d 

Parish of North Bute. 

(Including the Village of Pokt-Banxatyne.) 


Alexander, Arehd. Iona pi 

Alexander, Jms., carpenter and boathirer. 
Marine pi: ho., Melbourne pi 

Alexander -Jms. jun, seaman, Stewart st 

Alexander John, plumber, Iona pi 

Alexander, John, yachtrnaster, Hawthorne 

Alexander, Miss Sarah, fruiteier and con- 
fectioner, Inveryne pi 

Anderson John. Gladstone pi 

Annand Jiiss, Sardinia pi 

- B 

Baird, David, shoemaker, Marine rd: house 

Rosebery pi 
Barr Peter, cook, New Ha f ton pi 
Black capt., Dugald Lamont pi 
Blaikie Miss, sehoolhouse, Kildavanan 
Boas, Wm., farmer, Airdscalpsie 
Bodin, Wm., tailor. Castle st 
Bowie, James, dentist. Iona pi 
Brown, Ai\, inspector of poor, Victoria pi 
Brown Duncan, Strone view 
Brown, Mrs Isabella, baker. Ardenlea 
Brown, John gudener, Karnes bank 
Brown Thos, Inveryne pi 
grownie, Wm. Gladstone pi 
piuce, George, gardener. Marine rd 
jjiichanan, M. R. Gray, Ettrickdalr. 

Crichton Alex, fishermon, Govandale pi 
Crosher Jno, Laurel villa, Pointhouse ere? 
Currie, Duncan, contractor. Marine rd 
Currie, Miss Jane, Post Office, Melbourne pi 
Currie, John, Garbrook villa 
Currie John, Marine rd 
Currie, Miss Margt, Iona pi 
Currie Robert carriage hirer, 


Dallas Dugald, carpenter, Victoria pi 
Dallas Wm. , baker, Shore st 
Dewar,Rev. Peter, the Manse, North Bute 
Dickie, Arch. C, grocer, Victoria pi 
Dickie, John, farmer, Cranslagvourity 
Dowder Hugh, plonahman, Edinmore 
Dunbar Brothers, farmers, E St Colmae 
Duncan, Mrs Chas.. farmer, Little Kilmory 
Duncan, Chas. McK.. salesman, Woodend 
Duncan, Mi s, Daniel, Woodend 
Duncan Ninian, farmer. Little Kilmory 
Duncan, Robert, farmer, Kilwhinleck 
Dunn, George, boots, Mason's land 
Dunn, John, Kingston pi 


Edmund, R, earver, Victoria pi 
Ewing, Mrs M., Inveryne pi 

Calder James, contractor. Marine rd 

Cameron, John Royal Hotel. Shore st 

Cameron Miss, Lamont pi 

Campbell. Alex, Appin villa 

Campbell. Mrs Marion, Glenlee 

Campbell Mrs John. Sardinia pi 

Campbell, John B. chemist, Castle st 

Carmichael, Wm., fanner, Craigberoch 

Carrie, Mrs Clara. Ulva pi 

Clark. Mrs Due.. Salisbury pi 

Clark James, Lome pi 

Clews Mrs David, Ulva pi 

Connell Dan, ploughman, Kildavannan 

Cook Lachlan, clerk. Iona pi 

Craig Robt. Inveryne pi 

Crawford Male, elec. engineer, Sardinia pi 

Crawford, Mrs Margt., Crown Hotel 

Crawford Andw., Port-Bannnatyne Inn 

Crawford, John, farmer, Acholter 

12 1 

Fairgrieve Dvd, boilermaker, Govandale pi 
Ferguson, Dun., yachtrnaster, Kingston pi 
Ferguson, John, J. P., Laurel villa, Point- 
house crescent 
Frame, David, grieve, S St Colmae 
Fyfe, Chas, carpenter, Ebenezer pi 
Fyfe, John, boatbuilder, Ardmaleish 


Garden Jos, postman. Royal pi 
Gardner Alex, Govandale pi 
Gibson Andrew, ploughman, Ballycurrie 
Gibson, Chas., shopman, Castle st 
Mylne Mrs Alfred, Ponoma ho 
Gillies, Mrs, farmer, Quogach 
(iirvan Rev Jas W, U. F. C. Manse 
Graham Robt.. Pointhouse cres 
Graham Mrs, Braemar, Arnbeg 

HOUSEHOLDEftS-Nortli Bute. 

Giourlay, Mrs Catn., Polnthoase cres 
Grffon Jane, Lome pi 
Gunn Geo., 58 Marine rd 


Haddow Miss, Hydropathic cot 
Halliday, Georgejun. merchant, George pi 
Hamilton John. Inveryne pi 
Hamilton, mis Robt., Roselea 
Hardie, Robert, merchant, Castle st 
Harper, Alex R. , Pier ter 
Harvey, Tom, farmer, Shalunt 
Henderson Wm., jun., Old Hafton pi 
Henderson sirs Wm„ Govandale pi 
Hogarth, Arch., yachtmaster, Bayview 
Hogarth, John, fisherman, St Ninian's 
Hogarth Mrs Male , grocer, Marine rd 
Howatt Jas C. 58 Marine rd 
Hunter, Miss, Sprimrwell pi 
Hj ndman, Robt .labourer. Meikle Kilmory 
Hunter, John, farmer, Stuck 
Hunter, Wm., farmer. Upper Ettrick 
Hutton George B, Silverburn, Creek drive 
Hutchison, Alex, Appin villa 

Jamieson John, Melbourne pi 
Jamieson, Mrs Jas., Govandale pi 
Jamieson Mgs. mate, "Vigilant," Appin vll 
Jardin* Wm, Church officer, Crown bldgs 
Jenkins, Donald, namekeeper, Craigandun 
Johnston James, Castle st 
Johnstone, John, Govandale pi 


Kean, Miss Helen, Pointhouse Cres 
Keith Miss Cath., grocer, Inveryne pi 
Keith, Duncan, Ebenezer pi 
Keith Hugh, ."Sawmill 
Keith, Mrs Mary Castle st 
Kelso Miss, Pointhouse cres 
Kennedy, Wm, plouehman. Kilmichael 
Killock, Miss, Pointhouse crescent 
Kinnie Mrs, West End house 
Kirkwood, Miss Jessie. Stonefield 

Lamont, Miss Annie, Tighantraigh 
Lamont, sirs Cath., Hafton pi 
Lamont Wm D, Fir Cliff 
Lamont, Hugh, butcher. Marine rd 
Lamont, Jas., fencer, Cuilnashamrag 
Lamont, Jn. M'N., writer, Fern bank 


Lamont John, Cuilnashamrag 

Lawrie, Lewis, residenter, Inveryne pi 

Leitch, Colin, Shore st 

Leitch, James, yachtsman, Lome pi 

Leitch, Miss, Shore st 

Linden James, 4 Stewart st 

Loch, James, joiner, 2 Stewart st 

Loch, Wm. boatman, Hafton pi 

Loch mi'sp, Royal pi 

Lochhead. Thos, Kildavalinan farm 

Lyon Dueald, joiner, Springwell pi 

Lyon, George, farmer, Drumachloy 


Malcom, Agnes, George's pi 

Malcom Archibald, joiner and boat-builder 

Shore st; ho Sandringham ter 
Malcom, Arch, carter, Kingston pi 
Malcom, James, carpenter, Rosebery pi 
Malcom James P., farmer, Edinbeg 
Malcom, Miss Mary, Castle st 
Malcom, Robt., carpenter. Albion pi 
Marshall, Miss Grace, Alpine vil 
Martin, Arch, engineer, Scarrel 
Martin John, Tinhantralgh 
Martin, John, jun., farmer, Scalpsie 
Meldrum, Mrs, 41 Castle st 
Meldrum John, Edinmore 
Middleton John, car driver. Lome pi 
Miller, Hugh, farmer. Inchmarnock 
Miller John S, George's pi 
Montgomerie Alex., farmer, Auchenteeria 
Montgomerie, Hugh, Buchingham ter 
Morrison, Miss Janet C, Melbourne pi 
Morrison, Mrs, farmer, Rulliecheddan 
Morrison, Mis, Lome pi 
Muir, sil8S, Pier ter , 

Muir Thomas, farmer. Ardmaleish 
Middleton. James, farmer, Milton 
Munn Misses, Ardenlea 
Munsie, sirs, Lome pi 
Murray Mrs Agnes, Shore st 
Murray, Alex. Govandaie pi 
Murray, Miss. Bannatyne Mains rd 
Mutter ins, Braemar 
Myles Mrs, Wester Kames 


McAlister, sirs, farmer Meikle Kilmcry 
McArthur, sirs John D., Straad 
McArthur mis Marion, Melbourne pi 
McArthur, Robt, fishermen, Ballycurrie sh 
McArthur Mrs, Ballycurrie shore 
McArthur, Thos. . fisherman, Ballycurrie sh 
McArthur Mrs, Melbourne pi 
McCallum, Colin, Upper Ardroscadale 
McConnechy. Hnry, farmer, Largivrechtan 
McDermid, Henry, labourerAngus pi 
McDermot Chas, painter, Ettrick bank 
McDonald, Dugald., farmer, Auchavoulalg 


McDonald, Hugh, joiner, Bay view 
McDonald Ronald, 8 Burnside avenue 
McDonald Wm., woodman, Cuilnashamrag 
McDougall, Dun., Castle st 
McDougall, Jas., fisherman, Straad 
McDougall, Mrs, dairy, Castle st 
McDougall, Thomas, fisherman, Straad 
McDougall ,Wltr. , fisherman, Bally currie sh 
McDougall, Wm., fisherman, Ballycurriesh 
McFarlaneChns, farmer. Cranslagmory 
Mactie, M, farmer, Mid Park, Inchmarnock 
McFie Duncan, gardener, Kames castle 
Macfle, Hugh's heirs, fanner, Ballycaul 
Macfie, John, farmer, Lower Ettrick 
McGlashan Dug , yachtmaster. Marine rd 
McGreaor, mis Eliz., Pointliouse cres 
McGregor Mrs, Sardinia pi 
Mcllraith, mis Elsie, Edina villa 
M-Intosh, Don., Orchid yil, Pointliouse cres 
Mclntyie, Andrew, farmer, Glenmore 
Mclntyre Alex., farmer, Dunalunt 
Mclntyre, Arch, farmer, Ballanlay 
Mclctyre Mrs Don., Lome pi 
Mclntyre John, engineer, Pointhouse cres 
McKinnon Arch, Angus pi 
McLean Dugald, farm manager, Mechnoch 
McKay Mrs John, farmer, Barone Park 
McKay Mrs, 1 Stewart st 
McKechnie, John, Govandale pi 
McKellar John, fisherman, Straad 
McKellar Mrs Peter. Florida vil 
MeKenzic >iiss. Stella Maris 
McKinnon Mrs Charles, Buckingham t«r 
McKinnon Mrs Don. , Marine rd 
McKinnon Mrs, Quay st 
McKirdy Gilbert, carter, Angus pi 
McKirdy Wm, Ardmalish cot 
McKirdy Wm, Straad 
McLean, John, Castle st 
McLean Lach., farmer, Cranslagloan 
McManus, Thomas, golf course keeper, 

McMillan Duncan, joiner, Inveryne pi 
McMillan Mrs James, Burnside ave 
McMillan, Peter, retired, Pointhouse cres 
McMillan Mrs Sarah. Angus pi 
McPhail Alex., roadman, Lome pi 
McPhail John, moiorman, Buckingham tei 
McPhail Mrs, Male, Marinerd 
McPhail, Mrs Mary. Iona pi 
McQueen. Andrew, carpenter, 26 Castle st 
McQueen Neil, labourer, Brown's land 
MeVicar John, Kllmichael 


Nelson W H, Govandale pi 
Niven lames, Ulva pi 

Paterson Mrs, Inveryne pi 

Paton James, Victoria pi 

Petrie, James, cabinetmaker, Govandale pi 

Poole Mrs, Strone view 


ROBERTSON Arch. , tramway manager,. 
Pointhouse : res, Ravenshail, Port- 

Robertson Jas, Marine id 

Robertson Jas. , Marine rd 

Robertson Jas., miller, Greenan 

Rodger Miss, Rose cot 

Rodger Wm., saddler, Bannatyne Mains rd 

Rodger, Mrs, Bannatyne Mains road 

Salmon mis, Govandale pi 
Semple J. C, chemist, Lamont pi 
Sharp, Daniel, surfaceman. Iona pi 
Shaw Daniel, blacksmith, Straad 
Shaw Neil, blacksmith, Castle st 
Shaw Neil, ploughman, Edinmoie 
Shearer Jas., yachtmaster, Quay st 
Shearer Matthew, boat-hirer, Marine rd 
Shields Robt., Earl place 
Sievewrght Wm H., Victoria pi 
Simpson, Mrs and Hugh, farmers, West St 

Simpson John, farmer, Mid St Colniac 
Sinclair, Dugald. seaman, Inveryne pl> 
Smart A, gamekeeper, Kames Castle 
Smart James, Royal pi 
Smith mis Georgina J, Sardinia pi 
Smith mis, Creek drive 
Smith John, blacksmith, Ettrick 
Stalker Gilbert, teacher, Lamont pi 
Stalker Gilb., yachtmaster, Lamont pi 
Stevenson Mrs Janet, farmer, Kilbride 
Stewart Alex. & Robt., farmes, Nether 

Stewart, Arch., blacksmith, New Hafton pi 
Stewart Mrs Mary, Nether Ardroscadale 
Stewart, Robert W, church officer, Glenlea 
Stewart, Wm., Marine rd 
Stewart Mrs, Cuilnashamrag 
Stinson, manager,Tramways, pointhouse 
Stirling Robt, Angus pi 
Summers, Archd, Melbourne pi 
Sutherland Geo., Ebenezer pi 
Sutherland John gardener, Iona pi 
Symons Benjamin, Ardentigh 

Orr Hugh Kerr, tailor, 31 Marine rd 


Taylor Mrs Jessie, baker, Iona pi 
Tennant, Andrew, IS Victoria pi 
Thomson David, blacksmith, N Hafton p! 


Thomson, James, moulder, Govandale pi Welsh George, baker, Melbourne pi ; ho 

Thomson mis Margr. , Knyiil pi 
Thomson Nurss, Stewarthall 


Wallace, Arch.. Titrhen hidnv 

Wallace Dan., gamewatcher, Tighentuder 

Wallace Jms gardener 

Waters Mrs Helen, Marine rd 

Webster, Wm„ Inverynepl 

Weir Malcolm, Rullecheddan 

Weir Miss Margt., Marine rd 

Beechbank, Bannatvne Mains rd 
Whyte W. S., Daisj bank 
Wilson James, contractor, Victoria pi 
Wilson James jun. Old quay head 
Wotherspoon John, draper, Ulva pi 

Yuille, Arthur H, Karnes bank 




Estimates Furnished on Application. 
All Orders Punctually Attended to. 


Parish of Kingarth. 

(Including the Village of Kilchattan Bay). 



Allan James, Albert place, Kilchattan Bay Esplin W. T., schoolmaster, Kingarth 


Baillie Geo,, farmer, Langalbuinoch 

Baillie Win,, Culevine, Kilchattan Bay 

Bannatyne Mrs, Fernlea 

Bannatyne Mrs Bryce Kilchattan Bay 

Ballantyne, Ascog bank 

Begg James, blacksmith, Kingartli 

Begg , gardener, Ascot; bank 

Beith Miss J, Kilchattan Bay 

Bell Duncan, baker, Kilchattan Bay 

Bell Malcolm, mason. Kilchattan Mill 

Bell M. jun., mason, Kilchattan Bay 

Black D, Windsor c.ot, Mountstuart 

Black Daniel, joiner, Kerrycroy 

Black Robert, roadman, Kilchattan Butts 

Blackwood siiss A, Kilchattan Bay 

Boag John Scott, fencer, Birgidale Butt 

Brisbane , Ascog hall 

Bryden Wm, sell. bd. clerk. Kilchattan By 



Campbell Arclid, Ascog 
Campbell A A (of Giffnock), Kilchattan By 
Campbell, Colin, farmer, Ascog 
Campbell Mrs Wm.. Kilchattan Bay 
Clirister Miss C, teacher, Kilchattan Bay 
Christer Dvd., tilework labourer, Kil. Bay 
Clapperton W., traveller, Kilchattan Bay 
Connell Edward, traveller, Kilchattan Bay 
Cowie Rev , Ascog 
Cowie L., Mountstuart 
Crawford John., farmer, Little Kilchattan 
Crawford, Thos., farmer. Drumreoch 
Crawford AVm., farmer, Langalchorad 
Crawford AVm., hotel keeper, Kingai'th 


Davis Peter, Kilchattan Bay 

Dean Adam, quarryman, Kilchattan Bay 

Dean John, ploughman, Piperhall 

Dott Angus, Culevin 

Duncan Miss Bella., Kilchattan Bay 

Farmer David, gardener, Millbank 
Ferguson David, farmer, Ardnahoe 
Ferguson Duncan, Piperhall 
Ferguson Dun. milkman, Kilchattan Butts- 
Ferguson Miss K, Wee Bav, Kilchattan Ba 
Fisher Geo., bootmaker, Kilchattan Bay 
Flemine Rbt, ssc, Oakfield, Kilchattan B 
Fisher James, Kilchattan Bay 
Fisher Peter, hedger, Kerrylamont 
Fisher AVm, postman, Kilchattan Bay 
Fraser Mrs A S, Kilchattan Bay 


Galbraith Miss E.. Kilchattan Bay 
Galbraith mis John, Kilchattan Bay 
Gemmell AA r m, farmer. Kerrytonlia 
Gill Hugh, labourer, Kilchattan Bay 
Gill James, Kingarth 
Gillespie AV., Gilroy, Kilchattan By 
Gilmour Thomas, tilemaker, Kilchattan By 
Gordon Robt., gamekeeper, Mountstuart 
Gracie , Home farm, Mountstuart 

Gr.eig David, Kiln villa, Kilchattan Bay 


Hall Jas, vineries, Ascog 

Heron Michael, gardener, Mountstuart 

Hinshilwood J. Ascog cot 

Houston R, Kilchattan Bay 

Jamieson J, Burnside, Ascog 

Jardine mis, Balmory 

Johnston Alex, joiner, Mountstuart 


Keith Mrs Dan., Mountstuart cots 
Keith Duncan, Mountstuart cots 
Kelso Malcolm, Kilchattan Bay 



Laidlaw Wm, Balmory 

Lamont Andrew, joiner, Newfarm 

Lamont Jamet molecatcher, Kilchattan Bt 

Little James, ploughman, Kilchattan Bay 

Logan James, carrier, Kilchattan Bay 

Logan Mrs Jas., Birgidale Butt 

Lucas James, teacher, KilchattanBay 

Lyon Alex, farmer, Barefield 

McKay Chas., tailor, Kilchattan Bay 
McKay Mrs Margt., farmer, Bruchag 
McKay Mrs Robert, Kilchattan Bay 
McKay Wm., Ascog house 
McKellar Male, gamekeeper, Baramore 
McKenzie John, gardener, Stevenson home 

McLellan mis Helen, Kerrycroy 
McLeod N., gardener, Millbank, Ascog 
McMillan capt. Daniel, Kilchattan Bav 
McMillan Wm., boatman, Kilchattan Bay 
McNee Mrs J. Kilchattan Bay 

Martin Mrs Archd., farmer, Largiezean 
Martin James, farmer, Nether Stravannan 
Martin mis Moses, Kilchattan Bay 
Middleton Angus, Newfarm 
Middleton Robert, watchman, Mountstuart 
Middleton Rodden Mrs, Kilchattan Bay 
Mitchell Mrs, Ascog Post Office 
Morrison James, baker, Kilchattan Bay 
Morrison John, Ashgrove, Kilchattan Bay 
Morrison John, fisherman, Kilchattan Bay 
Morrison Robt., fisherman, Kilchattan Bay 
Murray David, farmer, Quocnag 
Murray John, ploughman, Kingarth 


McAlister Robert, farmer, Mid-Ascog 
McArthnr A. J., Kilchattan Bay 
McArthur, Donald. R H., Kilchattan Bay 
Macbeth, Miss Mary, Ariascog 
McCalman D., p c, Kingaith Police station 
McDermot D, Monntstuart 
McDougall Mrs Jas., Kilchattan Bay 
McDougall Js jun., engineer, Kilchattan B 
McDougall Miss Jane, grocer, Kilchattan B 
McDougall Jn., fisherman, Kilchattan Bay 
McDougall John, ploughman, Mid-Ascog 
McDougall Robt, farmer, Birgidale Crieff 
Macewen Mrs, South Gafrochty 
McFarlane, Mrs Agnes, Margarets Home, 

McFarlane Wm., farmer, Culevin and 

Meikle Kilchattan 
Macfie Alex., fencer, Kilchattan Butt 
Macfie Dn. jn., carriage -hirer, Kingarth 
Macfie Dan., seaman. Kilchattan Bay 
Macfie James, forester, Cossan 
Macfie Mrs Robt.,, Kerrycroy 
Macfie Robt., joiner, Kilchattan Bay 
Mclntyre Arch., labourer, Kilchattan Bay 
Mclvor P., Kerrycroy 

Page D, Govandale, Kilchattan Bay 


Railway Convalescent Home, Ascog 
Robertson Arch, farmer, Birgidale Knock 
Robertson James, Kilchattan Bay 
Robertson R., KilchattanBay 
Rose Mrs David, Newfarm 


Saunders Rev John, m. a. , B. d., Kingarth 
Shaw Arch, ploughman, Kerrytonlia 
Shields Jas., engineer, Mountstuart 
Siddall, Miss Annie, Kilchattan Bay 
ismith, Mrs Millbrae, Ascog 
Speirs Mrs, Piperhall 
Steel Robert, tilework lab., Kilchattan By 
Stewart Mrs Jas., Kerrycroy 
Stewart Thos., farmer, Ascog 
Stewart Wm., wood man, Kilchattan Bay 
Stuart John, Marquis of Bute, Mount- 
stuart House 

Thomas John, trapper, Kilchattan Bay 


Walker T, Kilchattan Bay 

Wallace Daniel, gamekeeper, Piperhall 

Wilkinson John, Kilchattan Bay 

Wilson Hugh, Kerrycroy 

Wood Mrs, Gowanlea, Kilchattan Bay 




reference book to which all — whether 
strangers or residenters — turn for information 
concerning the resources available in town or 
country, for business or pleasure. 

It is not only found throughout the whole 
Shire, but also in the Public Libraries through- 
out the British Isles. 

We aim at giving complete and thoroughly 
up-to-date information, and for that purpose 
respectfully solicit the hearty assistance of the 
whole community. 

Regular Subscribers can have a copy of the 
Directory on publication for Two Shillings. 
Those who do not subscribe will have to pay 
Three Shillings. Postage Threepence extra. 

Advertisment Tariff on application. 

All Orders sent direct to the Head-Office, at 

Rothesay, will be carefully attended to. 

HIGGIE & CO., Publishers. 
Rothesay, 1925-26. 


Oipeia all t±i© Year roiimoL 




Midway between Craigmore and Rothesay Piers. 




Private Grounds. Conservatory. Lounge. Billiards. Full Cuisine. 

Separate Tables. Entertainments. Yachting. Motor Boating. Sea & Loch Angling 

Adjacent to Golf, Tennis, Baths. 


One of the most Modern, Commodious, Best Equipped and Comfortable Houses 

oh the Firth of Clyde. 

Expert Information and Arrangements for =l11 Sailing, Motor Yachting 

and Char-a-banc Tours, and for Conveyance to Places of Interest. 

Suites of Rooms for Marriages, Dances, Conferences, Sports, Clubs, etc., Socials, 

and all descriptions of Local Functions. 

High-Powered First-Class Motor Car on Premises. 

Wire or Phone 142, Rothesay. DONALD M. STEWART, Proprietor 

In connection with Brandon House and Kiln Villa, Kilchattan Bay, Bute, 

for Letting by Month or Year. Apply, Bell-Trees. 'Phone No. 142. 





Campbell, Alex, 29 Watergate 
Campbell Wm , 45 Watergate st 
Fpasep R.W., 73 Victoria st 
Loch, Geo. , at.aa, 2li Bridgend st 
Miller, Peter, c\ , 18 Watergate 
McBain, A a c a, 43 Watergate 
Maokinnon Jms, c R a, 11 Albert pi 
Montgomerie, Ach.. 11 Albert pi 
Patepson James, fsaa, fcis, (Pubic 
Auditor), 18 Castle st 

iErated Water Manufacturers 
Cunningham & Co., Palace bldgs 


Dewap, Duncan. 15 Castle st 
McKinlay, Andrew M. 6 Castle st 
McLintoek, George M., High st 

Art Needle workers 
Maemillan's, 21 Argyle st 
'Phone, No 92 

Campbell, Alex., 29 Watergate 
Montgomepie, A & F, Albert pi 
jffcKendPiek, Walter, 47 Watergase 

Bapp George G. 50 Montague st 
Bpownlie, A H, 14 W Princes st 
Co-Operative Soc, 5J E Princes st 
Kerr John, 11 Wyndham rd 
Lament, John, 19 Gallowgate 
Lamont, J F., 69 Montague st 
MoPPis, James, 72 Victoria st 
Dick. Campbell S, 15 Tower st 
MuiP, Charles, 17 High st, 17 Argyle st 
McMeekan Jas, 25 E Princes st 
McNieol, James, 87 Montague st 
McNieol, Neil, 81 High st & 23 Mon- 
tague st 
Robertson, John, 11 E Princes st 

Billiard Rooms 
Lawrie, John M, Gallowgate 


Allen David & Sons, Mansefield pi 


BaiPd, Andrew B., 113 High tfc 
M'Bride, Robert, John st 
Shaw Daniel, Croft lane 
Watson D & Sons, 11 & 13 Castle st 

Boarding Houses and Camps 

APdwell, Craigmore— Mrs Renwick 
Apdyne-Elysium, Craigmore — 

Apgyle Boarding House, 11 Argyle pi 

— Mrs Wilson, proprietrix 
Aseog' Hall— C. M. Brisbane 
Ashbupn— 15 Mountstuart rd, Turn- 
Bell-Tpees, 7 Mountstuart rd— Don- 
ald M Stewart 
Bpeadalbane. 1 Mountstuart rd— A 

Neilson Fyfe 
Oapndhu, 6 Battery pi-- Mrs M'Leod 
Clifton— Argyle ter— Miss M'Neill 
Co-Opepative Camp, Canada Hill 
Cpaig-aPd Private Hotel, Craigmoie 

shore Mrs Lang 
Craigmope House, near Pier— AB 

& M Terris 
Cpaiglelea, Ardbeg rd— Mrs McCord 
Cpaiglea, Mountstuart rd— Mr Stir- 
Cunapd, 2 Mountstuart id-Mrs Both 

Delhi House, 19 Craigmore road- 
Messrs Johnston & Plumpton. 
Empire, 5 Battery pi — Mrs Bain- 
Grreenbank, Ardbeg, Mrs Dr Reid 
Helenslea, Crichton road— Mr &Mrs 

Crawford, proprietors 
Health eries, Canada Hill — James 

Ivy House, A M Boyd, 8 Argyle pi 
Pension Craigmore— S Blaikey 
Pension, Craigmore — Miss Cariick 
Rivepsdale, 36 Argyle st-MrsWaugh 
Thopnbank, Ardbeg Promenade — 

Mrs Lawson 
WeiPholm, 23 Battery pi— Mrs Weir 
Whitehouse, 19 Battery pi— Sweet 
Windsor Boarding House, 27 Bat- 
tery pi— Spittal 


TRADERS- Rothesay. 

Woodbank, 38 Ardbeg rd— Misses 

Y W C A, 20 Battery pi 

Boat Builders 

Cooke Wm., 15 Bridge st 
Dewap Francis, Church lane, High st 
M'Farlane, George, Mill st 
Tayiop Jas., Ladeside 

Boat Hirers 

Campbell John, E. Princes st 
Crawford Peter, West Esplanade 
Dewap, Francis, Esplanade 
Fpeekleton, James, Esplanade 
Fpeekleton John, Mountstuart rd & 

Knox, Duncan, Albert pi 
Leitch, Duncan. Ardbeg 
McFaplane, George, Esplanade 
McGaw Alex, West Esplanade 
Mclvep, Jas., West Bay 
Scott W, West bay 
Tayiop, Jas, Esplanade 

Booksellers, Newsagents, 
Stationers, &c- 
Buchanan Andrew, 49 Mont gue st 
Clay, T. M., 11 Victoria st 
Craighead Mrs, Guildford sq 
Davie. John M, 8 Bridge-end st 
Doug-all J S., 21 Victoria st, 27 & 29 

Montague st, and 33 Gallowgate 
Duncan, Miss, Argyle st 
Faiplie W, 58i High st 
Lyle, Miss 1 Montague st 
Mackie William, 22 Mill st 
M'Nicol Miss, 6 Bishop st 12 Albert pi 
Robertson, Marion, 45 High st 
Sinclair, T & M, E. Princes st 
StewaPt. Misses M. & F., 80 Ardbeg 
Waterson, Mrs, Montague st 

Boot and Shoemakers 

Dick, B & J, Ltd , 44 Montague st 
Duncan, Mi«s C L, 6 Bishop st 
Edwards E, 75 Ardbeg rd 
Greenlees & Sons, Montague st 
Houston John, 12 Mill st 
Mupdoeh Angus, 24 Watergate 
McKay Duncan, 5 W Prince* st 
McStay Joseph, 8 Ladeside 
Stead & Simpson, 99 Montague st 
Stewart, David, (late R. & J. Dick), 

105 Montague st 
Stirling- W M, 6 Bridgend st 
Sweenie, J, oi High st 
Thompson, A R, 92 Montague st 
Weip, I, 71 Montague st 


Dewar Francis, Church lane, High st 
Faulds Wm., 11 <fc 13 Mill st 
Moppell, John (second hand goods) 6 

WILiliamson, John, 17 Mi 11 st 


Bone, Robert, Russell st 
Duncan James, Ladeside 
Hunter John R <fc Sons, Castle st 
Lyle, Wm., Townhead 

Cabinet Makers 

Dodds, John G, Cblbeck pi 
Gentleman Robert, High st 
Mathers, W., 3 Gallowgate 
Smith, James, 13 Bishop st 
Speips, Chas S, Creek drive, Ardbeg 

Carriage Elirers 
Martin, J. & A., Chapelhill rd; Call 

Office, 20 East Princes st 
M'Garrity Wm. 21 East Princes st 
M'Kirdy & M'Millan, East Princes st 
Pullen Charles J, 21 Bridge st 
M'Kellar Capt, Craigmore pier 
Tramway Company 

Rothesay and Glasgow — 
Bipnie, Wm., 100 Montague st ; Glas- 
gow— 37 Mitchell st, & 31 Hutchison st 
M'Grilp, Daniel, 3 Tower st ; Glasgow 
—84 Virginia St., 104 E. Howard St., 
and 17 Miller st 

Rothesay, Port-Bannatyne and 
Faulds, W. Mill st 
Meikle & MeKellap, Quay 
M'Gilp Daniel, 3 Tower st 
Shaw & Gillies, Quay 

Carting Contractors 
Faulds W, 11 Mill st 
M'Coll John, 26 Columshill st 
Meikle & MeKellap, Quay 
Maekipdy, Taggart, 34 Bishop st 
Shaw <fe Gillies, Quay 

Kipkwood, David, 111 Hij-h st 
Mc Bride James, John st 
Morrison Robert, Stuart st 
Robertson, John, Watergate 

Rao eland Camp, Canada hill 

Chemists and Druggists [168 
Oemmell John 20 Argyle st. 'Phone, 
Hicks Geo & Son, 1 Victoria st 
Hill, Geo G., 94 Montague st 
Lyle, Wm., 13 E Princes st 
Meldrum Wm., 43 Victoria st, and 


Drug stores. 
Hunter's Photo store, 19 Bridgend st 
Roebuck C W, 19 Columshill st 

TRADERS- Rothesay. 

Chimney Sweepers 

The Slaters and 
Pinkerton, Jas., 10a Bridgend st 
Miller Wm, 13 Stewart st , 

China & Earthenware Dealers 

Davie John M, 6 Bridgend st 
McNab J W & Sons, 1 Albert pi 
MoRae, J, 29 Gallowgate & 107 Mon- 
tague st 
"Wilson R, 2 W Princes st 

Coal Merchants 
Andrews J. Church lane, High st 
Dixon, Wm., Limited, 13 King st 
Halliday George Ltd., Stuart st 
Hogarth. John, 13 Bishop st 
Maekirdy Taggart, 38 Bishop st 
Sturgeon, Robert, 20 Mill st 
Todd John B, 25 Bridge st 


The Groeers and 

Allan, Mrs E. R., 63 Victoria st 

Biagioni F, 56 and 58 High st 

Biagioni P, 3S Montague st 

Bonaeorsi Mrs P, 15 Montague st 

Bonaeorsi R, 21 & 23 Montague st 

Buchanan. I. & M., Victoria st 

Pobbie. Miss J., the Pier 

irley Henry. (Wholesale), 15 Mil st 

Forrest Mrs, 13 Tower st 

Haig. Mrs, Kiosk, Meadows 

Johnston Mrs D.. 15 Gallowgate 

Law^on James , Victoria st 

Lawson Mrs, 17 Victoria st 

McDonald, 22 Bishop st 

Mi Dougall, Robert, (Wholesale), 6 
Argyle st 

McColl A I) 9 Gallowgate 

MOoll R 8. Victoria st 

Mc Vicar, Miss, 24 West Princes st 

Reid, Alfred, 5 Mill st 

Sanderson Mary C, 10 Montague st 

Suffredini G, 11 High st & 26 E Prin- 
ces st 

Torri P, Montague st, Dean Hood pi, 
Gallowgate & Victoria st 

Young Mrs 52a Montague st 

Halliday, George, Lmtd, Rothessay 
Pier builders. General Contractors 
and Contractors for Tar Macadam 
roadways and pavements 

Cycle and Motor Agents 
and Repairers 
Aird, David, 1 Mill st 
Barrie Thos. , Glenrosa pi 
Gillies John, 45 Montague t-t 
Thorn Alex, & Co, 22 Bridge st 
'Wilson, R, 91 Montague st 


Dairy Keepers, (fee. 

Biikett Mrs, Dean Hood pi 
Buttercup Dairy Co., Montague st 
Cnllan Mrs, E Princes st 
Laidlaw Mrs, 11 Bishop st 
Lauder, Mrs, Carlton Dairy Cafe\ 19 

Argyle st 
Love, Miss, 3 Dean Hood pi <fc Bridgend s 
Maypole Dairy Co. : 56 Montague st 
McDougall Miss, 1 Gallowgate 
McMillan, John, Watergate 
Stone, Mrs Joseph, 2 Columshill st 
Shaw, Miss Jean, Croft, 97 High st 
Thorburn & Carston, 10 Tower st 
Young 1 , Miss 13 Wyndham rd 


Gordon T, Gartmore 28 Argyle st 
Melllraith, James R., Edina villa, 

Thomson E Purvis, lds., RCS, Edin, 

1 Argyle pi 
Wylie Hugh, 4 Bishop st 


Brown A & Son, 31 & 33 Montague st 
Caldwell Brothers, 1 and 2 Albert st 

and 13 Montague st 
Hill George, 78 Montague st 
Lauder, Misses J & A,8S Montague st 
Lauder, Rbt., 9 W Princes st, & Albert p 
Miller <& Co., 48 Montague st 
Muir, Wm. G, 19 Montague st 
M 'Arthur, Peter, Albert pi 


Barr, Miss, E. Princes st 
Freekleton, Misses, Ornatus ter 
Henderson Miss, Bute mansions 
Haig, Miss. Seabank buildings 
Higgle, Miss Mrgt. M'L., 20 Bridge st 
McLea, Miss, 39 Argyle st 
Pinkerton Miss, Columshill st 

Dyers and Cleaners 

Pullars, 6 Dean Hood pi 


McAleese, J F & H M, 4 Gallowgate 
Maitland Geo, 7c Bridgend st 
McNab J W <fc Sons, 24 Watergate 
Graham, Jas, 9 Montague st 
Thorn A & Co, 22 Bridge st 


_ ineers 

Aird, David, 1 Mill st 
Thorn A & Co, 22 Bridge st 


Ardbeg . . . . Mrs Alex Currie 

Ashfield . . . . J Adam 

Bogany . . . . A & J Bodys 

Crossbeg . . Duncan Currie 

Eastlands . . Archie M'Gilvary 

Gartnakailly . . Anrdew T Ritchie 

TRADERS— Rothesay 

Kncckanreoch and 

Little Grenach . . 
Little Barone 

Meikle Grenach.. 

Jaa M'Intyre 
John M'Coll 
Peter Canning 
Malcolm MePhee 
W Craig 
Mrs John Curiie 
Mrs T. H. Harvey 

Rothesay Firewood Co, 48 Mill st 

Fish Curers 

Barr, Peter & Sons, Ltd., 18, 26 & 35 
Watergate and 76 High st 'Phone, 
No. 169 
Slaven John S, West Castlp st 
Tweedley John, 17 Stuart st 

Jeffrey, A & L 5 Tower st 
Slaven, J S, 22 High st and 61 Mon 

tague st. 
Smith, John, 35 Victoria st 
Thorburn, Angus, 117 Montague st 
Thopfoupn, John. 18 W. Priuces st 


Anderson, John D, Albert pi 
British and Argentine Meat Coy, Mon- 
tague st 
Brownlie Wm., Watergate 
Crawford Brothers, 19 Gallowgate 
Cuppie John, lis Montague st 
Currie, Duncan, 3 Bishop st 
Eastman's Limited, 57 Montague st 
Jones John, 89 High st 
M'Intype. James, 81 Montague 
SquaiP, Wm. H., 5 Gallowgate 
Wilkinson James, 99 High st 
Wilkinson John, 19 Watergate 

Florists, Nurserymen, Seeds- 
men, and Market Gardeners. 

Adam J, Ashfield 

Cuthtaeptson, M & Co., Craigmore 

Nursery, Crichton rd 
Geddes, Jn G., Springfield, 69 Highst 
Hall Harry, Burnside. Millhole 
Hall James. Vineries, Ascog 
Lister, Alex., Meadowbank, Barone r 

shop, 11 High st 
McEwan D, Eden pi, High st 
M'Laren, John, Braeside 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers 
Beattie Miss M., 9 Argyle st 
Burgoyne, Mrs. 95 Montague st 
Currie, Miss, 15 Argyle st 
Kenneth W B , 79 Montague st 
Lawson Mrs, 17 Victoria st 
Lister Miss, High st 
M'Donald # Hannny, 25 Gallowgate 
M'Dougall Miss, 1 Gallowgate 


Macintyre, M. & B., Wyndhamroad 
McLardy Mrs, Watergate 
M'Nicol, Miss. E. Princes st 
McRae, Earl Park Gardens, Ardbeg rd 
Rankin. Misres Albert pi 
Slaven, James. 10 W. Princes st 
Slaven, Jessie, Stuart st 

Gentlemen's Outfitters. 
Bur groyne Wm., 85 Montague st 
Meikle Helen, Victoria st 
McKay Charles, Victoria st 
McLachlan. John, 67 Montague st 
Prentice George, 25 Victoria st 


Muppay D. C. & Co., 86 Montague st 
also several Painters and Joineis 

Grain, Seed and Potato Mer 
chants and Manure Agents" 

Fishep, James, King st, W Castle st & 
King's Mill, Mill st 

FePgruson Duncan, 10 King st 

McEwan. Duncan, 68 High st 

McMillan John, 5 Ladeside 

McMillan, Wm,, John st 

Grocers and Provision 
(Licensed marked I). 
Bapelay Mrs Margt.,Wyndham rd 
Baxter, John M., 19b Argyle st 
Bpyee Alex.. Barone rd 
Haip James, 3 Mill st 
Brown, Mrs Alex. 34 Columshill st 
Callan, Geo. M., 21 E Princes st 
CoopeP& Co's Stores Limited, 14 High 

st & 24 M on tague st 
Cunningham, And, 47 Victoria st 
Cunningham. Danl, 81 Montague s- 
Cuppie, Miss, 14 Castle st 
!Edgar Walter, 2 Castle st 
ZEwingr, John, 8 W Princes st 
Findlay. Wm., 137 High st 
Fmlav , Peter, Wyndham rd 
Hamilton, Andrew, 2 Bridge-end st 
Hapvey Mrs B. , 27 Mill st 
ZHolt Jas, Columshill st 
Hopn Samuel, 28 bishop st 
Kirkwood Mrs Sarah, 6 Gallowgate 
Laidlaw Mrs, 11 Bishop st 
Lamont Danieljun. 92 high st 
I.ipton, Ltd., Montague st 
/Maitland, Joseph, 61 Montague st 
Maltman, Tom, Mill st 
IWUlai^, Mrs Andrew M., 1 Argyle st 
IMoodie George, 72 Ardbeg rd 
M'Callum, Mrs Neil, 96 Montague st 
McColl, A D, 9 Gallowgate 
Mcintosh Miss Nellie, 73 High st 
McKendPlek, Mis*, 39 Watergate 
Mackinnon Mrs John, 6 Montague s; 
WLeanChas., Mill st 
McNab, Hamilton, 84 High st 

TRADERS Kothesay. 

Stone, Mrs Joseph, 2 Columshill st 
Stirrat Mr & Mrs, 8 Dean Hood pi 
Swanston Arthur & Son, W Prin- 
ces st 
Swanston & Futon, 54 Montague s 
^Uruqhapt, J. A. & Son, 13 Argyle st 


Blint Lewis, 21 Stuart st 
Cameron, G. O., 51 Victoria st 
Gardiner, J., W Princes st 
Lawson, Misses, 81 Victoria st 
Morrison, Arch., 90 Montague st 
McMillan, Archd. 7 High st 
WeiP, ffm., 4 Bridge st 

Hotel Keepers 

l Licensed 

^Argyle, 27 Watergate Miss Grindley 

Bute Arms Guildford square— Wm 

Bute Temperance, W Princes street — 

James M 'Mil Ian 
Esplanade Guildford square — John 

George, Argyle st — Misses J & M Lyle 
Crlenbupn Hydro, Mountstuart rd 
Livingstonia, Guildford sa--J Blair 
^Lopne, Guildford squre— John Lyle 
Modeipa, 1 Tower st— T A Bradbury 
Osbopne, 87 Victoria st— Mrs G Pirie 
'Queen s, Argyle st — Robt Crawford 
/Royal, Albert pi— Reston T & I) 
^Victoria, 57 Victoria st— John Blair 
Waverley, Argyle st — Mrs Johnston 

House Agents and Factors. 
Campbell. Alex., 29 Watergate 
Dewap, Duncan, Castle st 
FisheP lames, W. Castle st 
Johnston urs, 12 Bridgend st 
MilleP, Robert C, Montague st 
Montgomerie, Arch , Albert pi 
M 'Arthur, Peter, Albert, pi 
Macbeth & Maclagan, Mount- 
M'Callum, John, Savings bank 
McKellaP. capt Peter. Craigmore pier 
Maekinnon Jas , cra. li Albert pi 
Wilson, Alexander & Co., Castle 


H use Furnishers 

Innes, M. G 101 Montague st 
Mathers W .titer, 3 Gallowgate 
M'Guire, Mrs, Russel st 
Robertson, Angus & Son, Bridgend st 

Insurance Agents 
Campbell, Alex., 29 Watergate 
Campbell, J. R , Clydesdale bank 
Dewap Duncan, 15 Castle st 
Grant, Wm., Watergate 


Higgie, George, 22 Bridge st 
Hill Jack, Barone rd 
Logan Hugh, 18 Ardbeg rd 
M'Kay, Chas. Jnn., 10 Windsor pi 
Maekinnon, Geo, 34a Columshill st 
Maekinnon James, cra, Albert pi 
Mastepton, J. L., Bank of Scotland 
Montgomerie, Arch., Albert pi 
McCallum, John. Savings bank 
Speips, Charles, Creek Drive, Ardbeg 
Tait M., Pearl, Bishop it 
Turner, Colin B., Craigmore 
ThOPbupn, Andw, Royal Bank 
Wilson, Alexander & Co., Castle st 


Brown & Co., 43 Montague st 
Gillies John, 45 Montague st 
Laurie, T., 31 Watergate 
Maitland George, 7c Bridgend st 
McNab, John, West Princes st 
fYLRae J.. 107 Montague st 
Napiep, Thomas, 68 Montague st 
t>id Bazaar, Montague st 


Blair, Duncan, 22 Bridge st 
Bowman. Wm., 1 West Castle st 
Dobbie, Alex., Bishop terrace br 
Dobbie & Morrison, Lacfeside 
Dodds, John G, Colbeck pi 
Holmes, John, 83 Montague st 
Johnstone, Hugh, Ladeside 
Morrison, Robert, Stuart st 
McBpide, James, John st 
McCallum & Son, 50 High st & Ard 

beg rd 
McNab, Alex. & Son, 24 Watergate st 
Robertson John, 33a Watergate 
Smith James, 13 Bishop st 
Speips, Chas. S., Creek drive, Ardbeg 
Taylop, Edward, Kerrycruisach 

Ladies' & Children's Outfitters 

Astle, Mrs, 100 Montague st and 1 & 2 

Dean Hood si 
Bradley Margaret, Bishop st 
Finlay. Miss, 93 Montague st 
FPeekleton, Misses, Ornatus ter- 
race, Ardbeg 
Heaton Miss Marion, 75 Montague so 
Hill Mrs, 85 Montague st 
Hogg, Mrs, 15 Argyle st 
Johnston G & A, 67 Victoria st 
Lauder Misses J.&A 88 Msntague s 
Lauder, Robert, 7 Albert pi 
MilleP & Co., 53 Montague st 
McApthUP, Miss, 69 Victoria st 
McConnell C. & Co., 21 Montague st 
McConnell & McApthy, 59 Mon- 
tague st 
Macphepson Miss P, 4J Gallowgate 

TRADERS— Rothesay 

Macmlllan's 7. 18 & 21 Argyle st 

'Phone No., 92 
McTavish, Miss, 55 Victoria st 
Ralston, Mrs, 9a Gallowgate 
.Richardson Miss, Bridgend st 
Whiteford, Miss, 3 Dean Hood pi 

Johnstone Miss, 25 Barone rd 
Richmond Park— agency, Chapelhill rd 
Rothesay Steam Laundry — Bridge 

st — David Brown, prorpietor 
Symes, Mrs, 85 High st 


Clay.T. M., 11 Victoria st 
Doug-all J. S., 21 Victoria st 
Stewart Institute, Montague st 

Lime Merchant 
Mackipdy, T., 34 & 38 Bishop st 

Mica Factory 

Scottish Mica Co, Ladeside st 


Fisher, James, the King's Mill, Mill st 
Robertson, James, Greenan Mill 

Astlc, Mrs, 100 Montague st 
Caldwell Brothers, 13 Montague st 
McConnell, & Co., 21 Montague st 
Macpherson, Miss, 4£ Gallowgate 
McTavish Miss. Victoria st 
Paterson, J., 31 Victoria st 

Newspaper Correspondents 
and Advertising Agents 

Rwing, 4., Buteman Office 
Fleming Gavin. Express office 
Higgie, Geo., Directory and Guide Office 
Mackenzie, M., Express Office 
Stevenson Charles W, Buteman office 


Voght Wm & Son, rgstrd, 19 High st 


Canning 1 Jas & Son, John st 
Ferguson Alex., 7 Bridgend st 
Muppay, D. C. & Co., 86 Montague st 
Stark John, jun., Chapelhill rd 
NT Fie, Dugald H., 65 High st 
Stewart W. & J., 22 W Princes st 

Innes, George, VV. Castle st 


Adamson, & Son, 23 Argyle 

Burnett©, F.R., Dean Hood p[ 
Rodger, David, 9 Victoria st 
Sweet, Charles & Son., 19 Battery pi 

Duncan, Matthew & Co., Ladeside 
McQuistin John, John st 

Picture Houses. 

De Luxe, off W Princes st 
Palace, E Princes st 

Chisholm Wm, nr Fountain, Ardbeg 
Cruickshanks, John, 49 High « 
Cunningham, Daniel, 17 Bridgend st 
Duncan Al-x, 10 Watergate 
Gilchrist. Robt, 13 the Terrace 
MllleP Jas & Son, Columshill st 
NapieP Thomas, 68 Montague st 
Moppison, Bros., 33 Watergate 
Peacock, A R., 23 High st 


1 — Stewart, John.Hillhouse rd 

2 — McLean Angus, High st 

3— M'Donald, Jas., 3 Russell st 

4 — Jas Bell, 5 Montague st 

5— M'Lachlan Camp., 2 Mill st 

6— Dalgleish John, Castle st 

7 — James M'Dougall 

8 — John Rinpie, 

9— Patrick Shields, 55 Montague st 
10— Shaw, John, 19 Victoria st 
11— Maitland John, 9 Mill st 
12— M'Lachlan Francis, 2 Mid st 


Alexander John, 32 Castle st 
Currie Wm, Columshill it 
Curry H, Eden pi 
Ferguson, J., Argyle pi 
Jamieson Robt, 20 Bishop st 
Kean, Colin, 11 Mansefield pi 
Leitch, Colin, Port-Bannatyne 
Mohochan 8, Ardbeg rd 
Mutch, John W., 66 Montague st 
M 'Arthur, E., 94 High st 
M'Farlane, R , Argyle st 
M'Gilvary H, 4 Hillhouse id 
M'Lellan, M., 27 Argyle st 
M'Nab, Russell, 17 Bishop st 
Nicholson Robt., 20 Bridge st 
Perston Gavin, 58 Ladeside st 
Robertson, John, 1 Columshill pi 
Smith, Arch,, Croft lodge 
Stewart C, 1 Russell st 
Stewart J, 12 Mill st 

TRADERS— Rothesay. 

Potted Meat Maker. 
Ferguson, Mrs, 21 Gallowgate 

Poulterers, &c. 
Jeffrey, A & L, 5 Tower st 
Slaven J S,22 High st 61 Montague st 
Smith John, 35 Victoria st 
Thorbupn, Angus, 117 Montague st 
Thorburn, John, \V, Princes st 

Printers and Publishers 
Buteman Ltd.. 10 Castle st— Chas M 

Stevenson, manager 
Higgle & Co., 22 Bridge st 

Bonnie Scotland s Resorts 

Belec/a Skotlando 

Boni Shetland 

Bute County Directory 

The Coast Guide 

La Ennmig'o de la Nacioj 

Scottish Scenery 
Mackenzie M., Express office, 1 

Montague st 

Quarry Masters 

Halliday, George, Limited, Long Hill 
Quarry. Office— Sawmills. Whin 
Sets, Kerb Road Metal. &c, &c 

Remnant Shops. 
McDonald Hugh, 52 High st 
Whiteford Miss, Dean Hood pi 

Restaurants and Tea Rooms. 
Allan, Mrs E. J., 63 Victoria st 
Barr, Miss, Bishop st 
Cuthill James, 3 Argyle st 
Buchanan, Malcolm. 27 Victoria st 
Buchanan. Misses I. & M, 15 Victoria st 
Cottage Tea Rooms, Albert pi 
Morrison Misses J & S, Albion, 89 

Victoria st 
Donaldson, David, 7 Bridge st 
Goldie Mrs, E. Princes st 
Heaton, W. H., Jim.. 23 K Princes st 
Johnston, Daniel, 82 Montague st 
Kettledrum, Suffridini, E Princes st 
Kendall Sisters, 106 Montague st 
Lawson, James, Victoria st 
Lawson, Mrs, 17 Victoria st 
Leitch, Henry, Argyle st 
Moretti D, 16 E Princes st 
MoppIs, James, 72 Victoria st 
M'Millan Miss, E Princes st 
M'Neil Dougall, 5 Montague st 
M'Quistan Miss. Montague st 
NapieP, W., '"Royal," 111 Montague s 
Palace, Palace buildings, E Princes s 
Royal Oak, Watergate— Mrs Thorburn 
Robertson Robert J., Montague st 
Scott, Miss, E Princes st 
Stewart Institute, Montague st 



Livingstone, Rich., 14 Castlehill st 
Whitefopd Jas, 20 High st 

Saw Millers 

Halliday, George, Limited, Union s 
Home& Foreign Timber Merchants. 

Sewing Machine Agent. 

Robert M'Crindle, salesman, Tower st 

Kirkhope, Wm & Son, Townliead 

Sheet Metal Workers. 

Maitland Geo , 7c Bridge-end st 
McNab, John & Sons, 24 Watergate 

Shipping and Forwarding 


Halliday, George, Limited, Union st. 
Roth , and 50 Wellington st, Glasgow 
Telegrams, "Halliday," Rothesay, & 
"Craigielea," Glasgow 

Miller, R C & Son, Montague st 

Hyndman, James & Son, Colbeck pi 
Leckie, Win. M., Bridge si 
Miller, James & Son, Oolumshill st 
Paterson Robert & Son, 50 High st 
Semplc Jas K, 2 Hansefield pi 

Spirit Merchants 
The Licensed Hotel-Keepers 
Bell, Duncan, "Galatea Bar, 3, 5 and 

7 Bride End st 
Campbell John & Son, Black Bull, 3 

West Princes st 
Dewar Charles, 8 Castle st 
Brown, David, High st 
Campbell, Arch., Tower & Castlehill 

Crawford, Stewart, 4 Bridgend st 
Fpeebairn. C J., Gu ildford sq & 

Montague st 
Galbraith Jas.. Castlehill st 
Harvey J & A, 70 Montague st 
Heaton, James, 7 Vh-toria st 
Heaton, Robert, 12 E. Princes st 
McCarthy, James, 15 Stuart st 
M'Millan, Jas. »S., E Princes st 
McRitchie Roderick, 20 Gallowgate 
O'Connor, Martin, 27 Gallowgate 
Robertson, Alex, 3 Victoria st 
Robertson Wm., 25 Hish st 
Taylor, D. M. , Tower st 
Watson John, Athletic Bar, Gallow- 

TRADERS— Rothesay. 


Steamboat Agents 

Meikle & M'Kellar (Williamson's) 
Mackirdy Taggart, Bishop st 
Gillies Neil (Macbrayne's) 
Paterson Charles ((L M R) 
Shaw & Gillies (Bute) 
Watson T M, (L N E R) 

Tailors and Clothiers 

Hunter R A, Ministers br 
Johnston. James, 26 Montague st 
Miller. Robert C. 46 Montague st 
Mowat, P. M., 7 Bishop st 
McKay, Charles, 39 Victoria st 
Ppentiee, George, 25 Victoria st 
Sutherland Donald, 10 Gallowgate 
Yates, Walter, 39a Mill st 

See Official List. 
Higgle* George. 22 Bridge st ; Deli 
gito Universala Esperanto Asocio 
Christie, Arthur S, Crichton rd 
Dry den George, Argyle st 
Love And. R, 13 Mountstuart rd 
M'Kinlay Miss Marianne, Crichton rd- 
Rodger; David, 9 Victoria st 
Higgie George, 22 Bridge st 

Spence Geo., swimming baths 
Sprowl, Robt, Skeoch Bathing places 


Barclay Mrs Wyndham rd 
Davie .)ohn M, S Bridgend 9t 
Dougall & Co, 27 & 29 Montague st 
Dowell, C & M, 102 Montague st 

Lyle, Miss, 1 Montague st 
McAleese, J F, 4 Gallowgate 
McGilp, 3 Tower st 
McMillan, , 6 W. Princes st 
Ramsay Hugh, 20 Argyle st 
Sinclair, T & M, 19 East Princes st 
Stewart Misses, SO Ardbeg rd 
Stewart, R. B., Albert pi 
Tait, Robert, 83 Victoria st 
Wilson, D., 60 Montague st 

Toy and Fancy Goods Dealers 
Campbell . Misses A & C, Guildford sq 
Clay, Thos. M., 11 Victoria st 
Dougall, & Co., 21 Victoria st, 27-29 
Montague st.33 Gallowgate, 1 Albert d 
Dowell, C & M, 102 Montague st 
■Wilson, R, 2 W Princes st 
Lyle, Miss, 1 Montague st 
^hipton , Gnildford st 

Stewart, Misses, f0 Ardbeg rd 

Umbrella Maker 
Macpone, Alex., 6a Ladeside 


Cuprie Duncan, 15 King st 

Fordyce John, Montague st 
Mathers, Walter, 3 Gallowgate 
Morrison John, 15 Tower st 
Robertson A. & Son, 21 Bridgend 

Watchmakers and Jewellers 

Cob urn J, 16 Tower st 
Dougall, J. S.. 21 Victoria st 
Lauder, Hugh, 8 Albert pi 
Lawrence, J Barr, 24 Argyle st 

Wringing Machine Hirer 
and Kepairer 
Aird, David, 1 Mill st 

BOOT and SHOEMAKER— James Sweenie, 61 High Street, Repairs at 
City Prices. Ladies' Sole and Heel, 4s. Gent. 's Sole and Heel, 5'6. 
Workmanship and Material Guaranteed 

Scottish Home Rule Association.— Object— To secure Self-Government for 
Scotland. — Particulars as to Membership, etc. . can be obtained on application to the 

Bread, Smalls and Pastry —Productions of U.C. B S. Model Bakery at Rothesay. 
Honorary Secretary. P. E. Mcirhead.30 Elmbank Crescent, C2, Glasgow. 
Phonr, Central 5«80, Glasgow. 

Family Grocer — Peter Finlay, Wyndhara Road, Ardbeg. — Orders 

punctually attended to. 
Electric and Fancy Goods Merchant, Jas Graham, 9 Montague St. 
Millinery and Fancy Goods -M. K. Hogg, 15 Argyle Street. 
Potato Merchant — Duncan MEwan, 68 High street 

Tobacconist, Stationer, & Fancy Goods Emporium — -Miss Stewart, 80 Ardbeg Road. 
Wholesale and Retail Fruit Merchant — John Slaven, Stuart street 


Parish of North Bute. 

(Including the Village of Pobt-Bannatyne). 


Brown Arch. Crown Hlds 
Dick C S, 34 Marine rd 
Welsh, George. Melbourne pi 


Smith John. Ettrick 
Shaw Daniel, Straad 
Shaw Neil, Castle st 

Boat Builders 

Alexander James 
Fyfe, John, Ardmaleish 
Maleom, Arch., Marine rd, west 
Bute Slip Dock Coy, Ardmaleish 

Boat Hirers 

Alexander James, Marine rd 
Alexander Jas, jun, ., „ 
Alexander John, Marine i - d 
Wilson, James, Marine rd 


Lament Hugh, Crown buildings 

Carriage Hirers 

Cuppie Robert Jardine Wm 

Carting Contractors 
Oray, J \V. Castle st 
Wilson, James, jun., Old Quay 

Coal Merchants 
Gray, J W, Castle st 
Wilson James, jun.. Old Quay 


Alexander, Miss, Inveryne pi 
Allan M;& E, Sandringham ter 

Jamieson Miss, 21 Marine rd 


Murray, Miss, Inveryne pi 
City Drapery Stores— G. Gunn, 
Marine rd 


Bannatyne & Schroder, Marine rd 
Hunter, Miss, Springwell pi 


Melcrum, Wm., Marine rd 


Auchavoulaig .. 









Bannatyne Mains 

Barone Park 



Cranslagmory . . 

Cranslagvourity . . 



East St Colmac . . 


Eskechraggan . . 






Mid Park 

South Park . 

North Park . 
Largivrechtan . 

Little Kilmory . . 
Meikle Kilmory. . 
Mid St Calmac . . 


D. M 'Donald 
Dan Gillies' heirs 
John Crawford 
Daniel Boag 
Robert Muir 
A & W Montgomery 
Ptr& Ach M 'In tyre 
Daniel Macfie 
J. Currie 
D M'Kinnon 
Mrs & Js D M'Kay 
Wm. Carmichael 
Lachlan M'Lean 
Chas. Macfarlane 
J. P. Dickie 
G. Lyon 
Alex. M'Intyre 
Dunbar J. &G. 
James P. Maleom 
/ Thomas Barr ahd 
> J D M'Millan 
D M "Donald 
Andrew M'Intyre 
R Robert8on 
G. Ross 
P. M'Intyre 
Robt. Robertson 
Hugh Lamont 

A.MacfieandT Bell 

Hugh Millar 
Mrs Stevenson 
Thos Lochhead 
Marquis of Bute 
Robert Duncan 
Henry M'Conechy 
D M'Donald 
Ninan Duncan 
D. M'Lean 
Mrs James M'Alister 
John Simpson 
James Middleton 

Nether Ardroscadale, L) Macalister 
Quogach . . Mrs Gillies 

Quien and Scalpsie John Martin, jun. 
Rhubodach .. Marquis of Bute 
Rullecheddan . . Mrs Wm Morrison 
Scalpsie . . John Martin 

Scarrel . . T. Lochhead 

Shalunt . . Thos Harvey 


TRADERS— North Bute Parish. 

Stewarthall .. A. M'Intyre 
Stuck . . John Hunter 

Upr. Ardroscadale Colin M'Callum 
Lower Ettrick . . John Macfie 
Upper Ettrick . . Wm. Hunter 
West St Colmac. . Jn G Simpson's hr 


Alexander, Miss, Inveryne pi 
CuPPie Robert, Marine rd 


Alexander Arch, Marine rd 
Dickie Arch., Victoria pi 
Hogarth, Mrs M. , Govandale pi 
Keith, Cath., Inveryne pi 
M'Dougall Miss, Castle st 

Small George, Marine rd 

Hotel and Innkeepers, etc 

Cameron John, Royal Hotel 
Crawford A., Port-Bannatyne Inn 
Crawford, Mrs David, Crown 
Hydropathic, Swanstonhill 
McKinnon Mrs Chas, Anchor Tavern 
Scott Wm, Private. Pier ter 


CuPPie Robt., Marine rd 
McPhail Mrs Malcolm, Marine rd 

Malcom, Arch., Shore St, West 
M'Millan, Duncan, Castle st 
SpeiPS Charles S, Creek Drive 

Newsagents, Stationers, &c. 

Burnside Wm, Marine rd 
Cuppie, Miss, Pdst Office 

Cunningham, Matthew, 9 Quay st 
Gardner Thos, Stuart st 
McDepmot C, Castle st 


Welsh, George, Melbourne pi 


Baird David, Marine rd 


Bodin, Wm., Castle st West 
Opp, Hugh Kerr, 31 Marine rd 

Kilchattan Bay. 

BRANDON HOUSE. — Seven Rooms and Kitchen Usual Out-Houses ; Self- 
Contained; Lavatory, Hot and Cold Water, &c. ; and 

KILN VILLA, Self Contained, Four Rooms and Kitchen, on Sbhore ; Front and 
Porch Entrances. 

Both Houses newly Completely Decorated. To be Let by Month or Year, or for 
Boarding or Apartments. 

Apply Stewart, Bell-Trees Mansion Boarding Establishment, Craigmore, Rothe- 
say. 'Phone, 142, or Piermaster or Postmaster, Kilchattan Bay. 

Remember Friends at a Distance. 


Worked in Buteshire Heather and other Wild Flowers. 



Parish of Kingapth. 

(Including the Village of Kilchattvn Bay. 

Bell, D. 


Kilchattan Bay 


Baird, A. B., Kingarth 

Boarding and Apartments. 

Stewart Donald M, Brandon House, 

Kilchattan Bay 
Stewapt Donald M, Kiln Villa, K.B. 

Boat Hirer 

Bell, M., Kilchattan Bay 


Bell, Duncan, Piperhall 
Bell, Malcolm, jun., Kelspoke 
Bell, Malcolm, Millhouse 
M'Fie, Fergus, ,, 

Wilkinson John, Kilchattan Bay 

Carriage Hirers 
M'Fie, D., PMost Office, Kingarth 
M'Kirdy & M'MiUan 


Gill, James, Little Bay 

M'Fie, Arch., Post Office, Kingarth 

M'Fie, D., Kilchattan Bay 

Confectioners & Fruiterers 

Bell D., Kilchattan Bay 
Campbell, J., Kilchattan Bay 
Morrison J, Kilchattan Bay 
M'Dougall, E & J, Kilchattan Bay 
M'Fie, A„ Kilchattan Bay 


Brown, Miss Jessie, Little Bay 
Ferguson, Catherine, Little Bay 

Dixon's Dam 












Birgidale Crieff ., 

Birgidale Knock, 



J. Jamieson's heirs 
Mrs Ferguson 
Colin Campbell 
Alex. Lyon 
Wm. MTntyre 
Robt M'Dongall 
Arch Robertson's hrs 
. Arch. M'Kay's hrs. 
Alex. M'Farlane 

Marquis of Bute 
Thos. Crawford 
Marqnis of Bute 
T. & R Scott 
Marquis of Bute 

( Robert Robertson 

{ Robert Taylor 

I. A M'Quilken 
Marquis of Bute 
Wm. & Mrs Martin 
W. Gemmill 
Geo. Baillie 
Wm. B. Crawford 
T. Mathieson 
Mrs & J Crawford 
Daniel Potts 
A. Macfarlane 
Robt & J M'Alister 




Langalbuinoch . . 

Langalchorad ... 


Little Kilchattan 


Meikle Kilchattan 

Mid- Ascog 

Nether Stravannan James Martin 

PJewfarm .. Maiquis of Bute 

Plan and Kelspoke Marquis of Bui e 

Quochag ... Arch Murray 

Scoulag . . Marquis of Bute 

South Garorchty Macewan 

General Dealer 

Campbell, Miss Kilchattan Bay 


Morrison J, Kilchattan Bay 
M'Dougall, Jane, Kilchattan Bay 
I 1 ■ Flora, P O, Kerrycrov 
M'Fie, Eliz., Kilchattan Bay 

Hotel Keepers 

Crawford, Wm, Kingarth 

Lyle B, St Blane's, Kilchattan Bay 

Morrison Mrs J, Kiln Temperance house 


Logan, Jas , Kilchattan Bay 
M'Fie, Robert, 

Motor Engineer 

Comrie Jas, St Blane's ter 

Newsagent, &c. 

Morrison J, Kilchattan Bay 


Fisher, G, Kilchattan Bay 

Tile Manufacturer 

Gilmour Thos , Kilchattan Bay 



This Directory now-a-days contains the information dis- 
tinctive of both the Directory and the Almanac of past 
years. The Bute Directory, although very useful to the 
fluctuating visiting population, is not necessarily a fine- 
weather publication, but a hardy permanent annual. 

Our aim, in this publication, is not to record the passing names 
and achievements of visitors and those who come to cater 
foi them, but something of far greater importance — the 
registering of the names, standing, and businesses of the 
resident population — for the information of all having an 
interest in Buteshire, its burghs and rural districts. 

The Directory is, of course, not only for the remaining por- 
tion of the year in which it is issued, but continues the 
only printed reference book for the county of Bute until 
its successor appears. 

One edition of the Directory is no sooner off than we begin to 
note alterations (an 1 prepare for possible additions) for 
the next — so that it may be thoroughly up to date. These 
alterations and probable additions lie at our office, and are 
at the service of our customers 

Will Secretaries of societies, etc., connected with Buteshire, 
who do not already do so, please remember to forward 
to us particulars of their institutions, annual" reports 
and lists of office-bearers, as information for the next 
issue 1 

This Directory is not only found all over Buteshire, but in the 
libraries and other places of public resort in "the adjacent 
islands of Great Britain and Ireland." 

Price to Subscribers, Two Shillings; to Non-Subscribers, 
Three Shillings. Postage, Threepence. 

Advertisement Tariff on application. 


22 Bridge Street, Rothesay, 
July, 1925. 

Parish of Cumbrae. 

(Including the Burgh of Millport). 


Allan Wm., Glasgow st 
Cunningham, Mrs John, 8J Guildford st 
Ross John, Qusiyhead st 
Speirs Allan. 28 Stuart st 

Graham, Alex, Crawford st 

Boat Builder 
Mauehline Colin, Reid st 

Boat Hirers 

Dunan S. Glasgow st 
Hunter R,, strathwherry 
Mauchline Colin, Strathwherrv 
M Neil J & L , Glasgow st 

Booksellers and Stationers 

Cunningham Jas , 35 Stuart st 
Blackburn J, 14 Guildford st 
Davie C. , Glasgow st & Stuart st 
Hunter H. 19 J Stuart st 
Kennedy W, Quayhead st 

Boot and Shoemakers 

Dunan Wm. H., Guildford st 
Little H., Stuart st 
Little H, Glasgow st 


Duncan Geo, Kameston 
fc'aulds Wm, Dorothy pi 


Waefarlane, J A. Guildford st 
Shields, Thos., Glasgow s + 
Templeton. Wm., Stuart st 

Carriage Hirers 

Burnie Win, 27 Stuart st 
Fraser Mrs R. , Ashgrove 
Kerr Walter, Clyde st 
M'Intyre A. .Crawford st 
Shearer John, Crawford s 

Chemist and Druggist 

Mackay David, 37 Stuart st 

Coal Merchants 

Co-Operative Society 
Kerp Walter, Clyde st 
Munro John, Barend st 


Boyd Miss Stuart st 
Boyd Wm, Guildford st 
Lyall Miss, Guildford st 
M-Nieol Mrs, Stuart st 
Rowatt John, Stuart st 
Whitton A. Glasgow st 
Ferguson Wm, Kelburne st 


Faulds Wm, Dorothy pi 
Maycroft George, 20 Kelburne st 


Allan Misses M. <fc I., Glasgow st 
Caldwell Miss. Stuart st 
Campbell Arch., Glagow st 
Co-Operative Society Guildford st 
Logie Miss, Guildford st 
MSmies Miss, Cardiff st 
Rowatt Miss, Guildford st 
Shearer M. * H., 27 Stuart st 


Mclnnes Miss. Cardiff st 
Rae Miss, Cardiff st 


Barbour John, Ballikellei 
Crawford John, Povtyre 
Crawford Mrs Karnes mill 
Crawford James, Figgatoch 
Finnie Geo, Upper Kirkton 
Finnie James Mid Kirkton 
Hiil James, Penmachrie 
M'Kay, A & R., Ballochmartin 
M'Kirdy John, Nether Kirkton 
M'Kay John. Break ough 


Houston Alex, Stuart st 


Baillie Mrs, 14 Glasgow st 
Boyd M, Stuart st 
Lyall Miss, Guildford st 
Rowatt John, Stuart st 
Smith John, Stuart st 

TRADERS-Cumbrae Parish. 


(Licenced marked I.) 
Allan Win . Glasgow st 
Brown Miss. Cardiff st 
Co-Operative Society, Cardiff st 
Graham Jas, Clyde st 
Houston Mrs A, Miller st 
Hunter Chs, Stuart & Glasgow str 
McKay John T, Guildford st 
'McLachlan D, 40 Glasgow st 
Wallace Jas, Quayhoad 
Young" Robt, Kelburne st 


Hunter H, Stuart st 


Cumtarae, Stuart st— G Tempini 
Royal George, Quayhead — M, T. 

Gappison, Glasgow st — Bolsover 


Kerr F, Stuart st 

Leslie Mrs H W, Guildford st 

Duncan Thomas, Kameston rd 
Munro Neil, Miller st 
Taylor John, Barend st 


Cunningham Jas, 35 Stuart st 
Davie, Chas., Stuart and Glasgow sts 


Logie Miss, Guildford st 
Rowatt Miss, Guildford st 
Shearer Misses Stuart st 


Martin Robt, Viewtield nursery 
M'Lachlan W. Kirkton gardens 
Rowatt John, Glebe nursery 


Hastie Geo, Howard st 
Matthewson Andrew, 34 Howard st 
Crawford Jas, Churchhill st 


Morgan J C, Craig st 
Wright A G, Cardiff S 

eaton John, Clyde st 


Plumbers and Tinsmiths 

Caldwell T M. Ritchie st 
M 'David Wm, Crawford st 
Risk James, Howard st 


Connell Arch, 12 Stuart st 

Hamilton Miss, Stuart st 

Wright Miss, ".Three JLittle Maids" 


Risk Jrmes, Howard st 
Seaton John.lClyde st 

Spirit Merchants 

The Licensed Hotel-Keepers and 
Freebairn J W, Cardiff st 
Holms Mrs, Glasgow st 
Johnston J (Kelburne) Stuart st 
Patepson, Mrs Jeannie, Glasgow st 

Steamboat Agents 

Brown Arch, Kepple pier 
tewart James, Harbour 


Davie Chas, Stuart and Glasgow st 
Dunan Wm, Stuart st 
Leslie W H, Guildford st 

Toy Dealers. 

Davie, Charles, Stuart st 
Graham Jas, Clyde st 
Kennedy Wm, Quayhead st 
Leslie, H W, Guildford st 
Copeland R, Stuart st 

Watchmaker and Jeweller 
Shields W., 54 Stuart st 



The Commercial Library, 21 Millar Street, 
18th July, 19 18. 
Messrs Higgie & Co., Publishers, Rothesay. 

We have to thank you for the copy of the Bute County Directory, addressed to 
the Stirling Library. Since November, 1916, all Directories have been transferred to 
The COMMERCIAL LIBRARY, 21 Miller Street. This library has been established 
for the'use of business men, and. as since its opening, we have had over 49,000 visit- 
tors, more than one -third of whom consulted the Directories, you will appreciate the 
publicity your Directory obtains. 

Yonrs faithfully, 

Jno Phillifs, Libraiian. 

This Directory came out regularly during the'stren- 
ous years of the Great War. 

We are striving to keep the lists as full as ever during 
the present time ol industrial depression. Being optim- 
ists, we hope we shall win success. 

The Opinions of the Press on the latter issues are 
as complimentary as formerly. 

The "ca' canny" and similar anti-British tactics are paralysing progress and pre- 
venting prosperit y. Unless there is a determined rivival of Industry, what must 
the harvest be? It is not through the guile and covetous selfishtiess of the wicked 
and thoughtless, but through righteous Regeneration that peace and prosperity 
will be regained. 

People are willing to spend money on Holidays as well as on Business, but the 
blight of strikes, love of idleness and dreams of getting something for nothing , are 
tip in opposition. 

The Revival of the Touring Season. 

The following sample enquiry letter was received after the War was over : — 

Sandown Station Road, Stechford, Birmingham, 12th June, 1919. 
Messrs Higgle & Co., ABC COAST GUIDE, &c. 
I shall be much obliged if you kindly send me names of any apartments you can 
recommend at Craigmore, Wemyss Bay, Millport, Craigendoran, and Tarber' * My 
Guide is 1904. Thanking you in anticipation, yours faithfully, Wm. T. Jokes. 
♦Districts included in The Coast Guidb. 
The above shows the Pleasures the public are again longing for but not engoying to 

the full because of the " ca' canny " policy and the charm of living"of the rates. 
The callous numbining of Busy Hives of Industry throughaut the country is ruinous. 
Charity is a splendid virtue, but it should not not be allowed to encourage pauperism. 






JE«-«-JE"JE «^ €2 

Ittarriagc anti -{funeral feinting a Jbpecialt'tD. 


Inland letter postage, l^d under 2 oz. ; each additional oz., ^d. 
Letters for all Foreign Countries (except the U. S. A. and Tangiers) 2^-d for first oz, 
l^d for each additional oz. British Possessions, U. S. A. and Tangiers, lgd for first 

oz , and Id for each additional oz. 

Post Cards Id each ; reply cards, 2d. Five words (of conventional nature) free on 

a picture post card at printed matter rate. 

Printed matter, under 2 oz., ^d ; jd for each 2 oz. up to 2 lbs. 

Foreign Postage. |d for each 2 oz., beginning at the first 2 oz. 

Parcels— 2 lb. 6d ; 5 lb. 9d ; 8 lb. Is ; not over 11 lb„ 1/3. 

Postal Orders— 6d to 2s 6d, Id; 3s to 15s, l±d; 15s 6d to 21s, 2d. 

Inland Money Orders- £3, 4d ; £L0, (3d ; £20, 8d ; £30, lOd ; £40, Is. 

July, 1925. 

IF 1 o IR, 

8C&T8 mwwmwms, 

Printed and Made-Up with 



ZE-aLig-gi© db Co.,, IR,ot±JL©Soi3^- 

To be issued in 1926, in honour of the * 


In the English Language. 


This f y Literary Dish " & " Really International Publication" 

. was com ed abroad, and printed and published on our Manager's 

return to the Homeland, 

It is appreciated by Scots and their friends everywhere. 

Prices, 4d and Is. Hostage, Id and 2d, 

The First-Printed Guide-Book in Esperanto. 


Introductions to National Characteristics, etc. 

A translation of the introductory pages of the above parent publication 

into the International Langnage, Esperanto. 

Price 2d ; posted, ^d. 


Printed iu Fonetik Longhand, 
in Commemoration of the Centenary of Sir Isaac Pitman. 


Beautifully Ptinted from Valentine & Sons' Photographs. 

Letterpress Description in English and Esperanto. 

Frice, One Shilling, Post free, Is 2d. 


Malnova l'enip", Aid Lang Sajn, Estintaj Tagoj, 

La Frareeo de la Homo, k t p. 

Auld Lang Syne. A Man's a Man for a' that. 

Portrait of Or Zamenhof, the Inventor. 

Carry On. etc. 

Is per dozen (assorted^post free. 


Showing at a glance, the use of the Pretixes, Affixes, 

Adjectives, Adverbs, Participles, Verbs, etc., arranged 

alphabetically for ready reference. 


arranged from chaos in national languages. 

(4 different Memorizers, post free, 6jd). 

Fuller Particulars on application. 

HIGGIE & K-IO.. Rothesay, Skotlando. 

♦International Esperanto Congress, Edinburgh. 

More than Christians believe that la Homaro vivos Icunfratare. 

npHE GREAT CREATOR OF ALL made of one blood all races of Humanity on 

■• the Earth, and when we fell from the high estate in which we were created by 

obedic-T-e, T s Christ redeemed us ; his Gospel of " peace on earth and good 

»i relied to every creature, and " the gates of hell shall not prevail 

' t i '■•'ion of tongues at Babel is being followed by the gift, of the 

•i bv Zephaniah. The walls of Jericho fell before the sounding 

command of Joshua, and the lingual walls, which have hither- 

■ J -«• ided need n..) longer, through the genius of another Israelite, prevent 

'all people that on earth do dwell". — whatever their creeds, colours or idiosyncrasies — 

from satisfactorily communicating with each other bv means of 

«3SPis»A]iri? », 

The International Language. 

Up-to Date Mariners use the International Code of Signals at sea. 
Up-to-Date Musicians use the International Staff Notation for Mutic 
Up-to-Date Businesses use the international Arithmetic everywhere. 

Up-to-Date Persons all \ „„ t . i„*-_ M -ti««»i i .««-...«. I for intercom- 
over the World { use the International Language j munication 

Esperanto, like English, is made, up from oiher languages : its roots are taken 
from the same jungle, but scientifically treated in a garden pro bono publico. 

The 11th Annual International Congress was to have been held in Edinburgh ia 
1915, but the Great War, which prevented the holding of the 10th at Paris the previous 
year, was the means of causing the transfer of the 11th to San Francisco. To com- 
memorate the opening of the Panama Canal a big Exhibition was held there, and a Tuta 
Pacifika Esperanto Kongreso developed into the llaTuta Mondo Esperanto Kongreso. 
The 12th Kongreso Internacia was held at the Hague, Holland, in 1 920; the 
13th at Prague, in 1921 ; the 14th at Helsingfors, Finnland, in 1922 ; the 15th at 
Niirnberg in 1923, the 16th at Vienna in 1924, the 17th at Geneva this August, and 
the 18th will be held in Edinburgh next year, when Bonnie Scotland will have an 
opportunity of showing her appreciation. 

Esperanto—the language of Peace on Earth and universal brotherhood — is steadily 
spreading. It is much easier to learn and comprehend than any national language, and 
does the work of all. On the Continent during the Great War it was an incalculable 
blessing to Red Cross work and tracing the missing. It was a veritable open sesame 
into everything good. The world-wide Boy Scout movement has taken up the study 
of la kara lingvo. It was used at the great international Jamboree in London, a 
meeting so happy and harmonious that it was appropriately closed by the sinning, of 
Auld Langsyne. This year there are numerous international excursions. The Scots 
boy scouts have caught on. During the holidays a company sojourned in Norway 
and a company of Danes enjoyed the hospitality of Scotland, That is nothing com- 
pari- ! with the achievements elsewhere. " We're a' John Tamson's bairns." 

Esperanto is muidi more easily learned than the alphabets of some other languages, 
and as it has no politics, religion, or physical force or selfish aims of any nation, but 
is pie-emlnehtly pit) bono publico, it is peculiarly fitted for cementing and malting per- 
manent and lappy the coming efficiency of the League of Nations. That organisa- 
tion has unanimously recommended the official and universal adoption of Espenanto, 
and its teaching ia the schools of all civilised countries. 1925. 




10 x 8 x 5 inches. 




O h lbs. 

Small | In Size, Weight & Friee. 
"but -~ 

Big*. In Strength, Usefulness & Value. 





E. C. Sculthorp & Co,, 

- 138 West Nile Street, GLASGOW. 


























■S> , 














r— < 







C J,. 
O E> >J 

52 « 

S3 ^ 



Stationers, Tobacconists, 

and Fancy Goods Merchants, 

19-20 East Princes Street, 

R © T H K M A Y. 



C-H-U-R-C-H D-N-I-O-N. 

(1) Origin, Nature and Destination of the State En- 

dowments of the Church of Scotland, 

With a Criticism of the Proposals of the Negotiating Scottish Churches 
and of the Haldane Report, by Kev J as. Barr, bd, Glasgow, Price Qd, & 

(2) Union More Or LOSS ? An Assembly Speech aud its Sequel, bj 

Kobert Small, ma, North Berwick. Price, 3d. 

To be had from HIGGIE & CO., ROTHESAY. 




jf THE ir 

5f ROCK ^ 

xK SHOP -fc 



All our Sweets 

are Made on the Premises 

Frash Every Day. 

6 Argyle Street. 

'Phone 152. 

Established 1809. 




Insurance Company Ltd, 

Funds Exceed 


All Classes of Business 


Life Assurance without Medical Examination 

Prospectuses and every information may be had at the 

Chief Offices— 

EDINBURGH— 64 Princes Street. LONDON— 31 Threadneedle Street, E C. 

GLASGOW Branch Office, 102 St Vincent Street. 
* *